“They are in a whole other America.”

With the lockdown taking place, a young group of children are finding themselves in a position where they have to adapt to this new way of life in America. And living here in New York City, the schools may find themselves in a position to close again. So now, the idea of virtual learning is becoming more of the norm and reality. So what type of impact does this have on the life of the younger generation that has to get used to this new life.

Getting a young child to sit down and pay attention is tough. But this generation is learning to have a lot of patience. To have to sit in front of a screen all day, they are learning to also become more technically sound ion their studies. Because they are in a position to have an understanding for something their parents struggle to use. But the downside of the lockdown hurts the younger ag group’s ability to socialize. There are important tactile things you miss out on when you are not face to face in person. And this is already an issue with a generations being so impersonal.

Once they get back into the normal thralls how will they truly be able to cope after be locked away? Because this is not going to be an easy transition to move back to normal. But what is true, is that a generation is learning to be adaptable to a lot of change.

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