Happy barefoot Asian woman and adorable daughter stretching body together at home

“They are watching you.”


There is a former manager of mine in retail who is into health and fitness. Her children are toddlers and now they like doing pull-ups and push-ups like her. Why do they do this, well because they are watching everything you do. And you have to plant that seed early in order for them to be healthy. Let them see early on how to take care of their bodies. Because what they see you do will automatically rub off. So give them a template for what they should be doing in life. Hopefully they will take what you have showed them and taught them and run with it, literally.


If you want to promote your children exercising and keeping themselves healthy Planet Fitness is of the lowest cost to exercise. You can pay for a family easily going to this fitness center and trade in the unhealthy food. Trust and believe you won’t miss a thing. Only problem is that most people don’t have the energy to take themselves to the gym. But what you must know is that it’s the  exercise that gives you more energy. Yet how do you give people the ability to push through what is difficult. To me, I don’t have this, I push through it even when I don’t like it.


If you are having a hard time getting to the gym then do your workouts at home. Because you need to get to  a place where you are caring about yourself and your family. With all the illnesses start are already in so many young people it does the family good.

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