Walk Away Slowly: Steps to Take When Leaving an Abusive Situation

There are women cross the country in abusive relationships, both verbal and physical. Having a boyfriend or husband that is mentally/physically abusive and/or controlling to the point it creates fear must be handled with care. It’s bad enough that you are being verbally attacked, but once it goes physical you have to learn to back away slowly. Any man who feels comfort in hitting his girlfriend/wife would take it even further eventually. But backing out quickly could put you asRead more


Have you ever wondered why we find it so hard to speak from the heart? It’s almost like the lie sounds so much better than the truth. My understanding is that people┬átolerate the lie because they have a hard time accepting how someone genuinely feels about them. We want to believe things in life have changed, such as people’s feelings and views on life. For example, we are made to believe that racism has ended, but then when we hearRead more