Month: October 2015

Until You Walked In Someone Else’s Shoes

“Don’t be so quick to judge unless you know the journey.” When you look at the picture before you, you may ask yourselves. Who is the man behind the shoes? Why are his feet so rugged? Where has he been and where is he… Continue Reading “Until You Walked In Someone Else’s Shoes”

1987: What Can Happen In 365 Days

“1987” “Were you here?” 1987 was not only the year I was born, but it was year a lot of events took place. As with any year, things take place that are burned into our minds that we never forget. You think to yourself, we as… Continue Reading “1987: What Can Happen In 365 Days”

1% Isn’t About Money, It’s a State of Mind

“What bracket are you in? What bracket do you think?” Most of the general population feel that a person that lies in the 1% is someone who makes an income greater than anyone else, yet controls 90 plus percent of the wealth. This is true… Continue Reading “1% Isn’t About Money, It’s a State of Mind”