“Help don’t scold.”

In this Corona Virus lockdown world, a major issue has been taking hold. And that issue is mental health. But this topic is not about our mental health. This topic is about our views on mental health and why so many people are stuck. There are so many people out there who want to seek help but for whatever reason they cannot find themselves the courage to get the help. And a lot of times there are a few factors: financial, admitting faults, and a big one has to do with the shame that comes with seeking the help.

For me as a man, there are so many stigmas that have been placed on men who seek help. So you have a large portion of the suicides in this country that come as a result of men not seeking the help. And we are more abt to accept this over treatment. Because a man sitting across from a physician, especially if the doctor is another man, can be a difficult dynamic. I myself feel more comfortable speaking with a woman than I do a man. And I know it sounds odd to some, but the idea of pouring out my emotions to this man is more of a discomfort for me.

When I was in therapy for a short period of time, it had to stop do to cost. I didn’t have the money to keep paying for it. But I made a promise to myself to come back deal with the matter. And you shouldn’t let finances keep you from seeking help, but you have to survive. Because what good is going to see a therapist for one issue with another seriously piling up trying to seek help. You find yourself in a conundrum of issues. But whatever you shall choose to do, act. Your mind is going to be your most valuable asset or your greatest curse.

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