Person Sitting Inside Car With Black Android Smartphone Turned on

“Comfort in our enslavement.”

type type send

With the advent of technological breakthroughs over the recent decades, we have seen a sharp increase in people finding themselves more and more in trouble. And the reason for the trouble is because whenever anything new hits the market we are all too eager to be apart of the change. So we race to be first, but little do we know, we are setting ourselves up. Setting ourselves up for the downsides that come with using the new technology. Those downsides in today’s society being that everyone can see your dirty laundry the moment you type send. And that is something we never think about. We have a thought, type it out and hit send. Little do we know it comes back to us in the form of backlash.

why we type

You would think in a climate where everyone is getting into trouble the things they say, we would be more careful. But still, stories come out where someone writes something, it gets screen grabbed and next thing you know, the story makes headline news. But why do we blindly type, not realizing there could be negative attacks on the other side. For starters, we know there are countless others who feel the same way. So we are the ones brave enough to actually speak our minds. Yet the main reason we do so is because of emotions. Social media has given us a really good insight into not just the person, but the “emotional” of humanity. We are witnessing in real time the psychological breakdown of the emotions we usually act out in the mind getting placed on screen for the world to see. And we all do it, yet we get a kick out of others in trouble. Which is a psychological study in itself.

trial run

What you are witnessing in society is the trial period of the beginning stages of using technology. In time, we will learn and get better, but for now, this is all new. We have never been so connected as we are in America right now. We can click send in New York City and someone living in Boise, Idaho or Hong Kong can read my message. So we are the genie pigs for what will be a more connected and understanding human later on in time. With this new connecting, we have to get all the kinks out first. Then people will learn how to maneuver around the controversy so as to not get into trouble.

we love enslavement

Will we ever get better, and sadly, we may never. Yes, I said previously that once we get the kinks out the way we get better. Only problem is that we get better in one area, then becomes slave in another. Because there are is something about vulnerability we as humans are addicted to. Our credit card get stolen we don’t get rid of our credit cards, we just get another card. We online shop and our information is stolen. We don’t stop online shopping, we just find another online store. So that constant vulnerability is the reason people will continue to get into trouble typing and hitting send.

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