Blue Screen of Death in Silver Black Laptop

“Where do I work?”

our new world

In this America we are currently living in, we are rapidly being inundated with the constant barrage of tech influence. No matter if it’s cameras everywhere capturing everyday activity, or machines replacing people. We all have to admit that manpower is something of the past. Eventually the world will get a point and stop growing, then there has to be some form of population decline. There will be eventually too many people and not enough resources. We always think of the government forcing people into a position. But people will start to make their own personal decision to not have children because of cost. And with jobs going more in more digital in developed countries, where do that leave us because we are changing quicker than developing countries.

how do we cope

Watching what is transpiring in front of us with regards to technology, what are we to do. Because now that we are seeing all the opportunities, we are not going back. How do you convince a generation of the combine to go back to mule pulling. Yes, we would love to believe the president of the United States stating that it’s illegal immigration. But in reality, tech spaces are moving people out of the job market. So in an effort to try to cope with the changing times, some people try to learn as much as possible to get in the game. Others will complain, but it does no good because what is meant to be will be.

next generation us

As far as the generation that will proceed my age group, I wonder will they ever get to the point where they are saying the same thing we are saying today about jobs and technology. And the answer is yes, there will always be a generation that cannot connect to what is going on in the world at the moment. You just look at the way the world is going and disconnect. What it does is makes life harder on you. So to avoid being left behind you have to always innovate.

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