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“Who impacts your life?”

those who push you

We all have someone we look to that makes us strive for something better. That person can be a relative or someone in society that has no attachment to you. When you are young athletes and entertainers inspire you so much do a lot of things in life. But when we get older a lot of times those inspirations that were great to us then are not always the people we hold close to us as we age. Siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends are the people who change our perspective. Very rare do we hold to the other public figures unless they are someone that really changed to way we think and live our lives. But when it comes to health, the people in the public eye are so many of the people that inspire us.

those exercise tapes are useful

Anyone remember the Tai Bo exercise tapes, or better yet, we all know Richard Simmons. We see these tapes, and for those of us in shape, it really hasn’t impacted our lives. But for the people who needed that extra push to get themselves in shape, Richard Simmons was that man. He didn’t just exercise and explain to you how to stay in shape. He was so animated in making people feel like they were and could be the best version  of themselves. He inspired even the next generation of fitness gurus that dealt with weight problems, or watched someone close to them deal with issues concerning weight.

they are now watching you

Understand that when you start on your path to getting yourself in shape, there are the younger ones watching you. The next generation that will take your cues and persevere in their life’s journey. And even though you may not want the job, it is yours, because you will inspire them as others have inspired you.

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“I did what I knew.”

in the home

Growing up, your image of health is your parents. They are the ones feeding you and feeding themselves in the process. And that is how it was in my household growing up. I ate whatever my mother would eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The only problem is that she battled a weight problem for most of her adult life. And only now is she able to take off the pounds. That’s how most people end up overweight themselves. They watch their parents consume food and never exercise, so it becomes a thing for them. Yet, my mother always stressed keeping yourself in shape and healthy. She never wanted us to battled like she did with weight.


If you grew up in a poor house and community, then chances are, you will not have the money for healthy food. And when that happens, you eat things that are not good for you, leading to illnesses. But what are you to do when you have multiple mouths to feed and you are operating on a limited budget. The food that is cheaper is unhealthy, but it is what the family can afford. This is when you need to go to other measures to make sure you’re eating right. Meaning, you can afford chicken, but don’t fry it, bake it. Use less sugar in teas and cool-aids. Don’t eat to get full, eat to fulfill what is necessary so you are not hungry.

remove yourself from the environment

In order for you to make your life better physically, you need to put yourself in a different environment than the one you are in. My immediate familial circle was always people who ate whatever we wanted to eat. Then there were a few people in my family who had no choice but to change their lives. But for the people who come from a family where people except their eating habits, you might have to remove yourself from them. Not because you don’t love them, you just have to love yourself.

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“Whip yourself into shape.”

get in the game

I try to make it a habit to wake up, place the medicine ball between my legs and leg lift into crunches in the morning and lifting weights. Now that I am in my 30’s, the idea of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever. And the reason being is because Black men’s health is so low in comparison to everyone else. And then on top of that, people don’t workout as much in general. So then, by the time you turn 40 years of age, you start to experience health effects that should have been dealt with in your late 20’s, early 30’s. But instead, people say things like,  “Oh you’re young.” And that is the best time to start caring about your health.

not in the mood

My motivation to exercise is like a lot of people. Only difference is I can immediately throw myself into the game. If I need to make a lifestyle change, it doesn’t take much to get me up off the couch. But for the people who have such a hard time doing so, I would have to say, just do it once a week. Then after that you want to  move on to maybe twice a week, then forward. Because I grew up an athlete, so putting myself on a schedule that works for me is easy. Yet, for those that are not as athletically inclined, trying to stay motivated to keep moving is tough. So make sure you’re going at it at a comfortable enough pace.

quality of life

When you exercise and are in shape, the way you internally shifts. The clothes you wear will fit a certain way they have never fit before. The compliments become something that also makes you feel good, especially if you are a man. We love to be told how good we look since gaining muscle or losing a lot of weight. So get in the game, trust me, it feels to fit into your clothes and wake up healthy and fit.

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“What’s good for you does not always taste good.”


One of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do in life is eat right. It’s so hard because all the bad stuff taste so good. How come they can’t figure out how to make good for the soul food taste just as good as soul food? For me, growing up in the family I grew up in, it was always festive to have the family come together for dinners. There would be so much food, you were literally asked to take it home otherwise it would have to be thrown away. But we’re not talking about healthy eating like fruits and vegetables, yet if there were, they even had a nice touch of salt, pepper, or even a sugar additive.


Image result for soul foodI come from a predominantly African American family, and we eat a lot. As a matter of fact we eat so much, that as an ethnic group we are more genetically predisposed to sicknesses sometimes stemming from the food we eat. And who can blame us: catfish, meatballs, fried chicken, baked chicken, pork chops, pig feet, rib tips, turkey, ham slices, ham hocks, and that’s just the meat. The vegetables are cabbage, cornbread, yams, sweet potatoes, corn, stuffing, collard greens, and black eyed peas. And if you thinkImage result for soul food desserts that’s a lot, well how about our dessert menus: sweet potato pie, egg pie, chocolate pie, banana pudding, peach cobbler and German chocolate cake.


The health risk stemming from this type of good eating can have long lasting effects on the human body. As a matter of fact African Americans at a much higher risk of illnesses already, but it increases once you observe the food we eat. According to an article on WebMD entitled, “Why 7 Deadly Diseases Strikes Black Most,” it explains the disparities with sicknesses in Black people as oppose to their White counterparts. We are at higher risk of Diabetes, Strokes, Heart Disease, and high blood pressure. So being already susceptible, on top of the food doesn’t make the situation better.


So making sure you not only eat right but also exercise is beneficial in the long run. Because there has to be a fine blend of the two. And yes, even a guy as healthy as myself, I hate having to eat right, but it’s a must that we take care of ourselves. Because the last thing we want is to be a burden on ourselves, or others around us who have to care for us when we get ill.

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Growing up in my house we always had a lot of food in the refrigerator. Sometimes the door would have a hard time closing because of the food. Yet the only person of my three sisters and I it affected was my mother. Why, well she had to work all day and come home to sleep. We were young and active so the weight didn’t stick. So how do you deal with this; eating is such a natural action. We need food to live, so it can be an addiction that’s tough to kick. Now, as for me, I’ve always had this true romance with food. But, unlike some guys who eat and are couch potatoes, I am active. I have always been since childhood, so the weight doesn’t stick.

But, what about the people who have had so many issues with their weight. Some people are genetically predisposed to gaining weight unlike others. For them, they have to look from afar at all the goodness. Because I’ll eat from a buffet and i’m fine tomorrow. The other guy will need to hire a personal trainer to drop the pounds. Now does that mean I’m a special case, no. It could mean I don’t put on weight as easy. Or, it could also mean that my weight gain could happen later on in life. Now, with all the goodness that food brings, there are just so many sicknesses, even with a guy like me. That’s right a guy that doesn’t gain weight as easy.

It’s not all about how much you eat. It could be what you’re eating as well. As a child even though I didn’t put on the weight, I ate a lot of non-healthy food. Now that I am close 30 years of age, I think more about it. Some people don’t think about their health until later on life. So for me, observing my lifestyle at such a young age is more responsible that not. Another reason for me not eating a certain way is because being African American, we’re already inclined to getting sicknesses outside of food related. So for that reason alone we must watch what we eat as a group. So, in addition to the food you eat, it’s very important to exercise in your daily life. For me, I perform a lot of walking around the city of New York.

In the end, there is nothing wrong with eating good food, just in moderation. See, for me it’s tough because of the family I grew up in and the region of the country. Growing up in the Midwest, there are restaurants everywhere. But I also have Southern roots as well. So for me, I’ll go back home and see people, young people, struggling with weight due to food consumption. Even with so much love for something tasty and delicious, I’ll always have the idea of health in the back of my mind.