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“What is your vice?”

The topic of narcotics use has been a subject for debate for the past five decades. But narcotics has popped its head up again in a new epidemic. Heroine use is back up again as well as Cocaine use on the west coast. And sad part about it, it’s a young generation that is using the drugs. Videos have been posted on social media of people and their drug use. Some of which are sitting in the front seats of their cars overdosing. So what is the reason for so much drug use? Especially a narcotic that has already proven to be a problem in the past. The 1960’s and 1970’s were a major Cocaine and Heroine usage time period. Now all of a sudden it’s back again.

On of the reasons that people have been using more drugs today than previous years is because of depression. So many people feel they need an escape from whatever it is that they are feeling bad about in life. Instead of facing the world head-on, people feel that they can only defeat their demons through drug use. The problem with that is that the narcotic creates a whole new set of demons worse than the ones you’re already defeating. So if you’re suffering from depression because you lost your job, then using narcotics is going to make you feel better in the moment, yet worse when the high comes down. And that brings me to my next reason why people use narcotics; unhappy with quality of life and needing an escape.

When I say quality of life, I mean employment situations. In society today, so many people are looking for work. So many people are unhappy with their current jobs and want anything better than what they have at the moment. So with the little money they do have, they get high. The only problem is that when you use a little money, it quickly turns into a lot of money. And that’s when you really crash because you find yourself dipping into your rent, mortgage, utilities, and personals money. And after this happens so many people find themselves sleeping in the street. This is the place known as rock bottom. The absolute lowest point in life; homelessness.

But it’s not all sorrow as to why so many people use narcotics today. Another reason is the social aspects of drugs. People use drugs to fit into their social circles. I have been hearing that on the west coast there has been an increase in Cocaine usage among young millennials. And it is so casual that no one is even talking much about it, almost like it’s perfectly normal. You would think that a lot of their parents who remember the past decades of heavy narcotics use would warn them. But then again, that’s assuming that parents know their children are using drugs. In the end, there many different reasons why people use heavy narcotics today. But unlike the past decades, prescription drugs are becoming an even bigger problem than narcotics. But even with all the downsides of narcotics people continue to still use heavily.


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“What is your success regimen?”

Some of us think about a daily regimen as getting up going to work each and every day. But what about how we go about attaining our success in the world. Successful people all have a regimen, and it is very stringent to their daily lives. It may consist of them performing a certain action or eating certain foods to start your day. Others include a workout in the morning or a verbal ritual. I myself have a daily routine that consists of me keeping in line with my daily success. I usually take the same route to and from work everyday. I even keep the same songs in rotation on my phone. Why is this important to have a routine everyday?

People who typically have a daily routine to keep themselves on track are more focused because they have this ritual. When you have this routine that leads you into your day of work, it makes your work more important and creates a sense of urgency. Well why does it create urgency? It’s because once you do the same thing over and over again, with more and more consistency each time, you start to develop success from this. In addition, you are not thinking also about the time that is passing because you’re so into your work.

Are there any reasons besides keeping in line with success for why you would have a daily routine. Another reason is that some people need a routine as it pertains to their stability as well. A stable person is someone who has a sustainable routine that keeps them mentally straight. And it’s that mental focus that puts them on the path to the success. So, where does it come from? Is there a certain group of people out there who share this trait? Where does this spark to have a daily routine toward success come from? In the end, we all have something we perform on a daily basis to get us charged in the morning. Whatever gets you started on your day is up to you, just as long as the end result is your success.


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“Do we really have all the answers?”

We are in a very strange place in American society today. The question looms throughout society and that is, “Is there a such thing as too much information?” Hollywood actor Denzel Washington have conducted interviews where he has been questioning the information overload. But is it really an overload of information? Can’t write him off fully because we are living in a time where information is all around us. We are living during a time where social media has an impact just as large as the mass media. So there are now questions on what is being told and who is telling the information. So there are negatives, but there are also positives.

The negatives of too much information is that we get so inundated with information that we become desensitized to it. Stories are told so much from so many perspectives that we don’t get the truth. It’s all about who can get information out there first. So the integrity is out the door. We focus on stories that have the most views on Facebook rather than the real thing. But even with the story, very few people read. They look at the header and the photo and write about the topic. So information pushed constantly to us also makes us lazy. We don’t research anymore because we want someone else to do it for us. But, is this the only downside of too much information?

What about the idea that instant information pushed to people creates unrealistic expectations from a new generation. Information is so readily available and instant that other facets of life are looked at in the same light. Young generations think of their careers in the same form as their information. They think things are supposed to happen in life right away. Yet monogamous relationships and careers are a long tedious process. And who is to take that time to focus on something in life when so much is readily available. Now, with what has been said so far, are we on track or just a little too paranoid? What could we really be paranoid about?

Well, think of our civilization via the Type scale. The type scale is based upon the energy a civilization is capable of harnessing given the technology available to them. A three is the highest, yet there are theories of levels all the way to 6. Yet we are a .79 civilization, and with regard to the age of Earth, this is a small amount of advancement. So to think we have all this information is preposterous. We have nothing that we have really managed to harness. The information that is being flooded to us if anything is keeping us behind in time than ahead. When you hear guys like Denzel speak they come from a time where information was slowly fed. Now information is instant without the process of waiting. So now, what took Denzel years to learn I can do in a few hours in front of a computer.

In the end, anything in access is considered bad. But the people are still in control of how much information we see. We are constantly bombarded with information, whether fact or fiction. It’s up to the people to take it in or leave it. The fear of older generations feeling there is too much information like a Denzel Washington proves another fact. With his truth comes an age difference between him and the younger generation. That is that we think there is not enough information. There is still so much we don’t know about ourselves, this planet, our solar system, and beyond. So we have not scratched the surface of even who we are as a species must less anything else. But over time, we will learn more and more, and who knows it may be my generation in the future next to speak out regarding too much information in society.

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“What is your style?”

Every parent, especially successful parents all have a style in which they raise their children. But no one has the best definition for how to parent their children. Some parents use the military style and others use a more lax form. From a household that comprises of a list of chores to a make your own decisions style. I myself was raised a little bit in the middle as it pertained to my mother’s style. She gave us strict rules to follow, yet also gave us freedom to make our own decisions as well. There were people who saw us as sheltered because they only saw the rules and others felt like we had so much freedom because of the openness of our household. But is there a right way to parent?

Some people feel that the lax way is giving your kid too much room. You let them make their own decisions and they’ll make the wrong decisions. This is why it’s your job to make the decisions for them. They don’t know what good decision making is, that’s your job. You point and their job is to go to wherever you point. When you say jump they shouldn’t say how high, they should already being in the process of jumping before the word jump leaves your mouth. These are the authoritarian parents who stand for no nonsense. They are the Tiger Moms who demand high academics and little to no fun activities. These parents feel that it builds a sense of responsibility and self control.

Now on the other hand, you have the parents who feel that a relax environment builds more character. They encourage creativity and self exploration. These parents want their children to grow up and choose to go on their own paths in life. A parent picking their children’s career, would be considered too invasive for these styles of parents. So testing the waters is more of their style. Let your kid make their own decisions and take the bumps and bruises early on in life. They will learn from these mistakes as well as you teaching them along the way.

Then, the third style of parents that are the middle people. And I think for the most part, a lot of parents are these types. They give their kids rules and also a life of their own. Give them a curfew, but also let them stay sometimes out late with friends. They let their children choose what’s for dinner as long as it is agreed upon with the rest of the family. These are the parents who give their child say on the college to attend, so long as it falls into the realm of the family’s finances. In the end, no one can define what good parenting is, but there are similar traits good parents have. We can tell a lot of times really bad parenting. But as long as there is a bond between the parent and child, it’s no one else’s business how you raise them.


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“It’s either I do, or I won’t continue.”

Women have always sought out to be wives. Even as young girls they are raised to find themselves a husband. They’re taught that you’re short changing yourself by settling for dating. But the things that women want pertaining to marriage are basic. So basic, do you really need marriage. Or was marriage designed and asked for, for different reasons other than the love. Because love is something you have which brought you to the marriage. There isn’t anymore, the love you have is the love you have. You’re not biologically this new person after you marry that you weren’t when you were not married. So what is it that you become? Can’t be about responsibility because you must be responsible prior to the marriage.

Marriage is the paperwork, not the love. What do I mean by the paperwork? Well, let’s first look at what marriage is in the first place. Marriage is the contractual obligation of bringing together of finances to assess if the relationship will last for the long term. Meaning, laying claims to assets in the case the relationship does not pan out. Which is a huge indicator into why women so desperately want to marry instead of dating. Women say it’s love or in the eyes of God, but it’s really in the event something happens to the man she can continue to live after he is gone. Now when I say live I don’t mean she is unemployed and he is the breadwinner. Even if she has a career along with him, her one income can not sustain the life of both when he was alive.

All of this makes sense considering woman would have to go through someone else if the man gets sick or dies. And what do I mean by going through someone else. I mean that if you and a man are not married you not considered in a lot of places next of kin; especially if he has siblings and/or parents alive. You may be put into a situation that they are able to dictate to you in the event something happens to him. You’re concerned with moving forward, while they are more concerned with a new man replacing their son or sibling. It could actually wind-up stalling your further progress in your own life.

So in the end, why don’t women just say what the real reason they want marriage is for; shame, that’s why. We shame women in society for being real in their intentions. We call them gold diggers for expressing what they want to marry for, a comfortable lifestyle. So they say love and compassion, yet you don’t need to marry for those reasons. We stigmatize them so much that they must now recontextualize what they want to fit into our male dynamics to make us happy. It’s why women make excuses of, “He may not have this and this, but he has this.” They lie about what they want because they don’t want to be judged on the truth. Yet they negatively effect our lives by manifesting what they lie about because they feel a moral obligation to please us in a male dominated environment.


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“How are you of a belief if you’ve never challenged the belief?”

The above photo that I am using to describe beliefs being challenged does not only extend to religion, but other areas of interest as well. Though religion is a big part of beliefs in our society. Our religious beliefs have shaped how we write laws, design policy, rear children, joining together in marriage, and even the consumption of our diets. But how many of us challenge our beliefs? How many of us question why we truly believe something? How many of us can honestly say we believe in the preaching and teachings of ones’ faith base? Easier said than done, especially with a lifeform that has so much free will.

So how is it possible to believe in something without questioning why you believe? Better yet, why is it so hard for people to even ask the question? The main reason in my opinion, is that we are afraid of the burden of proof. That burden of proof can be broken down into a simple word, LOGIC. We hate having open dialogue because we fear someone might say something that goes against our belief. But, not only go against, provides hard proof that forces us to shift our beliefs. No one wants to believe their belief is false. Yet we are finding out new things about our being on this Earth each and every day.

Which brings me to another reason why people find it hard to challenge beliefs, They don’t want to live with the idea that what they believe might force them to change. It’s the whole do as I say, not as I do mentality. Why not we both do as we do. Then the person says, “Well, nobody’s perfect.” It gives them an excuse to keep doing wrong while chastising you. But why do we do it? Why do we chastise others while we are not living our own truths. One reason is that looking from afar, we can feel better about ourselves knowing someone else is just as screwed up as us. We say to ourselves, “Rich folks just as crazy as poor folks.” But have you ever questioned why it truly feels good to like something through someone else’s shortcomings?

Something else besides looking at their shortcomings that makes us feel better is the another internal issue. That issue is that if they don’t have problems, and I do, it makes me look at myself through a magnifying glass at my lack of capabilities. Meaning, some people believe man did not go to the moon. For some reason it’s hard to believe there are people this smart in our society with failing civilizations. It’s almost like we say, “If we had that genius we would cure this or fix that.” But the fact of the matter is that my intellect does not extend to society being fixed. My intellect is my intellect; and if I choose to share it with the world then fine, if not so be it.

In the end, we believe the things we believe because man has a fascination with self. We feel that since we believe something it must be true. When the fact of the matter is, the majority of our beliefs are not true. Reality is that we just don’t know as much as we think we do. People in religion says man is always trying to play God. But man is believed to have been around 1.2 million years through evolution. And yet we are only a Type .79 civilization on a possible Type 6 (THE POWERS OF GOD). The human brain is quite complex, so much so, we at can’t comprehend where some of our beliefs at times do come from. But only challenging why you feel a certain why will change society. Nonetheless, we continue on, in our beliefs, until something actually does happen that forces us to change course.



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“I likes me some malt liquor, watermelon, fried chicken, and your vote.”

Ever take a look at the evolutionary chart at how man evolved. We went from ape-like in form to a full grown human walking upright. But evolution is not the topic of discussion today. The topic today revolves around race and politics. Well, what does evolution have to do with race and politics. And when I say race, I mean ethnicity. The reason I opened with evolution is because of the way in which politicians communicate with African Americans. With everyone else, they speak like the upright human, yet when it comes to us, they operate as if they must lower themselves to talk up. Almost as if the person is far less superior or comedic in seriousness.

What do I mean by communicating in a lowering manner. Well, have you ever been to the zoo. When you see a monkey in the cage, you cuff your arms at the elbow and bring your fingers toward your armpits. You make monkey noises because the monkey is a joke. The monkey is inferior to you and you think by mimicking the monkey it makes you connect to them on some level. You make monkey noises, and the monkey approaches you, preforming flips about the cage. Then you laugh and go, I think he’s trying to connect to me. You might actually be pissing the monkey off and don’t even know it. But what do you care, the monkey is locked up. Can’t do any harm when you’re locked up.

But seeing politicians behave this way, is it all them? Or do we as African Americans play a role in the behavior? Because when politicians are speaking before a crowd of anyone else, they talk in their normal voices. But around Black people, they swap their normal day-to-day voice for an infliction in dialogue synonymous with Black people. The reason I ask what role we play in this behavior is because we support these people. They come into Black churches, community centers, and social gatherings. Get the vote by behaving in this ill manner, then you never see them again. That’s until they need something such as our vote for the next election cycle; when the madness starts all over again.

For the reasons above is why so many young Black males and females were turned off by Hilary Clinton. She was so over-the-top with her antics, it made us more uncomfortable than comfortable. From her admitting her need to always carry around hot sauce for her fried chicken to dancing on the Elle DeGeneres show to hip hop music. But, like I said before; how does she know to behave this way? I don’t think we are the teachers, but I do believe we operate  like the monkey flipping in the cage. We’ve (Black people) become too entertained by White people performing Black things.

In the end, unless we make a demand for it to change it won’t change. I know what some people think, “Maybe she’s just trying to connect to our culture. But that’s not connecting just because you can play dominos with Black men in Harlem. Connecting is noticing their is a problem in the Black community and having a sound plan as well as taking appropriate measures in dealing with the issue. It’s the equivalent to me as a Black man going into the Jewish community spinning a dreidel, wearing a yamaka, and performing traditional folk dances to connect to them. Instead, I should be focusing on designing measures to decrease anti-Semitic crimes and ways in preserving culture in this ever-changing cultural climate where so many cultures are lost.