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what’s to come

In the month of April coming up, I will be giving you all an insight into my take on entertainment. This will range from the business’s sustainability in this ever changing time. As well as the social shift that has taken place in entertainment. So I encourage to continue to read, follow, share, and like. Plus also check out my cross social media platforms. Love you all and see you in April.

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a nation of winners

America used to be a nation that pride ourselves on winning. Now, if you look at life with this winning mentality it’s treated like some sort of punishment. Maybe because someone else may not be as good as you, or the idea that we frown on people being on top too long. But for some reason we support the losing more than we do the winning.

If you look at sports, which has put America at the top for do long, we now have to look at other nations that teach the winning mentality we once had, to their children. Now you have countries like Russia, Jamaica, Spain, and even Image result for jamaica sportssmall Eastern European countries pushing themselves past us in sports. Well, how did it start?

the fall

The reason why so much of American winning has fell off is because we have reached this point where all the losers stop wanting to win. And almost operate like they formed their own coalition and are now going after anyone that is perceived to be winning. So much so that companies are now backing people and marketing them as independent to make money.

Because when people see you as a winner they shy away because in their minds you don’t need any further help. And we reached this point not just because of the coalition, but not wanting to continue to rise to the occasion. It’s one thing to win, but staying on top is harder than winning. Anyone can get the “W” but can you hold that spot. So what happened is people got lazy.

is it what it seems

The below photo is of the New York City citizens going to and from trains underground at Penn Station. And when I look at these people, I don’t losers. I don’t see a group of people who want things handed to them. I see go getters, I see hustlers, I seeRelated image hungry Americans. And that’s when it dawns on me that the society we live in is not prided on losing today. We just have this really loud losing bunch and the rest are silent winners. And we have folded to the pressure of the losers’ voices. So in order to capture that winning spirit once again, we must speak up and speak out against the coalition formed that make our children believe mediocrity is the key to prosperity.

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“We think it helps but it does more damage.”


When raising children, parents do everything in their power to make sure that child/children is taken care of; if they’re responsible. And sometimes this goes overboard to the extent of not showing and preparing them for the real world. And we starting to see that now in a generation of young people.The whole every kid gets a trophy; this something for nothing mentality.

And what it does is not set up a child for success, but sets them up for heartache and pain. Because you have to learn to lose early on in life so you can be ready for the real hardships down the line. And I don’t see cuddling them and shielding them as a means of aiding them in life. So why am I bringing up this particular topic in our cultural month.

teens take the NRA

Image result for emma gonzalez

Then photo above is of the young female leading the protest against gun violence, Emma Gonzalez. Emma is a student at Parkland High School, a school in Florida where a former student came in with an AR-15 rifle and shot and killed former classmates. Her as well as countless other young teens are challenging the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Only problem is that when you are 17 years old you don’t quite understand certain aspects of a civilization until you reach a certain age. There is an emotional piece and a rational piece to what is being protested. The emotional is the anger toward the gun violence, while the logical is to say lose guns is saying end drug use, it goes deeper than that when you understand the human psyche and us as a species.

So what does this have to do with culture of parenting, a lot. Because besides the kid who shot up the school, we need to also explain as parents the rational side of the death penalty, guns, law enforcement. And sometimes we don’t because we don’t want to expose them to the dangers of life to soon. But that is something we must do. Sure parents march with them, then retrn to work and normal Monday morning. It’s fine to march, but it must be also met with rationale of the real world.

whose to explain

So overall, you as the parent must explain. It’s tough because you don’t want to frighten them, but this is the real world. It’s an imperfect world, but the only world we have, so explain. Explain with emotion, and with logic so they know and understand how to tackle issues without losing all logic, but still retain enough emotion to connect to people.

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“What they mean today may be different tomorrow.”


Man throughout history have always used symbols as a means to get a message across. A lot of these symbols have been images and not words because the power of the imagery last longer. But what happens when words or images change their meanings? Who is behind the changes and why? Also, who decides how long something stays a symbol before it changes?

many changes

Throughout history symbols have changed and for many different reasons. The rainbow first was a symbol to show Noah there would never be a great flood. It moved into the symbol of peace, then commandeered by the Gay community as a symbol of LGBT pride. We don’t quit know the faces or the names that change things, but they do, and the change has major impacts.


The symbols below are the major symbols throughout history that have changed:


Image result for swastika hindu

  • A symbol that was once the symbol of prosperity, good-will, and blessings for the Hindu community is now the symbol of the slaughter of millions of Jews during the Holocaust.

Image result for star of david gangsRelated image

  • This is the symbol by which Jews use to express their unity in the community has been used by American street gangs.

Related imageImage result for skull and crossbones deadRelated image

  • This has meant for so long a symbol of death, but has also been popularized with poison, pirates, gangs, and even entertainment (rock music).

Image result for gay flagImage result for peace flagRelated image

  • This has been the symbol of the LGBT community, but for so long prior it has been a symbol of peace, but at first biblical.

what next

Now moving forward, what will be the next symbol change? Because every generation changes something in the world. I bought a shirt that I liked, but didn’t realize once I got home that it was the symbol of the Communist party. No big deal today, but would have been a major issue when my mother was young. The video below is from a YouTube clip on symbols from a TED Talk.

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“It’s what takes place in the moment of conception.”

the arts

We as people have always used art as a means to convey an image we see in our minds. It doesn’t matter if its a cave painting from thousands of years ago, or if its a someone using their digital drawing pad with a computer software today. We are always trying to convey some sort of message with what it is we’re drawing, writing, photographing, painting, singing, or sculpting.

art in real time

When looking at art, it usually conveys a meaning of what is going in our world at the moment. And we don’t fully appreciate it until later on in life. We look back and say to ourselves, oh, I wonder what was taking place Related imagethat made this artist do this piece of art. And when enough time has elapsed, people have no connection to the situation which generated the art you see, but makes people guess what was taking place.

looking to the future

Now, I said prior that art is created from the things we see in the moment. But what about the art that aims at how life will look in the future. These are the people who design art from the perspective of how they think something might look in the future. The art could be of a painting of how skyscrapers might appear, but we don’t appreciate it until 50 years later to see how much has change.

in their heads

Into the heads of the artist is an interesting place. We wish we could understand what made this artist create this image. What would make a human’s brain conjure up such an image. But we don’t know, and there lies the great mystery of the artist imitation of life.

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Photography of Couple Holding Hands

“Where have we gone wrong?”

dating norms

In life, we all want to meet that right person. But in a society where so much has changed, how do you go about meeting that right one? Because dating is not what it used to be in the old days. There was a process one had to go through before you were able to date. And that process always by way of the man getting grilled.

You had to qualify yourself for a date with a woman before even actually really getting to know her, but her family. That’s right, mom and dad had to have the final say. And then you were able to go on that date. And don’t even think about asking for sex. You were lucky to get  peck on the cheek, if that much.

process of the past

When you look at the past the steps you had to go through as follows:

  • When you were a guy interested in a woman in the distant past, you had to first introduce yourself to the girl’s parents. Mainly, you had to let the girl’s father see you. And that doesn’t mean a date, it just means you’re interested so he knows.
Parental Discussion
  • Here is the part where the girl’s parents sit her down and they have a discussion with her. Asking her questions regarding who the boy is, and where is he from. Sometimes the girl acted as if she didn’t know, but she knew. And that would lead to the next step.
Parental sit down
  • This is the part where the boy is sat down in the house and asked a series of questions. Who is your kin? Where do you live? What does his parents do for a living? What is his intentions?
Parental Permission
  • And finally you get a chance a to go on that date, but you first have to get it cleared as the guy with your family. And they have to assess if its ok as well.
Date Night
  • And finally, the date night. Which is not really a date night because it’s at a well lit place. Usually you’re eating at a diner where there are people who know your family. And there is a time restriction for how long you be out.

the new norm

The new ways in which we date have taken on new meaning. Now online dating is all the rage, and you don’t have to meet a woman’s family. You just have to approach and if she is with it then, what the hell, you guys date. Only problem is that women come in contact with more problem today because of the changes.

Whereas you had to meet dad in the past, that doesn’t exit today. But things always change and take on new meanings. And dating is no different; but what will inevitably come of all this change.

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“Passages: omit some, accept others.”


We as people have beliefs that carry us through life. It is that thing in our lives that makes us thankful for waking up each and every morning. But what happens when that belief starts to cross over into everyone elses’ lives? We love to impose our beliefs onto others. But what happens when what we believe in faith collides with society?

What happens when there is something that takes place in our society that we feel close to us creates a bind with what we believe in religion? You are forced to choose between the faith and the social; but what usually happens is that people try to hold on to both. And what that does is you’re forced down a deeper rabbit hole.

the beliefs that creates binds 

Vice President of the United States Mike Pence recently stated that he personally talks to God. And comedian and talk show host Joy Behar commented calling his ability to talk to God, “Mental illness.” It was a statement that got her in trouble with ABC television, for which she was forced to apologize.

But when a man says God spoke to him that would imply that they actually talk. And if they talk, considering what religion is, then how does God feel about guns in our society, or illegal immigration. It’s interesting what God talks to him about and what he omits in conversation. That is the divisiveness of including beliefs in politics. And it’s the duplicitous mentality of some people of faith.

stuck in choices

In our beliefs, we have what we feel and what is real. And what is real tends to be used to combine with the belief. I believe the bible is real, but I really believe in man’s direction. So we try to hold on to society and the teachings of God. But the teachings of God reject so much of how we live. So there lies the bind.

So instead of following the belief we make an excuse, yet people should still follow the belief. And you can’t worship both sides: you can live the way of God, or you can live by man’s ways. But following two powers fully is not possible because one rejects the other.

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