Miseducation of Education

Growing up in my mother’s house, my sisters and I were always encouraged to attain our education. So naturally, as with any child who grew up in an environment of stability, I chose to go along with the flow. What I didn’t understand is the realization of education in our society. After high school, I went off to undergraduate as both my sisters have gone before me. From the moment I walked onto campus, students were all being helped intoRead more

Relationships: Is Her Way Really the Right Way?

When it comes to relationships, I have always heard from both men and women alike that her way is the right way. There has always been something about that statement which has puzzled me throughout my life. So I’ve evenĀ asked the question to various women, “Why is the woman’s way the right way?” I keep getting the same reply which is, “Our way is better.” Even men have told me it’s their way because that’s just how it is. So,Read more

Introduction From Me to You!

Hello Everyone, My name is Faheem Jackson, and this is my first of many blog post. For today, I will be introducing myself to this community. For starters, I was born September 20, 1987 in Racine, Wisconsin. My earliest memories of life date back to the first grade at Jefferson Lighthouse Elementary School. It was here I began to develop so much many skills I would go on to use years after leaving this school. One example of a learningRead more