Person Holding Two Burgers

“Take care of yourself.”


America is a country that is known for having an excessive usage of a lot of products and services. One of the major business ventures that we use on a high level is fast food restaurants. And for that we are a nation where we deal with a lot of weight and health issues because of the food we eat. But even though we know this, we still have it in our minds to not care and continue to eat what we want. It all comes from the idea that we are Americans and can do as we please. But the reality is that you cannot do as you please with no repercussions. You must realize that your body is a machine and whatever you put in this machine can lead to something good or bad taking place. And when it comes to fast food more bad will transpire.


If you eat McDonalds it taste so delicious. But when you see how it’s prepared, you go, wait a minute, this isn’t a real sandwich. This is not a burger that I thought it would be. And that is because the food is processed. You might almost call it a Frankenstein meal. There was an experiment conducted where a McDonalds sandwich was placed in a clear container for a long period of time. The sandwich never rotted under the container. This is not good because there suppose to be a breaking down of the meal that is not happening. That is what the food is like on the inside of the human body. Well, we know what is going on because of the research. Meat is difficult to break down and digest as it is, now when you add the process that a fast food restaurant goes through, now it stays in your system longer. Prolonged fast food use has been linked to a number of illnesses.


Just because it taste good going through you does not mean it’s meant for you to consume. Food can be like a drug, but a weird addiction because you need food for survival. But it’s the type of food for your survival. You have to fuel it with the good stuff. Otherwise you can see yourself running low on energy and even lower health.

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