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“Needing help, but can’t get it.”

a nation of problems

In a country where everyone’s lives are on social media, what do you do when it starts to effect the way we live our lives. Because being inundated with constant media cannot be good for a person’s well-being. And one of the reasons is because we are constantly comparing our lives with the lives of someone we don’t know. Simply because they posted a photo of something on their personal web page or profile. Now note I said posted something. Because we like to think that someone else’s life is better, but the reality is, it may not even be their life. And this is what America has come to as a nation. Our mental state is being effected simply because a few organizations were created. Because think about it, prior to 2006, where could you really go to post your life and talk to the masses?

cheer up someone is worse

I hate the fact that I may have to look at someone who is in a worse position to feel better about the fact that I am going through something. My mind is riddled, so I have to look at the homeless guy sleeping in the train station and say to myself that could be me. Imagine that, sleeping in the subway and a pained mind. That would easily turn into something much worse. But as crazy as that my sound, some people have to find that solace in their lives by looking at those who are more ravished.

who is at fault

We have cultivated a society which worships ourselves. So the reality behind how to fix this problem comes from within. But that would means it’s an unfixable problem because no one wants to say they are contributing to any major problem. So what happens is that the problem persists until there is nothing left to do. But by that time we will have already gone off the deep end. Or, if not the deep, we continue the madness in another form, and further go into a life of metal illness.

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Man in Blue and Brown Plaid Dress Shirt Touching His Hair

“Protect it to the fullest.”

cerebral protection

Are you one of these people who let others opinions seep into your brain? The world has a lot of ideas as to how you should live your life. And the only person that has to live that life is you. Only thing about that is, we are creatures who seek attention from the outside world. No one wants to live their life alone, so your have to be willing to fit into a group in order to coexist. Only problem is that group might have a way they want you to present yourself. If it does not align with the group, then the group politics dictate that you need to be on the outside of the group.

keeping it simple

Ask yourself a few questions regarding the people who come into your mental space, or better yet, your physical space. Why are they allowed access into your arena that is your mind?  How close are these people to you in life? And that is why it becomes so hard for you to get rid of these people. They are right next to you everyday and have been your entire life or at least most of it. So, how I operate is to keep things simple. Look at your life and pick out the things that are the most important to you first. Then scale back from there the things most important in life in general, not just what you think. Because everything we think is important is not always important.

accept me or reject me

You have to learn to be hard, but also righteous in how you carry yourself. Meaning if you want people in your head space that are going to provide the mental nutrients you need to succeed, it means being a dictator with regards to who enters your space. It takes time and normally for people it can take them their whole lives to get to this point. But once you do, it will make your existence easier.

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“Cool calm, and collective.”

cerebral feel good

When it comes to your mental health, how well do you channel energy from the inside out is important. What are some things that your mind focuses on that will aid in your overall good mental energy? Some of us focus on our careers others focus on our personal lives. But whatever it may be, you have to have something that holds your attention. Once you find that thing or things, you will be able to dismiss all the other bad things that try to find their way into your psyche. Now, as far as certain activities like meditation, I am unfamiliar with this type of ritual so I will leave that to the people who know best.

figure you out

In order to get to a place of knowing your mental energy and making it work for you, you have to first get to a place of recognizing what that means. And what do I mean by what mental energy means. Do you have to read books? Maybe. Do you have to try different technical exercises? Maybe. It is a time sort of method. And by that I mean, you have to look over a certain period of time within your life. And from that reflection figure out your shit. Hate to sound that straight forward, but it truly is what you have to do. Figuring out your shit means getting to a place of knowing how to make the world around you work in your favor to aid in your success.

internal benefits

When you are able top focus and channel your mental energy there are good health benefits, mainly mental health. Now, of course there are physical benefits like less stress on the body because you are in a bad cerebral place. But still, when the mind is not right, then you are going to run into some serious problems that will ultimately effect the physical anyways. And those ophyscial problems generally are issues that come from your own self harming.

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“What I think tends to happen.”

our thoughts

We have these thoughts on a daily that creep into our minds. And it can haunt us because often these thoughts translate into actions. That is the quote that exist; your thoughts become actions. But why do your thoughts become actions? I think a lot of things in my life, some good and some bad. But only very few stick in mind. Because I might be afraid to fly, but still fly. I might see myself as bird with flight like capabilities. But the only things that manifest is when I feel I can’t accomplish my goals. What is it about those particular thoughts that stick out the most?

real thoughts matter

The thoughts that stick in our minds and become actions are the thoughts where success in life is involved. When we see ourselves as a bird that can fly, it means nothing because humans don’t have flight capabilities. Yet when we see ourselves never succeeding our career, then the thoughts manifest itself. One of the reasons is that the things such as flight like a bird are a disbelief. No matter how many times I say I can’t flight, doesn’t matter, no human can. Succeeding in your career is a must to coexist in society. So it becomes a necessity. Anything that is need based becomes frozen in the mind. Another reason for people manifesting the success versus failure thoughts over others because it speaks to a want. I don’t want to swim across the Pacific Ocean from California to China. But on the other hand, I want to learn how to swim. Appealing to my want and not thinking I can, will keep me from ever learning to swim.

suspension of disbelief

Remember what I said earlier about flying like a bird. Scrape that, you can fly like a bird. I know it sounds crazy to discredit all of what I had just said. But there is a context to my speech. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish you have to remove reality to some degree. We had to think about flying like birds to create aviation. Because no human flies, we have to look at the closest thing that mirrors our creations. So in order to accomplish something that is a feat no human can physically do, but a machine can, your thoughts really have to be aligned properly. Because now, you are thinking outside the box and defying logic to accomplish a task. So protect your mental state because it can really alter your perception of the world around you and ultimately negatively effecting your directed path in life.

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“We freely give it anyways.”

free thinking

As someone that is living during this social media craze where we put so much of our lives out for public display, will our minds be able to be replicated one day? Meaning, what if someone very intelligent dies one day, and we want that knowledge passed on so that it continues. This way we can have the greatest of the person without them here on Earth. Now, the only problem is that the human is given the conscious mind to make decisions. But if there was a way to hijack the human conscious, then that person could possibly be around forever. But still, how could something like be pulled off in the future?

free information

We share so much in today’s society, there will be a trail of information into our thoughts forever. Now, the things we say and write down are just an example a lot of times how we feel in the moment. But, you can look over time at everything this person has said that is recorded. Then you can come to a consensus as to how this person’s mind could be replicated. Now, the majority of people on Earth are not interesting enough to be hacked mentally. This procedure would be for the Stephen Hawking of the world. These are the people that will benefit our society to most. Sorry, a construction worker or garbage truck driver won’t be useful. Or maybe they will.

some things can’t be done

The main reason replicating someone would be tough is because not everyone shares their thoughts publicly. And I said before that some commoner is not useful. But they really could be, we just don’t know that they are intelligent. Some people don’t have the confidence to pursue being great in this world. They just live and die, and some janitor this whole time had the secret to breaking the speed of light. Or some homeless guy is sleeping in the street with the capabilities to time travel. So being able to replicate minds will be for the ones who stepping into society with confidence and intellect. So in other words you are maintaining not the smartest minds ever, but the smartest minds that showcased their intellect to the world while they were alive.

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“We watch it, it sucks but we keep watching, why?”

what we watch

You ever hear the term you are what you eat? But what about you are what you watch? Many people tune into television programming or watch films not knowing that they are telling something about themselves. Now, that does mean every time you turn on the television you are exposing yourself. But there is a pattern that starts to develop in what we watch.

It’s why marketers and advertisers use mediums like Facebook to remind you of purchases in the margins of the page. And you think to yourself, how did they know I was looking at that product or service. It’s because everything you do is so connected that it starts to leave a trail with the various social media you use. The same applies for television.

the mentality

I am fairly happy person in life. So when I am inundated with programming that is not the mot positive I tend to stray from it. Only when I am in a bad mood do I watch certain shows. So when I look at the drama that is reality shows at time it makes you wonder. Why do these shows do so well, but a show about a prosperous family tend to not go that far.

But most of all, whose life that is on track would want to see so much negativity. Is there something in the person/people watching that makes them feel good knowing others have problems like themselves. Because me, I don’t want to see people with my problems. I want to see people doing better, or have been in my position doing better in life; it’s motivating.

the greatest show on earth

People love the circus. Even though it’s suppose to be for the kids, adults love it as well. Because kids want to see tricks, but adults want to see the animals lose control and stampede. Not necessarily because they want destruction. We all want to witness the greatest show on Earth. It’s just that the greatest show is subjective depending on whose watching the show.

So maybe it’s not that someone is in a funk and revel in the bad stuff on television. Maybe we as humans have a ways to go through the evolutionary chain.

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