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Over the past year, there has been a constant stream of news coming as it pertains to the Corona Virus. But now that the year 2021 has come around and we are still in the clutches of the virus, what will this year bring. I myself have had a bout with physical illness over the past few weeks. And I am a fairly healthy person, yet I still got sick. Now, I came out of it pretty quickly, but what about the people who don’t exercise and eat healthy. There are millions of Americans who don’t have this as their daily routine. So what happens is that the people who don’t have a routine are hurt the most.

There was recently a new vaccine that was designed for the Covid-19 virus. Now, most people are very weary of a vaccine that was designed in such a short period of time. Reality is, a lot of vaccines are developed over a long time frame. So something coming in the same year as the virus, people want to know a few things. What are the downsides of the drug as with any drug? The very first people who take it, those early adaptors, everyone is awaiting what it does to them. So after that, then will you see a push to take the vaccine.

Now, where do we go from here? Because it doesn’t look like any signs of slowing down. All I know is that we cannot have another year of this lockdown. Especially considering people are already getting pushed over the edge form losing their livelihood. So this health crisis is worse than we could possibly imagine. Hopefully it ends before it gets any worse, if that’s possible.

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