“Eat right while locked in.”


As we are coming out of this crazy global pandemic where everyone is locked inside I hope you have all been eating well. Since the system shut down people have had to improvise with their exercises since fitness centers are closed. For myself I own barbell so getting a good workout in is convenient for me. But what about the people who could not? Many of them have gained weight during this two month time period because they were stuck in the house. So how do you do it? How does one stay healthy during this time period? What meals should we be consuming that will provide us with the proper nutrients. Because in addition to staying in with no exercise people were tight on money because no one could work. So how did you fair I know how I did.


As I was locked in doors as many others in New York the ability to eat from a restaurant was difficult. Why, well nothing was open except a few choice places for delivery. And what that meant was making more of my meals at home. This was fine by me because I always cooked for myself. But for someone not used to preparing their meals it was a headache. If you ate on the go you were like the fish out of water. Not knowing how to navigate your kitchen must have been tough. Trust me, I know, I have been cooking on a griddle. So I know how hard it can be but then again I know how to cook. That’s why it’s important to learn so you’re not in these types of predicaments.


How will living in a world where we were locked in and forced to balance our meals have an impact on life after Corona Virus? Will we eventually go back to normal or change habits? Because as bad as this is, I can’t say this is the worse life I’ve lived. Growing up poor was harder. But for many others a loss of security meant depression and anxiety. This lead to overeating and no exercise with limited oversight into the food these people would eat.

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