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“What is going on?”

government testing

For decades the United States government have been testing at the site known as Area 51. This restrictive area has landed countless people in police protection. And what I want to know is, what is in Area 51 really? I know the Air Force is the main focus, but are there areas designated to just Air Force and other area connected to R&D for other means of business. Maybe this site also serves as high level technology that the government really want to focus on that could effect the future of the country. This would also explain the reason the area is so restrictive.

we are not ready

The government knows that Americans are not ready for new products to hit the market. Or better yet, we are not ready for changes to our lives that will transpire as a result of the new technology. We would like to think we’re ready, but we can barely be trusted with the current technology. So we are slowly given little bits here and there so that we are not unaware with the mental overload.

let’s be first

What happens when the consumer using product is smarter than the regulators. That means that the people got the jump on our officials. That is rare, and when it happens the government freaks out. But ultimately, the government is not really working on anything preparing us. They are working on military projects.

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