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“Whose really in control in the end?”

Ever hear women talk about how they have their man animal trained? How when you meet a man you have to train him how to behave how you want him to behave. But there lies a problem in the thinking regarding this method of getting a man to do what women want him to do. And no, I’m not referring to the disrespect of who you’re in a relationship with while training. I am talking about the reaction from the animal (man) toward his owner (woman). She could possibly be setting herself up for a real problem down the line. But for starters, let’s observe a little closer as to why a woman might want to have her man animal trained. And having a man trained has a lot to do with women and their lack of control within a dominant society ran by men. So in a relationship, she can get her just do for what she receives in society.

Forever, women have been the “E” to our “ER.” Meaning, she is the receiver and we have always been the giver. So even in the case of sex, no matter the position, she is the “E” and we are the “ER.” Now that women have had to play these roles for so long, now they would like to have a little animal training of their own. So when a woman gets in a relationship, well some women at least, they want to start to enforce their will on the man. Meaning, they train him to act a certain way, and then in return she gives him a dog equivalent of treats; whatever the treat may be. It could come in the form of cooking him dinner or him getting a sexual favor. And soon as the animal (man) misbehaves, she takes away the treats. But there is a problem with the animal training method, if you as women are not careful. What do I mean by being careful, this is what I mean.

When animal training, you as a woman are doing what any real animal trainer would do. You do what you have to get the results you want from this animal. And yes, eventually, the animal behaves how you want the animal to behave. So, as a woman, your friends come around, and you say, “Watch me work.” You pick up a treat (the metaphor for something you want), and say, “Here boy.” And when the man reacts how you want him to, you say, “Good boy.” (figuratively speaking) The other women are amazed, and soon start to ask questions as out how to train their husbands as well. You get a name as the ultimate dog trainer. But there is something you don’t know as the trainer (woman). You didn’t realize that the dog is actually smarter than you think. He has been watching and studying you.

Then the next time your friends come around you say, “Watch this new trick.” “Hey boy, roll over.” The dog looks at the owner, then turns his head. The other women are stunned that the dog is not responding. Then the owner gets more aggressive, “Hey, boy, roll…,” before she can finish, the dog swipes her with his paw as she falls to the ground.  And just like that, your friends witness you getting schooled. Now you have to make up some excuse like, “Oh my, I don’t know what’s gotten into him.” But you know what’s up, he has scoped out your rules. So in a last ditch effort, you dangle the treat in front of him. He looks at the treat up and down, then turns away like he doesn’t want it. Your friends, slowly leave the house as you are stuck wondering what happened. And in that moment you realize that you lost your master skills. But you also realize, the dog was playing you from the jump.

What happens, you ultimately try getting your power back, but the dog saw you already. And that position is not going to come back. So you inevitably start to cater to the dog, “Will you please come go for a walk.” And just like that, the trainer is getting trained by the very dog she was supposed to train herself. And she can’t get too mad at the dog because she trained the dog which would mean a flaw in her methods to train effectively. In the end, when trying to get your significant other to do for you, if they are not willing, end it. Because you might wind-up wasting your own time. And no feeling hurts more than getting animal trained by the animal you initially trained. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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