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“Book an appointment.”

get in the office

How often do you go in for a doctor’s visit? I can tell you from me personally, I routinely go in to get myself checked. But, as for mental health, I have not been in a doctor’s office in quite some time. I just don’t feel the need to enter the mental health office because I have discomfort and I also figured out a way to cope. As for physical health, there is no way to not visit the office and feel like everything is just going to be fine. You have to go into the office and make sure things are right even if you feel great. I received my health insurance for the first time in years, and so far went about four times last year.So my question to you, how often do you checkup on your health?

the mental

For some reason we seem to not think about mental as we talk about health. But the mental aspect of health is directly connected to the physical. Since our brain is the central nervous system of our bodies, the thoughts that go through our minds is very crucial to our survival. Yet you would be surprised how much people would just flat out dismiss the idea that there is something mentally wrong with them. No one wants someone picking away at their brain, but we could all use some form of help at some period in our lives. Because this health should come before physical.

routine visits

How often do you go to the doctor’s office? Twice a year or once a month? Ok, maybe once a month is a little much. But you have to pick a time to go that works for you. Go in and get yourself a visit to make sure everything is up to par. And most don’t want to visit a doctor because we are afraid they might find something we don’t want to know about. But what is minor that we are afraid of turns into something major. You have to get out of that fear of being scared. Yes, we all will die some day, and that fear is constant. No one wants to go too soon, but never linger on Earth. So it’s that back and forth and fear that keeps us from going. But please people, get yourself checked.

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