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“Being us means a lot of work.”

Be courteous, open car doors, pull out the chair, hold the umbrella when it’s raining. Basic expectations from women to men in society when dating us. But does the job of being a man ever get to be too tough. Especially in today’s society where tangibles have taken the place of so many intangible expectations. Yet, is it all bad because shouldn’t women choose the best potential candidate. But let’s not confuse the best with just monetary. Are there any expectations that women don’t understand about being a man in this world? Because they always say it’s not about the finances, but finances could be a reason why the relationship ultimately ends.

You see, since childhood, boys are raised to be providers. We’re raised that real manhood extends itself to being law abiding productive members of society. We are supposed to go to school, get out of school, attain a good job, and then meet a good woman. But when we are unable to attain a job, then meeting that woman takes a back seat. Even though making money is not all of it, there are still financial expectations that must be met. So until we get on our feet, then we tend to prolong the dating experience. But should we always prolong the experience because of money alone? What if you have more to offer?

You may have more to offer, but it is still not enough. See, it’s one reason why I have decided not to date. I am not introducing a woman into my life until I am in a place I want to be. And with what I am pursuing, there are no guarantees. But is expectations from us as men really all about dating, what about employment? Are there separate expectations for men than women? And the answer is yes we do, we are expected to rise to a certain height. The excuses are a lot less tolerated from men than women. If anything, women themselves typically overcompensate because they’re expected to be meek and mild.

In the end, being a man is not as easy as you would think. The men who have it easy are not that prevalent. Yes, if you are blessed with hitting the genetic lottery and look a certain way. Or if you possibly have a cognitive ability that most don’t, then life can be a easier. And that’s manhood, you either work to fit into the social construct or wind-up ostracized. 

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