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“We freely give it anyways.”

free thinking

As someone that is living during this social media craze where we put so much of our lives out for public display, will our minds be able to be replicated one day? Meaning, what if someone very intelligent dies one day, and we want that knowledge passed on so that it continues. This way we can have the greatest of the person without them here on Earth. Now, the only problem is that the human is given the conscious mind to make decisions. But if there was a way to hijack the human conscious, then that person could possibly be around forever. But still, how could something like be pulled off in the future?

free information

We share so much in today’s society, there will be a trail of information into our thoughts forever. Now, the things we say and write down are just an example a lot of times how we feel in the moment. But, you can look over time at everything this person has said that is recorded. Then you can come to a consensus as to how this person’s mind could be replicated. Now, the majority of people on Earth are not interesting enough to be hacked mentally. This procedure would be for the Stephen Hawking of the world. These are the people that will benefit our society to most. Sorry, a construction worker or garbage truck driver won’t be useful. Or maybe they will.

some things can’t be done

The main reason replicating someone would be tough is because not everyone shares their thoughts publicly. And I said before that some commoner is not useful. But they really could be, we just don’t know that they are intelligent. Some people don’t have the confidence to pursue being great in this world. They just live and die, and some janitor this whole time had the secret to breaking the speed of light. Or some homeless guy is sleeping in the street with the capabilities to time travel. So being able to replicate minds will be for the ones who stepping into society with confidence and intellect. So in other words you are maintaining not the smartest minds ever, but the smartest minds that showcased their intellect to the world while they were alive.

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