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“Narrowing down the topics.”

what’s to come

The end of 2018 is just a week away. And I will be planning my blog for next year 2019. And for the coming year, I will be narrowing down the blog to 6 topics not 12 spanning the year. And these 6 topics will be of the most popular from my current year. So instead of writing a post from 1 topic for the month, I will be writing posts for 1 topic every two months. And this is the change, the metamorphosis of my blog that will eventually narrow down to fewer topics. As of now, there are two topics in competition with each other to see which one will make the cut. I will also provide more video content as well. Feel free to drop a comment about the topics you liked. Continue to like, follow, and share my work. SEE YOU  IN 2019!!!

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“From the comforts of home.”

from my home office

For some time now, the idea of building a business in your home is a reality that very few in the past seen as imaginative. But more and more people are doing it. And statistics show that in the future at least half of American households will be self-employed to some degree. Rather it be full time self-employment or part time outside of their day job. And the reason for the phenomenon is that so much of work in today’s society is low pay or low hours. And the money to support a family is just not enough anymore. But are there other reason for the shift?


The power to pay yourself and work your own hours at your own pace is alluring. Not having someone over your shoulder telling you what you can do and when you can do it. Now, you have to be prepared to work long hours. But if you do manage to come out on the other side, then it’s all worth it. You’re also flexible to go off and pursue interests that you normally wouldn’t or couldn’t working 40 hours a week. And then waiting until the weekend to go out places.

it has its drawbacks

Prior I said that you are working long hours, and you are, long, long hours. And crazy thing is, there is not guarantee you’ll earn anything. So you better have it in your head this is something you really want to do. Because you are putting a lot of time an energy into something that is beyond the scope of success initially. You don’t have a boss, but it all falls on you: succeed or fail. But if you start to hire people there is another host of problem that you have to worry about. Because now, others depend on you to get the job done. So before you think about all the money you’re going to be making, understand the responsibilities that come with working for yourself.

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“Too big to fail.”

on the rise

All throughout my life, there have been well known companies that have come along and gone. But every so often one comes along that changes the landscape of the way we live our lives: Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Uber, Amazon, eBay, to name a few. Now my question is, who will be the next major to come along and change society? Which company is already in existence that no one knows about that is slowly making changes to boost themselves into the visible marketplace? And will we ever see another giant that is considered too big to fail?

the new job market

The new company could be in the form of the tech space and create a whole new host of jobs. And these jobs most likely won’t be the manual jobs we are used to, but the behind the desk staring into a monitor jobs we know now. Meaning that someone is being moved aside for this new way of life. But, don’t scare, the number of people working will balance itself against the people who are without a job.

we wait and see

We have no clue who the next giant will be. I wish I knew even a slight bit of information. This would make one great investment to be one of the first. Imagine you stumbling on the next Apple of Facebook. But in order to do this t takes skill. It takes a long time studying and trying figure that thing that separates this company from others. Thing is, someone will figure it out, and a new group of billionaires will be born.

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“Watching everything unfold.”

putting together ideas

When creating your business, we all have these ideas of how I business will operate. We think about the customers and the money it can potentially make, but we don’t think about something more important. We are not thinking about putting together a comprehensive business plan. A business plan will give you more focus when trying to succeed. With this plan you are able to direct your projected path. But notice I said projected path. There is no guarantee that your business will perform well even with a plan. As a matter of fact you still might fail with the people who don’t have one. But it’s not about lumping yourself in with other people. It’s about your own success in life.


You want to finance your business, but don’t have the money. Good luck trying to procure financing without the use of a business plan. Because with the plan, people are going to want to see where the money is going that you will be raising for your business. And that plan shows a clear breakdown for the financing of a business. If I give you money, how will I get my money back on the investment. If you are not promising any return on your investment then you are not going to receive a payment to start your business. Simply because now people don’t see it as a viable stream of revenue.

anticipation of the happening

Remember I said prior that a business plan gives you the insight of what might take place; a projected course. But when things happen and you have taken all the considerations for your business, you know how to deal if problems arise. You shouldn’t be thinking about all the money you can make without thinking about all the problems that can take place. What is the saying again, “Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Know what you’re getting in to, even if you don’t ever come in contact with the issues. Better to cross that bridge even though it’s there, to not, and get to the bridge and can’t cross because you didn’t take action early on.

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“Do you really like what you do?”

like it or love it

A lot of people go into business with different reasons for why they go into business. Some people go in with the idea that they will make a lot of money. And others go into their business with the idea that they are going to provide a service to people. But what is more important when pursuing a business career? Is it the idea that you are potentially going to make a lot of money? Or is the importance more focused on loving the job? Because there are the upsides and the downsides of both. You can’t say one is more important or less than the other. Because it’s all about why that person is pursuing.

for love

When you love something the money will come. And the reason you need to love what you do in business is because you are going to be going at it for a very long time. So you must really have to like what you do. Because initially there is no money in what you going to be doing. So if it’s all about the money you will give up early on in your pursuit. The idea of money will be such pain because in the paradigm of living the money is so slow, you almost feel like why am I doing this everyday. So for money, there is no gratification, especially in the beginning.

for money

We all love doing what we do when we get a chance to do it. But we also have to be practical in the sense where we need to start generating an income. Money pays for food, utilities, living arrangements, healthcare, etc. You have to realize that money has to be a driver in what it is you do. You’re not running a charity and even then money is important. You have needs, but you also have wants. You want to live comfortably, travel, take part in certain leisure activities. So money has to be a priority; is it number one, maybe not, but it is important. We all love the expression, “If you could live comfortably how you want and do your career for free, would you.” It sounds good, but the dough needed to do that is a lot. And for most, that is not the case.

balancing act

You have to find yourself teetering somewhere between the love and money. And at times you will find yourself balanced to one side over the other. No one is completely on one side and happy. If you don’t have a balance then you get depressed having too little and depressed with so much. And the other thing tends to lose out. So find your balance in business prusuits and go for it.

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Store Facade

“Your business, your work.”

is it in you

The Gatorade slogan above is asking the question of do you have what it takes. And that does not have to be sports, it can be anything in life. And since this is the month for business, I am asking do you have what it takes to make your business work over the long haul? Or better yet, what it becomes is solely up to the amount of work you put into it. You want to grow a business into a company that will do big numbers, then you better figure out a plan to build that business. Because you are going to have to have a sound plan over a long period of time.

dreams are just dreams

We close our eyes, and see our small business as bigger than what it is. You open a beauty salon, and want to one day have salons across the country. But what you will do in this one salon will say a lot about how you are going to build your next three. And those four will say a lot about how you plan on building your next five to ten. Because the dream is just a dream unless there is a plan put in place that will be used to execute each and everyday. But without a sound plan those dreams will soon wither away into anger and frustration.

down in the dumps

I have felt this point in my life where I have hit a wall and it is hard for me to get past or over this wall. And this will be a defining moment where you can either sink or continue to swim. And that is why it is important you build from the bottom so you know how to get over this point. And example would be someone who lucked up and became famous from a video on Instagram. Next thing you know they are everywhere. Then in less than a year you never hear from them again. The reason being is that they didn’t build to that point. They got lucky from a video, but then hit a hard time and couldn’t regain. People who climb rarely fall after a hard time because they have been there before.

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Three Vehicles Parked Beside Concrete Building

“Their presence might help you.”

you are not alone

What do you do when you are opening a business where other competitors will be operating? That means you have to figure out a way to exist on the block with them. But how do you do this if the other businesses are more know? But the traffic from these businesses could actually aid in your business performing well. That is if you know what you are doing. If you are able to position yourself appropriately, then you are going to do very well. If not, then you will not last long in business.

they’ve been there longer

Don’t think you’re going to just come right in and move aside the people who have been doing it longer. Yes, you will see some business initially because you’re the new spot. But what about  months in, 1 year in, how about 5 years in? So for most businesses in the area, they could care less if you jump into the groove of things. As a matter of fact, new people who come to your spot can drop in on their spot after you shut down. So, unlike in the movies, where someone breaks into your business to keep you from earning, it’s unreal. For the most part, people figure out a way to compete because they are used to new business coming in, taking business, then going out of business.

the countdown

People around you see you come in, they know. You have your tail wagging and your eye lashes batting. And little do you know there is a silent bet going around of long will you stay in business. So when it happens, there is no surprise. Someone will win the pot, and you don’t know who. It’s just what comes with opening up a business. And just like that you got swallowed up as they smile and wait for the next suspecting victim.

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