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“Where do I work?”

our new world

In this America we are currently living in, we are rapidly being inundated with the constant barrage of tech influence. No matter if it’s cameras everywhere capturing everyday activity, or machines replacing people. We all have to admit that manpower is something of the past. Eventually the world will get a point and stop growing, then there has to be some form of population decline. There will be eventually too many people and not enough resources. We always think of the government forcing people into a position. But people will start to make their own personal decision to not have children because of cost. And with jobs going more in more digital in developed countries, where do that leave us because we are changing quicker than developing countries.

how do we cope

Watching what is transpiring in front of us with regards to technology, what are we to do. Because now that we are seeing all the opportunities, we are not going back. How do you convince a generation of the combine to go back to mule pulling. Yes, we would love to believe the president of the United States stating that it’s illegal immigration. But in reality, tech spaces are moving people out of the job market. So in an effort to try to cope with the changing times, some people try to learn as much as possible to get in the game. Others will complain, but it does no good because what is meant to be will be.

next generation us

As far as the generation that will proceed my age group, I wonder will they ever get to the point where they are saying the same thing we are saying today about jobs and technology. And the answer is yes, there will always be a generation that cannot connect to what is going on in the world at the moment. You just look at the way the world is going and disconnect. What it does is makes life harder on you. So to avoid being left behind you have to always innovate.

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“We freely give it anyways.”

free thinking

As someone that is living during this social media craze where we put so much of our lives out for public display, will our minds be able to be replicated one day? Meaning, what if someone very intelligent dies one day, and we want that knowledge passed on so that it continues. This way we can have the greatest of the person without them here on Earth. Now, the only problem is that the human is given the conscious mind to make decisions. But if there was a way to hijack the human conscious, then that person could possibly be around forever. But still, how could something like be pulled off in the future?

free information

We share so much in today’s society, there will be a trail of information into our thoughts forever. Now, the things we say and write down are just an example a lot of times how we feel in the moment. But, you can look over time at everything this person has said that is recorded. Then you can come to a consensus as to how this person’s mind could be replicated. Now, the majority of people on Earth are not interesting enough to be hacked mentally. This procedure would be for the Stephen Hawking of the world. These are the people that will benefit our society to most. Sorry, a construction worker or garbage truck driver won’t be useful. Or maybe they will.

some things can’t be done

The main reason replicating someone would be tough is because not everyone shares their thoughts publicly. And I said before that some commoner is not useful. But they really could be, we just don’t know that they are intelligent. Some people don’t have the confidence to pursue being great in this world. They just live and die, and some janitor this whole time had the secret to breaking the speed of light. Or some homeless guy is sleeping in the street with the capabilities to time travel. So being able to replicate minds will be for the ones who stepping into society with confidence and intellect. So in other words you are maintaining not the smartest minds ever, but the smartest minds that showcased their intellect to the world while they were alive.

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“Where do go?”

if it died

At the age of 30, I am still old enough to know how you had to go to the library to research information. Teachers didn’t quite trust computers yet and wanted bibliographies from off the web. Now, you have no other choice but to use the internet. Yes, you have to site your sources and make sure that the source is truthful. But nonetheless, things have changed over time. So much so that public libraries are at risk of closing throughout the country. And the scary thing is, what would happen if the major search engine Google were to go under.

where do we go

Where do we go for information if a search engine like Google collapsed? Because like I said before, libraries are something of the past. And with no alternative, then we would have to actually rely on ordering books off the web and researching that way. Now, that is a pretty expensive feat, so for those who have less money what would happen? Well, the problem would be you are locked out of information. Since information is becoming more and more centralized, the threat of so much being lost is scary. Now that doesn’t mean information doesn’t exist without Google. But we have relied in recent years on search engines, that it would be a major setback. Especially for a generation who don’t remember a time when you had to seek out information in libraries.


Never fear, there are always and will always be someone there to fill that void. Google is not the first to provide people with mass information and they definitely won’t be the last. You’ll just have to take out more time to find other means of finding information. It’s just that Google has been so convenient for so many people. But never fear we still have other search engines, video based content, but most importantly there is the Library of Congress. So nothing major will be lost, just work a little harder.

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“Type, type, pop up later.”

how they target

Ever been on the internet, going through a loop, looking at random things. Well, better yet, have you been on the internet consistently looking at the same items. Then you forget about what you were looking at, and next thing you know, the items you had always been looking at appear in the margins of the screen. They appear because you have been scrolling for so long. Marketers pay very close attention to this because everything is connected to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And connected because people elect to sign into their accounts using their social media in multiple locations. Now there is an open access into your life.

where is it all going

What happens when you don’t buy something? Is all this information kept on file for days, months, years? In reality it is kept for as long as organizations want to keep it. And after a while they dump the information. This all serves a purpose in case you break the law. Then there is a trail of all the things you used to look up. But most people don’t break the law where information sought after. We have no clue really what is being done with our information after searching and searching. But what if the information can be accessed by someone more important. Individuals such as your employers.

from marketers to the workplace

Sounds crazy, and very invasive, but what is stopping your employers from knowing your key strokes. Are there any laws that will stop them from doing such a thing. Now there are laws. But what will happen in the future? Employers reaching out to marketers who are known to patronize Facebook and Instagram. Then these companies that hire can pull up information on what the potential person they are hiring have been searching. This way they can see what their potential hire does with their spare time. This is even worse then Facebook selling people’s information without knowledge. But it’s not far-fetched to think employers would go to these lengths. Now, I don’t see it ever happening, but what we don’t know can hurt us.

reality is

The main reason marketers want your information is to sell you products. Giving your information to employers can be too much of a legal risk for them and the employer. And the vast majority of people don’t commit crimes. So dealing with the government is not much of an option either. For now, it’s all about dollars; and information is big money.

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“What is going on?”

government testing

For decades the United States government have been testing at the site known as Area 51. This restrictive area has landed countless people in police protection. And what I want to know is, what is in Area 51 really? I know the Air Force is the main focus, but are there areas designated to just Air Force and other area connected to R&D for other means of business. Maybe this site also serves as high level technology that the government really want to focus on that could effect the future of the country. This would also explain the reason the area is so restrictive.

we are not ready

The government knows that Americans are not ready for new products to hit the market. Or better yet, we are not ready for changes to our lives that will transpire as a result of the new technology. We would like to think we’re ready, but we can barely be trusted with the current technology. So we are slowly given little bits here and there so that we are not unaware with the mental overload.

let’s be first

What happens when the consumer using product is smarter than the regulators. That means that the people got the jump on our officials. That is rare, and when it happens the government freaks out. But ultimately, the government is not really working on anything preparing us. They are working on military projects.

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“Comfort in our enslavement.”

type type send

With the advent of technological breakthroughs over the recent decades, we have seen a sharp increase in people finding themselves more and more in trouble. And the reason for the trouble is because whenever anything new hits the market we are all too eager to be apart of the change. So we race to be first, but little do we know, we are setting ourselves up. Setting ourselves up for the downsides that come with using the new technology. Those downsides in today’s society being that everyone can see your dirty laundry the moment you type send. And that is something we never think about. We have a thought, type it out and hit send. Little do we know it comes back to us in the form of backlash.

why we type

You would think in a climate where everyone is getting into trouble the things they say, we would be more careful. But still, stories come out where someone writes something, it gets screen grabbed and next thing you know, the story makes headline news. But why do we blindly type, not realizing there could be negative attacks on the other side. For starters, we know there are countless others who feel the same way. So we are the ones brave enough to actually speak our minds. Yet the main reason we do so is because of emotions. Social media has given us a really good insight into not just the person, but the “emotional” of humanity. We are witnessing in real time the psychological breakdown of the emotions we usually act out in the mind getting placed on screen for the world to see. And we all do it, yet we get a kick out of others in trouble. Which is a psychological study in itself.

trial run

What you are witnessing in society is the trial period of the beginning stages of using technology. In time, we will learn and get better, but for now, this is all new. We have never been so connected as we are in America right now. We can click send in New York City and someone living in Boise, Idaho or Hong Kong can read my message. So we are the genie pigs for what will be a more connected and understanding human later on in time. With this new connecting, we have to get all the kinks out first. Then people will learn how to maneuver around the controversy so as to not get into trouble.

we love enslavement

Will we ever get better, and sadly, we may never. Yes, I said previously that once we get the kinks out the way we get better. Only problem is that we get better in one area, then becomes slave in another. Because there are is something about vulnerability we as humans are addicted to. Our credit card get stolen we don’t get rid of our credit cards, we just get another card. We online shop and our information is stolen. We don’t stop online shopping, we just find another online store. So that constant vulnerability is the reason people will continue to get into trouble typing and hitting send.

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“Everything that glitter ain’t gold.”

when is too real

As the technology becomes more and more advanced, we are seeing products come to market that has me thinking twice. And one of these innovations is AR (augmented reality). Augmented reality for those unaware is an interactive real world experience computer generated. You are the person able to interpret the real world scenario you are witnessing, but no one else. The opportunities are endless when using AR, but there is a downside to the introduction of AR. And the distraction is the downside that comes with the technology. When we as society become too enamored with the fictitious world we have created for ourselves and the one we actually live.

context of use

Remember I said that the opportunities are endless. When looking at the medical industry, we have to acknowledge the ability to pull up the patients anatomy in this augmented reality. And the use of certain x-ray machines are no longer necessary. You can literally pinpoint the problem and show the patient in real time. But the downside of the AR capabilities are people using them daily life walking up the street. This is where it becomes problematic. You have to be able to look at this from a space of context. As long as it’s in the right hands.

new industries popping up

Even with the obstacles presented there is still life. We have an ability for new industries to start popping up. Ways that we never thought we could make an income will soon become popular. So ultimately, the introduction of AR will be beneficial. We have to work out all the kinks, and then we will learn to use the devices. Remember, people felt this same way about cell phones. And with the accidents that do occur, we still have a very thriving society.

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