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“We think it helps but it does more damage.”


When raising children, parents do everything in their power to make sure that child/children is taken care of; if they’re responsible. And sometimes this goes overboard to the extent of not showing and preparing them for the real world. And we starting to see that now in a generation of young people.The whole every kid gets a trophy; this something for nothing mentality.

And what it does is not set up a child for success, but sets them up for heartache and pain. Because you have to learn to lose early on in life so you can be ready for the real hardships down the line. And I don’t see cuddling them and shielding them as a means of aiding them in life. So why am I bringing up this particular topic in our cultural month.

teens take the NRA

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Then photo above is of the young female leading the protest against gun violence, Emma Gonzalez. Emma is a student at Parkland High School, a school in Florida where a former student came in with an AR-15 rifle and shot and killed former classmates. Her as well as countless other young teens are challenging the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Only problem is that when you are 17 years old you don’t quite understand certain aspects of a civilization until you reach a certain age. There is an emotional piece and a rational piece to what is being protested. The emotional is the anger toward the gun violence, while the logical is to say lose guns is saying end drug use, it goes deeper than that when you understand the human psyche and us as a species.

So what does this have to do with culture of parenting, a lot. Because besides the kid who shot up the school, we need to also explain as parents the rational side of the death penalty, guns, law enforcement. And sometimes we don’t because we don’t want to expose them to the dangers of life to soon. But that is something we must do. Sure parents march with them, then retrn to work and normal Monday morning. It’s fine to march, but it must be also met with rationale of the real world.

whose to explain

So overall, you as the parent must explain. It’s tough because you don’t want to frighten them, but this is the real world. It’s an imperfect world, but the only world we have, so explain. Explain with emotion, and with logic so they know and understand how to tackle issues without losing all logic, but still retain enough emotion to connect to people.

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