Over the past week, the country has been discussing the situation concerning the company Gamestop. And no, this is not a finance platform, but it does cover culture. This is a beginning of what could be a new cultural revolution. The masses coming together to make money in the same fashion that the Wall Street types have been doing for over a century. It has caused so much panic that the very same people who speak against regulations are now talking about regulatory programs. How will this play out in the long haul is yet to be seen.


When we observe this situation, was this something that was orchestrated to stick it to Wall Street? Or better yet, a group of people coming together to test an experiment which worked in their favor. We as the people have these internal feelings regarding the circumstance at hand. But who is to say that it was something personal. It could be just a random thing that took place. Yet it is going to force people on Wall Street to rethink how they conduct themselves. Because the website Reddit is the site where a finance group was formed that caused this surge in stock prices to Gamestop. Now, on the other hand, will we start to see more regulations that could see a lot of Americans lose even more freedoms.


Don’t be surprised if the government start to come down on the companies that gather regular citizens together for the ability to make money off the market. See, it’s fine when the bosses up top make the money, but a whole other ball game once the masses figure it out. Because the people who rig the system don’t want their money being tampered with so Joe Blow can have it. But how do they do this without creating chaos. Now, on the other hand, someone has to take the hit for this and it may be Robinhood. Instead of addressing the wide use of these tactics of betting against the market on Wall Street you go after Robinhood. But still, even with the possible regulations, we are witnessing a cat and mouse game that won’t be stopping anytime soon.


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