Standing in the front of the church, I observed as one of my closest friends is about to get married. As I stand with the other groomsmen, I gaze at their faces. We all bared the same blank look on our faces, while the women were all teary-eyed. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can tell you what came across my mind; glad it’s not me. I’m proud to say that I am a thirty year old man,Read more


“Are you more strategic than your offspring?” “Mommy, can I have some ice cream?” “No sweetie, you have to wait until you eat dinner first.” “Daddy, can I have some ice cream?” “Sure son, go ahead, but don’t eat too much.” “We still have to eat dinner.” And just like that, a parent has made a vital mistake in raising their child. There must be one voice in the household when raising a child. If that kid knows that theyRead more


“You like me: check yes, no, maybe so; or friend.” Naw, I kinda look at you as just a friend, sorry. These are the words no one wants to hear, especially a guy. But how did it happen? How do you find yourself in this uncharted zone? You thought you were doing and saying all the right things to make yourself seem more attractive, so what happened? Maybe I was too nice, or maybe I was too mean. On secondRead more


“Quietness does not always equate shy.” You ever see a child who is quiet all the time? You ever wonder, “Wow, that must be one good kid.” Or, “Their parents really done a good job at rearing them.” Maybe neither one is true; maybe it’s because of something more sinister. Have you ever thought for once, maybe just once that a good is being abused at home. Not only mentally abused, but physically. And what do I mean by physically,Read more


As I lie here, staring at the ceiling, I wonder when is my baby coming home. He left a few days ago and I already miss him as if he has been gone for years. Will he ever return, and if he does will I recognize him. Should I move or wait around until he comes back into my life. Some of you might be wondering, who am I referring to. Well, my one and only, my true love, withoutRead more


Caravan pulls up to the doors of the hospital. Running from the drivers’ side of the caravan, a man rushes to the passenger side of the van. Opening the door he assists his wife from the car. She’s holding the bottom of her stomach, breathing heavily, she slowly exits the vehicle. The man, holding her hand, helps her through the automatic hospital doors. They approach the receptionist of the hospital. The man ask the receptionist for a doctor because hisRead more


July 4, 2014 is a date I remember too well, not mainly because of the Independence Day celebration, but the day I lost my best friend. What was supposed to be a day of cookouts and fireworks ended in a violent exchange. The Fourth of July always start as a good day for me. Getting up out of bed, looking at that new outfit I had bought the week prior. Isn’t that something, spending a significant amount of money onRead more


“Would you mind sharing?” “Yes or No?” The age old question, “Is it ever OK to kiss and tell?” And for those of you not too keen on the cryptic language I am using I’ll just say it. Is it ever fine to share with others the names of your sexual partners? In addition, to that, how about disclosing the details of what you guys did together in the bedroom. Well, that’s if it was in the bedroom to beginRead more


“America’s fears of Trump being President.” As time progress in this 2016 Presidential, we begin to realize that the inevitable could happen. Donald J. Trump could potentially be our next President of the United States. There have been protest all over the country, some peaceful and others have grown to be a lot more aggressive. There was even a rally where Trump was supposed to speak that became so problematic that it needed to be cancelled. But I ask theRead more


Have you ever seen or met him? Have you ever seen his face? You know, him up there. He who sits up high and looks down low. The one who is always watching us, protecting over us. The one who makes sure we’re safe and secure in our humble abodes. The one who sheds blood for us. He who died for us, so that we could see another day. If not for him shedding this blood where would I beRead more