Woman Holding Her Head

“What are you doing to yourself?”


Something goes on in the head of a person who is going through stress, depression, anxiety, and it is something that creates ownership over ones mind. There is a space that control you even though you control it. But since people are creatures of habit you are owned by the very thing you have control over because you have convinced yourself of an issue that you really don’t have. But how does this start in the mind. Because no one is born with a mind that controls you and you not controlling it. Is it the fault of the person or are we predisposed to having a mental illness? I know for myself I don’t even know how it started or where. But the idea of confidence is something that I have had to build over years. Which has led to depression and anxiety.


You ever get the feeling that you are someone inside the body of someone that is not you controlling you. Meaning, you ever get the feeling like you are inside of a box with the key in your hand to open the box, but stuck inside. Your arm is free to open from inside the box, you see the lock, but can’t open it. And the problem with this is that it sounds easier than it is because you’re asking yourself questions. What will happen when I open the box? Is life better outside the box?  Is there a bigger box outside this box that I have unlock again? So with these questions comes anxiety and then you stay inside. Because inside a shell makes you feel a lot better than being outside. Only problem is that you are not better, you’re just existing in your space, but you’re not happy.


I have no clue how to take your own life back, but it is really a process. I have looked into my own life and I think that taking back myself is happening for me. Now, you don’t want to be too lost then your life meant nothing. But everything is in time and to be honest there are things along the way to deal with your problems. For me, succeeding in the things I like is a major boost as well as working on my physical self.

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