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“Who shall I listen to?”


When earning a living, we have all these questions regarding what to do with money as you make it. And the reply to that is, be mindful of the advice one gives to you. Because in this society we have all these advisers financially, but few who actually know what they are talking about. And one big mistake at times is listening to the people around you. Your friends and family are not always the best candidates to go to for advice. They give you advice based on what they think they know about money. These are not the expert advisers when dealing with monetary concerns a lot of times.

don’t just hear what you want

In the event that you do get some good advice we as people have been known to not adhere because we want to hear the advice that we want to hear. Then the best thing is to not ask someone for their input. Because if what you wanted to hear was right then why are you reaching out for advice. The job of an adviser is not to align themselves with your thought process. Or nurture what you believe to be true with some sort of validation. They give it to you straight and it is what it is. And if you want that ego boost, then go to your family and friends. They will give you the seeds for ego growth.

beware of false prophets

Now, be cautious, everyone with a suit and a tie are not your friends. It’s like the old saying, “If it’s too good to be true, then usually it is.” They promise you all these hopes and dreams with these big pay outs, but then they are not telling you that this is just not how money is made. There is either some fraudulent scheme you’re in, or you’re going to lose your money in this big investment. So know what it is you’re doing because investing in these guys, an you’ll lose money faster than listening to friends and family.

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“Put it away for later.”

a penny today, a dollar tomorrow

Growing up, my mother always saved her money. And not because she made a lot and wanted to have as a rainy day fund. She did so just because she wanted us to see that there must be something you keep away just in case something happens; anything. You never want to be caught out there with no means of survival. So what do you do, you save your money in the bank and use only the checking account. Let’s assume you have other obligations, how can you save money with this in mind?

i want that

The problem when you are young is that you want everything, but you cannot afford everything. And when faced with an issue of going out and spending versus savings, we tend to spend. We get the idea that in our minds, we must have something that actually provides us with no immediate use at first. We want to fit into the group and be accepted by their peers.But it just never dawns on you that you’re heading for a world of trouble by listening to your peers.

out of fear

When you see people around you falling off financially, then you can understand that their is some to be said about holding on to your money. We get up every morning and take for granted that something will be there everyday. You have to learn to establish a fund for making your income. Something that will serve as a means to aid in case of a job loss, or even starting capital for buying a house.

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“How do I get it?”

from the bottom

Coming from a poor background, how does one go about making money in life? Or better yet, how does one set up their life so they can build what they want and sustain themselves in society financially? Because when you come from a poor background, you really don’t have a clue what it means to have money or make it. You have all these ideas as to how to make money. But there aren’t people around to show you the ropes. I know for me growing up, I came from a poor family and community. People’s views of making money is either struggle with no light at the end of the tunnel, or criminality as a means of getting by.

don’t pass of a good mentor

We look around for all these resources for trying to earn in society. But we always fail to utilize the people that are the closest to us. The ones who have went off to make themselves successful and now they can provide you with proper guidance. Now you have to put in a lot work yourself just to get their attention. But it should become a fluid relationship. Don’t come to them with nothing and don’t look for them to sit down and consistently show you things. Because then again, they have their own business to tend to as well. So learn not to be a pest when reaching out for help.

read and learn, really

People really know how to pass on the best way to make money in America. And that is good old fashion learning for yourself. Maybe 40 or 50 years ago you didn’t have many resources. Now there is enough information to put yourself in the know. The problem is that outside of people’s daily jobs, they don’t really put themselves in the know with the information out here. They simply live their lives and exist. Now, I can’t say that people have boring lives, some just haven’t found the thing they are truly good at in life. And problem is, most will never find that thing. But when you do find that thing, focus on it. Read and learn as much as possible. Because to make money and sustain you much have a base of knowledge.

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“Do what’s needed first, then focus on your wants.”

who taught you how

Growing up, we all are raised with a set of morals and principles. And those are going to guide us through life. But what happens when your views on finances, being one of those morals, puts you in a very binding position because you were never taught basics of money? When I was young, I would watch my mother receive her check and go straight to the bank. She would take out money for the rent, then food, then make sure we had our personals. And if we had something leftover, maybe you got something nice at the store. She prioritized with the things we needed first, then the things we wanted, no questions asked.

from one class to another

If you happen to find yourself out of one class into another at a higher level, then you know you have to change. And generally, changing your socioeconomic class means changing your mind-frame anyways. If you think poor, you can’t make money. And a lot of people don’t want to hear that their mind-frame is derived from an impoverished situation. But it truly is, they just can’t see it. If all you know is this current state, then you can’t move past that point. Shifting the thought process to open your mind to new opportunities you will arrive at your destination eventually.

i want to change

Do you genuinely want to do better, or is it something you just say to make yourself feel good? We want to look at life in that manner of fixing your things in life that are needs and dumping the excess wants. But let’s be honest, who truly buys what they need first. A lot of people buy out of need, when in reality it’s a want. And their priorities are out of wack, with their lives hanging in the balance. And they don’t realize it until it’s far too late.

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“Have you made it yet?”

get it how you get it

We all have this idea of what it means to start really making money. Some of us might look at $75,000 per year as getting money, others might say $500,000 a year is a lot. Then you have the few chosen people who say they would like to make $10 million per year is making a lot. And you know what, you would all be right. Because money is subjective, depending on who says money is what. But is there really a definitive amount of money which ones makes where you’ve made it. Because I have a definition for making it in America. That is the amount of money you make working, knowing that if you lost or left your job tomorrow you could survive for a lengthy period of time, typically months, and be fine without worry. Meaning, let’s say you lost your job tomorrow and was out of work for 6 months, do you make enough to save for anticipation of a six month leave?

buying goods and services

Can you measure how much you’ve made it by the things you’re able to afford? Because if you have enough money to buy a Rolls Royce, most people would say that you have arrived. But have you really made it based on the things you buy. You have billionaires who spend less than millionaires spend. But the billionaires have more, what does buying things have to do with it?Let’s say for a second that buying goods and services mean you have made it. Then with that said if you grew wanting certain things you could afford, then says you have arrived. You have made it to the point where your life is where you want it to be. Is there another measure of making it in America?

cash flow with a grin

What about making it based on your happiness through income. We have all heard money doesn’t bring happiness, but what about reaching at least a certain point. Money isn’t everything, but dough is important. But how important is money? There have been studies that have said that a person’s happiness changes little after making $60,000 to $70,000 in a year. Makes sense considering very little cost over that amount of money each year. So if two people are in a relationship making that much each, that’s a lot less problems to worry about in the household. And we all know finances is a major reason for breakups.

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“To own small or pay big.”

getting a car

When making the decision to purchase a car, this is a financial decision that must take time. Should I buy a used car outright? Or, should I have car payments over time? And to me, it makes sense to own one outright so you don’t have the financial burden. But to others, they would like a newer car with payments each month. Now, you might say to me, what about the car troubles you tend to have with a used vehicle. And that is true because you will have more troubles with a used than a newer one. And the newer one can be resold for more than the used one. The used one might have to go to a junk yard when it’s all said and done. Yet, which is the better financial decision?

get it on the cheap

The reason you might buy a used vehicle is because it gives you the ability to outright own your car without the payments. And even if it starts to give you problems, you spend less money repairing then buying new. Buying a $3,000 then putting into it another $2,000 fore repairs is worth it rather than making payments on one that cost $40,000. Because in the end, you will pay Blue Sedan on Snow at Daytimemore than the $40,000 car. And by the time you’re done paying it off, it will be outdated. Money you save from buying the cheaper car, you can save. And by the time the person is done paying off their expensive car, you will have saved enough money for the newer car outright. But there are the benefits of owning that new car.

fresh off the lot

Something that is new, is not only ecstatically pleasing, but you also have less wear and tear that comes with the old car. Buying that new car, you have no mileage, besides the extremely low mileage that comes with the dealership having to move it around on the lot. It’s an investment that typically last longer and presents less of a problem than buying the used vehicle. And a plus for the newer car is that once you are done with it, there is higher trade in value for a better car. You’re never going to get full value, but you will get more than the car that is twice the age.

know what you can afford

America is a nation where we like to run out and buy new things without even thinking what we can afford. We get that $75,000 a year job, and then think, “Hey, why not buy the new car for $40,000. That is thee craziest idea you could come conjure up. You never buy a car that much money, especially if it’s half your household before tax income. You should buy things like cars that Woman Sitting on Car Under Gray Skyhave no value at a lower price. Homes are the only investments you make that are for spending a little more. Otherwise, you’ll have different bills overt the course of a month that are quite unnecessary.

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“When you’re the trader.”

you be the broker

For the greater part of the history of the New York Stock Exchange, you needed a broker for trading stocks. Now the average Joe that wants to invest can play the market. And they don’t have to worry about going through the broker process. How does this change the game for a small time trader? Someone like me, who would like to invest one day, but don’t want to go through the traditional process. Having this virtual ability at your fingertips allows you to have more control over what you buy and sell.

enter slowly

When you are a beginning investor, it may not be the best route for you to go through the digital means of investing. Because for really don’t understand how to read the tickers and might need an actual person to assist you. Or, if you don’t need a real broker, you might have to have someone close to you to show you the ropes. You don’t want to jump all in on something that is very foreign to you. You could find yourself losing more time and money than you could have ever imagined. Let someone with the years of experience aid you in the process as you go along.

seasoned and winning

When you are one of these people who really know what you’re doing, then you’re going to have a ball being in control. You are going to be able to capitalize in a way no one else has been able to because you’re in the know. And it’s because of being in the know you will win once you fully understand this process of digital investing.

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“How to take time and patients.”

what is money

Money is the tangible and intangible form of payment for a good or a service. And how does money work, meaning, the transferring of money from hands to hands and its impact on our lives. This is when you have to start to realize what yours do for you. What does your money do for you? And, how does your money work on a daily basis? You would be surprised how many people don’t know the answer to these questions. They look at you and say, “What do mean how it works?” Well, basically, what I am saying is when you work however many hours in a day adding up to a certain amount based off of your hourly wage, what are your needs to be fulfilled before wants?

my circulation

You work 30 hours in a week, for $20 per hour, that’s $600. Let’s assume that the government takes 20%, leaving you with $480 after taxes. Now you have to look at that and say to yourself, assuming you make that per week for a month, $1,520 for the month. What the hell do I do with it? Well, let’s assume you leave in a cheaper city or town where rent is $600 and then factor in utilities, food, transportation, and personals. Now you’re down to about $300 to $400 left. What you do with that leftover money says a lot about how much you know your circulation of dollars. Are you making now decisions (clothes, leisure, etc.) or later decisions (stocks, bonds, etc.)? Most people think that leftover money is for spending after your bills are met. They know how their money work, but don’t understand what it could do for them. But most of all, they are assuming it will keep coming.

making it means ___________

Here is where the real topic of today comes into play, how do you harness a skill to make money? See, earning a wage is not necessarily harnessing a skill to earn money. Having a much needed skill that earns you a living means something a little more specialized. Because working at McDonald’s is earning a living, but it is not a skill that can be translated into something more a lot of times. For me, learning photography and writing, that means I am harnessing a skill that takes a lot of learning and time. But it also means sacrificing now, by purchasing equipment that won’t mean money now, hopefully, key word, hopefully later. Now that you have the skill, do you have marketing and advertising skills to put yourself in position.

mental game

Opening your mind to all the opportunities to harness a skill then to go off and make an income means focus. And I don’t mean focus like reading a book. I mean, like me for example, where I will walk the streets and my eyes immediately zoom in on a specific area and then I take a picture. That is how my photography comes along, and I am starting to even get a feel for how it should look in portrait, landscape, standard as well as color adjustments in camera. That technical know how means taking a lot of photos and editing as well. So when you are in the process of doing, the mind makes sense of the world around you to bring things together. But if you are not doing, you will struggle. Then again, you also need to have a skillful eye that takes time as well.

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“Use their money or your money.”

financing dreams

Since moving to New York City, I have been pursuing my career endeavors which include screenwriting, photography, books, and soon podcasting. But with me so focused on working a day job as well, how should I finance so many goals? Better yet, who should I get to finance goals? And that is when you find yourself in a strange situation. And I say strange because when someone else finances your work there is voice you tend to lose. And not only the voice but the initial equity in your work gets lost to them. They are the ones sacrificing the income. So you have to build your money before doing it yourself. It’s like my short films, I raised that capital.

your money

You will take it a lot more serious when it is your time and money being put up. You’re not going to be playing games because you’re taking from your own immediate daily life to fund something else. So if you are not taking this serious, you are wasting a lot of precious resources. ¬†And you are on your own time as well and not on someone else’s watch. They will be constantly reaching out to you about the progress of your project or as they’ll say, “tracking their investment.” But what can you say, it’s their money. But not all outside investments are bad.

their money

Some of the biggest known companies started out as firms that were first invested in by people other than themselves. Sean Parker and Peter Thiel gave an initial investment to Facebook in the beginning of its start. And it has grown to be one of the biggest companies and largest social media platforms. Receiving an investment from outside will also give you time to focus on the business end since being given this investment. You are able to focus so that those who did give money can see their investment is growing. And another side note when using money that is not your own, your business if in the event it needs to shut its doors, there is less hassle than the loan you may take from the bank.

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Person Holding Coins

“Where do I start?”

from the bottom

For those of us who grew up poor, once you decide to embark on a journey in your career, you have to think about something. How you will invest your money once you start making good money. Because when you come from the bottom you really don’t quit understand what it means to save or invest your money. You have an idea of what it takes to invest money, but you don’t know. Yes, there is always the stock exchange, but other than that, nothing else really. And even if you get into the exchange, it’s best to invest money a little at a time.

read and learn

You have to read a lot of books and conduct a lot of research. This is no guarantee you’ll know what you’re talking about, but it will allow you to get a chance to start understanding how to develop an eye for a good investment. Now, from time to time you could be wrong, but remember if you have any doubt hold off. It’s better to miss out on an opportunity than to invest and you’re no sure on where to put your money or how to place your money.

taking l’s is not the end

No one wants to lose especially when it comes to money. We all want to be the Peter Thiel who can grab hold of great investments in their investing career. But that is not the case for. most people. But rest assured, I’m sure Thiel has taken some hits over the years. You can’t become a billionaire and not lose at some point in time. Just as long as the loses that you take are not greater than the wins. Meaning, you can easily lose 9 times at an value of $100 each. But if you hit $1,000 on that 10th try, you are now up $100. And that’s hoe it works, but you have to be willing to stick in there for the long haul.

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“Mouths to feed can wear on you.”


Are you someone who people truly depend on to get things done? Wait a minute, that’s way too vague and broad. Are you a major bread winner that other people depend on for finances as a means of survival? That sounds more like it. And if you are one of these people, is this a good thing? Should you be taking care of everyone? Who are the types of people you should care for in your life? Not everyone should be receiving your help. And if they are getting help from you, all help is not in the form of money. Because a lot of times, you do more giving people good advice than money. Because without the right guidance, no amount of money will fix them.

parents in age

Let’s assume for a second your parents or one parent gets sick. This is a moment where it is necessary to care for someone else outside of yourself. This is where your finances need to really be up to par because you are caring for an elder or someone sick. This can be rather expensive, so making sure appropriate paperwork is in order means a lot. But like I said earlier this is something that is necessary. But are there others you care for that are not elders or sick? And the answer is yes, there are people we typically care for who are not elders.

able bodied family

Be careful how you help friends and family. Because giving them things, especially money may be the start to something more sinister. You have to make adults get up on their own and pursue their own endeavors. When they don’t have to do so, and you were to find yourself in straits who is there to assist you? But more so, it is not up to you to make sure adults care themselves because they lack your skill or talent, or have not prepared for the world. But I will caution you. Know what you are getting yourself in to because you can have a burden over yourself to were not prepared to deal with in life.

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Person Holding Debit Card

“Why go broke when you don’t have to?”

why we spend

We all love to shop til we drop. But when it comes to having money and retaining the money, we all have a hard time doing so. And that’s why I chose to discuss the idea of all of us spending less than we actually have in the bank. And the reason for this is that you don’t want to live beyond your means. As a matter of fact, you don’t want to buy anything toward the top of your budget. When you purchase something it should always be in context of the percentage of something you brought home. So if you make $40,000 per year, your car should be 7-10% of what you make in a year. But try explaining to someone that they should spend $2,800 to $4,000 on a car.

rainy day, better yet a hail storm

We have heard the phrase when it rains it pours. And that is this notion that when something bad happens it all falls down by the waist side. Sometimes the waist side is still too high for how bad things can get in life. So you want to have enough money saved up just in case something bad does happen. Never know what may transpire, so you want to give yourself some wiggle room. If you are living above what you make, then you will find yourself in a world of trouble if that time comes. And I don’t care if you make $75,000, live like you only make $30,000 to $40,000. You will be shocked by how much you save.

get out of your head

Remember I said prior that you want to spend less than what you make. People hear that they are about to make $100,000 in a year and go out and get a new car. Then they try to buy a condo, and vacation, and shop, and this and that. But what they should really be thinking is how can I save the most for when I need it. Doesn’t hurt to enjoy, but what you have to be thinking is long term. Especially if you are someone with children to support. You have to think about their futures in addition to your own. So spend wisely and cross the next few bridges even if they are there just in case something comes up.

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