Woman Drinking Water From Glass Bottle

“Stay hydrated.”


Today in New York City it was quite humid, and on days like this, you have to stay hydrated. I know myself that I go through a lot of cold beverages on these days. I’ll walk around and see people drinking soda and nothing will dry you out and keep you thirsty like drinking soda all day. Plus you also have to understand that soda is also bad for you. So your daily intake of water should be heavy on days that are humid. But for so many they see drinking as something silly. To them they feel fine, but internally you start to have things break down that result in you getting sick. But how do you get people to see this behavior and curb it.


When you drink water, there are so many benefits internally for the body. One of the things that the body does when taking in water keeps you hydrated during really hot and humid days. But even on days that in the winter, you still need ice cold water as a benefit to the body being hydrated. Why, well the body is 75% water and if you are bringing into the body more water then you are able to create more energy usages. Another reason for water is for the skin. You ever see someone with dried out skin, well that also comes from the fact that they don’t take in enough water. More benefits to the body is that water provides for a clean urine flow. So if your urine is too yellow you need more water, but too much water means you need to drink a little less with clear urine.


As a human, you have a way that you live and don’t want to change that about yourself. But you have to change because your health depends upon on it. So make the changes on your own before you’re told by someone who is a physician.

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