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“We are pure in form.”

what goes inside

We often grab something to eat, downing it into our stomachs, not realizing what we are doing to our bodies. We engage in activities that can cause our bodies harm. And those side effects we don’t feel until time progresses. So I say, your body should be treated with care and it will continue to care for you for a long time. Now, so many people don’t look at the human body as this sacred temple to be cared for until they get older. Once they age and realize it, the damage is far along. So deal with the situation at a young age or deal later.

how we see ourselves

As you take a look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Because if you don’t it will show itself in the decision you make concerning your body. I walk the streets of New York all the time and see people jobbing and power walking. Then you see people shoving the greasy food down their throats. And for them, they are not too willing to give up the bad stuff to make their lives worth living. They also may not care how they see themselves, especially if no one else is checking for them. But we also have to take into account, keeping your body together just takes a lot of work. Work that is beneficial in the end, but hard in the beginning.

take the first step

In order for you to live that healthy life, you have to first start actively caring. Not just reading books and taking notes. That is the minor adjustments, you must do. Live the holistic life and hold true to it. Get yourself into a pattern so that it becomes what you do, and not a job. Because then you’ll start to get frustrated with the lifestyle. It has to be more than just exercise and eating right, it has to be a belief system.

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“Teach them well.”

they learn from us first

Whenever we eat certain foods, remember that a generation is behind us watching. So it is in our best interest to try to make sure we set that example for the next group. They see us exercising, then they will want to follow suit and do the same. We eat certain foods good for our bodies then they will also. But there is a slight catch, young people generally don’t take their cues from older generations. They take their cues from people that are young who are in the public eye. So an athlete looks cooler eating fruits and vegetables than a middle aged man or woman. It’s the reason brands gives endorsement deals to athletes.

creatures of habit

We do something 3 times in a row, it will continue for 5 – 10 times, and so on. That is how we will approach teaching a group underneath us. They need to understand that just as with anything in our lives that we continuously do, we have to look at the same with health. You come everyday from school and do homework, that same thing must be applied to the idea of eating right and exercising. We should have an open gym opportunity for working out like we do for open gym basketball courts. Not everyone hoops, but some want to do other things. Once we start them off early, we do so for years and they take over after a while.

we need to know as well

They don’t know if we ourselves can’t comprehend as well. There are far too many adults that are not well-educated in how to care for themselves like their offspring. And it comes as no surprise that when the parents are unhealthy so are the children. Now, for people like my mother who battled weight issues, she always told her kids to care for self because of what it did to her. So in order for “them” to do better “we” have to do better.

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“Get out, keep moving.”

couch potato no more

If you are someone that spends a lot of time sitting, then you know what, get up and start moving around. Because there is a known fact that sitting all day can lead to negative health effects. That is not only for the people sitting at home, but also the people who are the workplace. You have to have some kind of movement. Even if it means just getting up and walking around a particular space. You need to get the body moving again. The blood has to be able to flow properly throughout the body.


Not everyone is able to just get up and move around. Something has to be of a spark for them to move. And I don’t mean a fire causing them to move. I mean, they need that extra push from somewhere to get them going. Where does it come from? I don’t know because I try to stay mobile as much as possible. Luckily for me, I have a job that requires me to move a lot. But for people who don’t move as often they think nothing of it. So they go years and years just sitting until they build up illnesses, such blood clot and other issues with blood flow.

health scare

As scary as it may sound, some people have to be jolted in getting themselves to move around. They don’t have it in them to just get up and go. For some reason there is something that holds them back. And that goes back to motivation. Then they go to the doctor’s office and they hear you are at risk of a certain illness because they don’t move around enough. Now you’re forced to get up and move. And there is no greater motivation than being told you could die.

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“Spend for your own good.”

you have it, do right

Whenever you are in the financial position to take more care of yourself, then you have to do so. I will never understand the people who make the income to eat healthy, but choose not to do so. Yes, if you make a lot of money, you’re busy, but that does not mean you are too busy to not eat healthy. You have to eat food, so there is no reason why it’s not healthy food. Even exercise is something that becomes of choice. Because no matter how busy your schedule, it still is choice at a certain level. So what should someone who make the income do to eat right?

structure is key

How is your daily routine put into place? Normally, people are of certain means are always busy, so they have to have a schedule laid out for them like they do everything else. This means they must go to a schedule or some type of planner to look to so that everything is in order. These are typically not people who just do it because to them the idea of eating right is not a business priority. It’s not important until they become truly ill due to their lack of eating right. Then their business becomes in jeopardy now they must eat right.

head space

If you want to get the right food in your system, you have to get yourself in the right mental space. If you are financially well to do, but all you think about is money, your body has to be taken care of in the same capacity. And to think that people like this don’t think about their health, which the reason they can go out and have a business is odd. Structure your mind to have the same grind as you have with the money you make. Because both of them go hand in hand with each other. Without the health, you don;t make the money.

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