Lunch table

“Eat it all.

stuffing yourself

I remember growing up and going out to eat at buffet style restaurants. They were the best places to take a family because it was easy to afford. But the problem with the buffet is that people don’t eat because they are hungry. They eat to get full, which is not the best way to be all the time. You should be eating when you are hungry, and then stop once you are no longer hungry. We are taught since childhood to finish your plate. But that is not always the best way. Finishing your plate might be overeating for some people. So what really is the best way to eat a meal.

internal erosion

Trying to eat everything until you’re filled can cause long term effects on the body. You don’t just gorge throughout your life because your body internally will start to show from years of abuse. Like for example, your stomach will start developing problems making it harder to digest food. You will also see other problems with digestion: intestines, pancreas, liver, kidneys, and gallbladder. Not to mention diseases linked to your consumption such as heart disease, diabetes, and types of cancers. Because there is nothing wrong with food, but eating until you develop illnesses, then yes, that’s a problem.

being an example

For those of you out there with children, they will mirror what you do. So when mom and dad fill their faces with food, guess who will follow suit. And because they have the genetics of both parents, you better hope mom and dad are not on the heavy side. Otherwise now you’re talking health effects passed to the kid. This is why teaching them to fill their stomachs until you can’t fit anymore is such a bad idea.So eat, but remember when you feel like you’ve had enough, let that be it. Because you’re only given one body, take care of it.

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