“Down on your luck.”


So many Americans take issue with their jobs. Sure they’re able to earn a living but that’s all it is for them. There is no sense of belonging in their environment. The job where they work does not appreciate them. And there is also no room for growth. That’s enough to make a person feel not appreciated. It’s almost as if the quarantine is something that have saved people in a way as much as it has hurt some. But you have to survive you can’t not work. So you have to decide to make some sort of life change. Because you can’t wake up each and every morning hating your life. It’s no way to go through life hating Sunday night waiting to Friday.


Have you ever had this feeling like you couldn’t get out of bed. Imagine having that feeling at your workplace. You want to get up and swing away from your job like you swing out of bed. But swinging from bed is much harder. It’s all in your head, but what about this as well? It could be just as simple, but you have to grab confidence from somewhere to change. Because just having a different life without addressing your problems your existence will stay the same. So there has to be something consistent to hold on to that will make you want to fight and do better. I can speak for this in pursuing photography and indie filmmaking. It’s a lifetime of a pursuit to be great so there is a lot of time to work at my age.


If you are in a place where you feel like you can’t climb then remember something. There is nowhere to go in life but up. When you have the odds stacked against you there is no bottom for someone like you. There is no bottom below bottom. You can only improve past your point. So if you do 10% better than you’re doing now, then you are ahead of most people in your position. But watch your thoughts because they become actions. And you will find yourself back in bed not able to swing out.

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“Clocking in from home.”


If we have learned something about this lockdown a lot of people can work from home. This starts to make employers think to themselves maybe people can do this from now on. Because the cost of people being home may be lower than having them come to work. Now, does that mean we will make the jump? Well, it’s much more complicated than just making the jump. You have to slowly transition people into the life. Because waking up and being productive in the space in which you sleep can be something some businesses are against. How do you manage what your employees are doing? If you are hands on as a supervisor this can prove to be a problem for you. So what will happen of all that has happened?


The amount of money that an organization could potentially save by having people work from home could prove to be very smart. Imagine being able to shift your workers from offices to home cutting back on fees that an organization needs to spend of buying property, maintenance, on top of all the people you have to hire. But you have to take into consideration the others who work in the building not employees of the company like maintenance workers, security, and outsourced businesses for upkeep like construction work. Yet, is this a reason to not work from home.


Eventuallyba time will come where more and more people will be working from home. Because the more technology advances the more you will find employees working from home. Because so many businesses are online and you will find a less need to bring people in to a work site. But as for people who need a physical work site they have to find a skill that translates into the future and fast. Because the world is steadfast moving in this direction.

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“It takes time, so be patient.”


When it comes to success in life so many people oftentimes want to be in this place called success overnight. And when I say overnight, want to start today and millions in less than three years. Because the reality is that you may be building the next 15 – 20 years. Are tou ready to take that climb in life? And answer to that question is that most are not willing. They want to go to sleep and wake up in this place called success. Because think about, who really want to spend the next 20 years building something that does not work in the end. But there really is no other way to climb but to climb that way. Because you not only have to be good but consistent.


When you want to be somewhere in life overnight you have to put it into context. The is a such thing called overnight success, but it may take 7-10 years. Sometimes it could take you up to 15 years. That sounds like a long time to a lot of people but it really isn’t that long. Especially when you’re talking about a sustainable career. We hear at times about the person who starts today and in less than a year they are in a very comfortable lifestyle. Next, year after they massive. This occurs with famous singers. But they don’t last too long because it happens and goes due to their lack of climb. In the midst of tge storm, they are unable to bounce back from a lot of setbacks.


In a life of success you will have down moments. And when that happens, you have to know how to rebuild yourself. People who have built up can bounce back easier because they have been through the storm. The ones that struggle will start to falter. And the falter is when you see who was built for the life of success. Because being successful means failing. You will be tested at every turn in life. And without the ability to bounce back you will lose what you worked to have in life.

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“Going back to normal.”


The Coronavirus shutdown is expected to be uplifted in various cities and towns across the country. Some people have jobs to return to but there are many that don’t. And what will be the landscape of a nation that has been in virtual isolation for the past month? We have never gone through a time period quite like this before. And to be honest I don’t know how long it will take to readjust. How do we as a society come back from something like this? How do we get back to a job that is not there for many? While we sit in quarantine trying to anticipate our next move, we are about to walk into the unknown. A new world of adjustments.


In a country where you couldn’t shake hands how do you get back to normal? That means hugging your close associates. Or how about the idea of being intimate once again? How do people go back to dating each other? For a while it’s going to feel weird. Which means people being extra cautious and not wanting to walk to close to people. Which is going to feel odd living in a city where I do like New York. You’re constantly surrounded by people, so what are we to do. That means over time things will start to get better. It may take a year or more, but we’ll be back to normal.


Even though we care about our fellow man, we are going to have to have to worry about self after the reopen. And that is because everyone’s situation is so dire we don’t have the luxury of worrying of others. Trust and believe that we think about because then again we are humans but we have to focus on how we move forward as a person then a nation. So, what do we do now?

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“Stuck with nothing to do.”


Since the government shutdown America has turned into a virtually desolate landscape. A nation of only hospitals, grocery stores, and pharmacies. It’s weird walking the streets of New York City and being one of few outside. But what’s more troubling is the stress in having to stay home from work. With so many people out of work and out of jobs you’re stuck trying to figure out something to do until the system opens up. For me, everyday I try to exercise and get a little air outside. But the hurtful aspect of life is feeling unproductive. And trying to do things to stay in the game is tough. Even though you share the same problem with everyone else it sucks alot. So for now it’s a waiting game.


I know we like to think about those stuck at home but what about those stuck at home and out of work? These are the people not going back to normal. They will be home even when the system reopens. They have a road ahead that is going to be such an uphill battle because no one is hiring but the bills keep coming. So economically their hit is going to be far worse. And to add to it they are running out of food in addition while the unemployment system is shut down. Hopefully the system turns around sooner than later.


As we all know the country can’t stay shut down forever. We have to open eventually. And when we do, it most likely will be an awkward experience. Seeing people finally step out of their homes like Zombies. The slow moving aimless movements to home and work. It’s not like the virus disappears. The system just opens because we will hit a point where for the most part it’s contained. I think what has happened will make people on edge even about work from now on. Our jobs are so unsecure but in tragic situations we learn the majority take a major hit. It makes you wonder is there still something out there even worse.

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