Month: September 2015

Nature: Ever Wonder Their Intellectual Capabilities?

You ever wonder what the thought process of creatures living in the natural world might consist of on a daily basis? Better yet, do they think or operate on a much higher level than we do as humans? As people, we feel that we… Continue Reading “Nature: Ever Wonder Their Intellectual Capabilities?”

Windows: Go Out, Don’t Just Look Out.

What seems far-fetched is actually closer than you think. Most of us spend our entire lives wondering what’s out there for us. We live our lives with the what ifs in life. What if I followed my passion? What if I asked that person… Continue Reading “Windows: Go Out, Don’t Just Look Out.”

Heavenly Thoughts

You ever really wonders what happens after we die? When we die the held belief is that the soul leaves the body and ascends to the heavens. As we reach the gates of heaven, we will be judged over the span of our lives.… Continue Reading “Heavenly Thoughts”

It Cost What To Live In NYC!!!!

$39 per hour is the amount! $39 per hour is the minimum one must make to live comfortably on average in New York City. That is the amount per hour when observing over all five boroughs. Now when breaking down each individual borough it… Continue Reading “It Cost What To Live In NYC!!!!”

High Expectations, Major Letdowns

No one prepares you for the life you’re going to encounter once you are no longer in school.  When I say school, I’m referring to your entire undergraduate career. As a child you’re taught that going off to college and getting your degree is… Continue Reading “High Expectations, Major Letdowns”