“We make people this way.”

We used to be a nation where we told each other the truth. Now, was it always nice, no, but at least you knew where people stood as a nation. Today, we say all these loving things, but you never truly know how people feel. And that is scary considering you will have to eventually step into society and live among the people. So how do you build a life not knowing and understanding the intentions of others. Now, don’t get me wrong, no ones full intentions have ever been known. But today, we know nothing.

Why have we made each other so sensitive? Why do we feel the need to live in such a way? My theory is that people have done so much wrong for so long, that now we are trying to make up for it in the fakest way possible. We have went all the way to the other end. The people are still the similar to the past, yet no one says it. So we get a dopamine drip here and there and feel like we really made some strides in life. Well, how do we correct things in life without jumping to the far extreme.

Look, I know that America has an history of insensitivity, but we don’t need to correct the mistakes by going extreme. And that is what we’re doing. Because the sensitivity is so far that the people who should care the most are starting to ignore it. We’re saying the right but not doing and people saying are still in charge. So if we change, it has to be righteous.


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