As the winter months approach, I always have these issues as it pertains to me and Vitamin D. And the reason being is that like a lot of people, I don’t get enough sunlight. Especially when you live in a cold climate, you’re always indoors. So I deal with the fluctuations in weight even hair loss. This makes me very paranoid, but then I remember that it is that tie of the year where this always happens. And it has progressed the older I have gotten. When I grew up in Wisconsin, it never really was a problem. It does have me contemplating moving to a warmer climate.


I have been tempted to take certain supplements which will give me the boost I need during the winter months. This way I can go about my daily life without going through the loss of appetite and hair loss. Because if you’re a relatively healthy person, it does become bothersome when you have these things happen. Now, for the people who just ignore these occurrences, they end up getting sicker not knowing why. It’s the reason you have to listen to your body and ask questions at the doctor’s office.


As you start to figure out your body, you will be able to see things early on before they get to bad. Another aspect of keeping your levels of Vitamin D up is to exercise and eat right. Because things will arise, that’s just the facts of life. But with eating right, getting the right amount of sunlight, and exercise, the bouts of sickness typically last a shorter period of time.




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