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“Let them fail.”

a grade shouldn’t be given

I was hearing on the television where a school here in New York City was passing students through and not even really checking to see if they were qualified to graduate. And you think to yourself, is this what schools have become. We are now just pushing kids through as if someone is going to push them through success in life. But for some reason the new thing is to give kids grades for simply nothing in the world today. This whole something for nothing culture that is in schools is only going to hurt kids in the long run. What is the reason for the change? Are our children this incapable that now we have to lower the standard in order to raise their confidence?

when did it start

Playing youth sports, I remember at nd of the season we got a trophy. I never understood why because we got pushed around the whole year. So I know I lost, but why the trophy? And then I got older and looked back on times. It was the start of giving kids something for nothing. Even in school I found out about the infamous curve. The curve where if every person in the class received a low grade, then the teacher would raise the grades of people to a certain percentage. And that is when the problem starts. I don’t care if the school classroom all got bad grades, it is what it is.

life is not given

Once we have given a kid everything, then what now? The world will not give them nothing for nothing. You have to work hard for everything you get in this world. I myself am going through a weird mental hang-up in my life. It is strange to go through this time, but as a young adult who is 32 years old, I feel like sometimes lost. But that is the realities of life, you are never going to be given anything. And that is very hurtful, but you will go through these times in life. This time period is no different; and this too shall past.

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“Far too impersonal.”

at home

Parents in the past who home-schooled their children were seen as revolutionaries. But in today’s society, especially with the school shooting across the country, maybe more parents may want to consider home-schooling. But the traditional home-schooling is different than what I am thinking about. I am referring to a more remote classroom where the teacher is not physically at the school. More so, the teacher is at home, and the kid is in front of their computer at home. They communicate via web cam, and it would create a more digital means of learning. With no books and a paperless form of learning.

access to technology

When trying to create something this remote, you will need to make sure students are able to bring themselves near a computer. And not everyone has a computer, and those that do, don’t have reliable methods of learning in this new capacity. So what would happen is that those kids could see themselves, at no fault of their own, lag behind even worse than in the classroom. Because now you’re talking reliable internet access. Where even some of your best students could be negatively effected by such a move in education. Which leads into the next paragraph.

communication breakdown

As for the communication, there are a few issues that occur from the remote learning. When inside of a classroom, you are able to look into the students eyes and connect to them whereas you cant’s through a computer. But the main reason kids come to school, is where they start to develop means conflict resolution and dealing with others different themselves. You also have communication issues via the technology that will make it impossible for the teacher to do their jobs. So as for now, we will stick to the more traditional method. And that is sending your children off to school each and everyday.

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Rear View of Man Working in Office

“How do we make use of all the opportunities?”

digital learning

I have spoken about this subject in short in previous posts. And that is the introduction of digital technologies into the classrooms for learning. We have already a plethora of computers that were seen as something revolutionary in the previous decades. But now, a laptop or desktop is outdated. We are now moving into a space of AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality). Eye wear and full headsets that will incorporate a whole new way pf learning. A new way which will put the student into a gaming world literally. How will effect the current way of learning and teaching? Because as I also said before the credentials for educators will increase as well.

initials users

As with the introduction of any form of technology, the beginning will be so much fun. But then after a while it becomes the norm. The initial users for schools that are able to afford it will show an increase in grades. It will be this new impressive way to get students involved and engaged. Now, whichever schools are able to use these will most likely not be public schools unless someone donates to these institutions. But hopefully the technology that could increase leaning find its way throughout schools all over America.

all about the money

Like I said before, when schools are able to bring together the finances for the new technology that will aid in a school’s overall performance, then you’ll see a slight jump of improvement then a capping off point. But unless you have some really wealthy alumni that give, you will not see too many public schools with the capabilities for learning that is in the future to come. Someone I know was developing a headset for schools. But relative to the amount of schools out there, it’s not enough money yet to finance. I think technology is easier to bring cost down today when the technology is perfected. Bu that is the downside of bringing to life anything great. Money is not everything, but it’s very important.

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bible, black background, book

“To or not to learn.”

god in school

God in schools has been a debate for years. And the obvious reason why there is no religion in schools is because we not only all have different belief systems. But we all have our own interpretation for what God means. And when sending our children to school, we may believe the same religion that is being taught yet still do not want the schools pushing their own beliefs onto our children. So we have worked to have a separation of church and state. But are there other reasons for why we have religion removed from schools?

lifestyle gets in the way

We all have lives that may conflict with our religious beliefs. And for that reason, you cannot teach religion in schools. The instructors just like the parents of the kids have lives. And to come to school and teach God and religion, yet have their own lives that cause conflicts with religion can create an unstable environment. The bible was written during a time period totally different than the one today. So living by the book becomes virtually impossible in the world today.

whose book?

Having so many groups living in an environment can create a problem when trying to figure out what religion to practice. But even if we look at just Christianity, which is the dominant religion of America, what sect shall be practiced? Will it be Baptist, Agnostic, Pentecostal, Catholicism, Lutheranism, or Jehovah Witness viewpoint? And they all have different takes in Christianity themselves. And after them you have Islam and Judaism, who have their own sects under these headings, not to mention Atheist.. So trying to place religion in schools would cause problems, even among Christians. So for now, let’s keep the religious talks for families to deal with not schools.

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Image result for crowding SCHOOLS

“Navigating these halls can be impossible.”

school population

Walking the halls of certain high schools, you can’t help but to notice there is a major population issue with some of them. And the issue has been a problem for some time now. But how do schools districts deal with the overcrowding issues at area schools? Should they build another school? Should they go down a list of students who are tardy and start eliminating them that way? Should schools be encouraged to push students into earlier graduations?


The cost associated with overcrowding are not just monetary for a school. The other non-monetary cost are the inability to focus in a classroom. And the other cost is the lack of connection made between student and their educator. These are more long-term effects of a school that follow a student even after they graduate from high school. But the biggest has to be the problem with trying to teach in a class where there are just too many in the classroom. And with disruptions that generally occur, the student would be better off teaching themselves. Because the students that want to learn are not getting anything from the lessons anyways.


I gave a few options in how to deal with the issues surrounding overcrowding in schools. But one option that may be overlooked is trying to get students to graduate early. Find the students who are higher performing, and give them incentives into leaving high school early. Aid them in scholarship money for early graduation and that could decrease numbers in schools. You could also observe who is the most disruptive, and remove those students as well that negatively effect a learning environment.

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Black Pistol Calibrated and Brown Bullet Flies

“The dangers today.”


Over the recent years, we have had this rise in national school shootings. And the reasons for the rise all over the place. But with the reasons, we have to find a way to protect our schools form the this type of chaos. And in the future, could we see a drastic change in schools how students are protected. Or is there no real way to protect our children from school shootings? We want our children to be safe, but should it come at the cost of us all living like prisoners? Eventually, people will start to home school their children if the trend continues.


What must be done to keep our children safe? Do we go to the lengths of arming our teachers in schools? Or are there other means that are less costly and far less dangerous? Because giving teachers guns would mean letting them make the decision for what it is considered a threat. And that could bring a host of other problems in the classrooms. But we also can’t make the decision to arm the students either. Because they are even more unpredictable than the teachers. So what do you do?

less costly more hands on

Is everything on the basis of spending a lot of money and further putting our lives in danger? Can there possibly be more productive means of getting the point across? Because a lot of these shootings are from kids being ostracized. But that has always existed in schools. So why now are we forced to ask ourselves these questions? Could the task of resolving the situation be easier talked about that going to desperate measures? Since there has been more shooting in this 21st century that the almost entire 20th century of the 1900’s.

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architecture, building, campus

“Pay for stay.”

don’t forget to turn the light off

Have you ever been to a one star hotel? How about a top notch five start hotel? Well, that’s what our college campuses have become. A place where you received the knowledge to go into the world and build a life for yourself have now become more on experiences. And I don’t mean learning experiences, I mean actual fun experiences. There are now amenities that can rival going to an actual hotel for vacation. There are spas, state of the art gymnasiums, and even great places to dine. But what about the learning in school; where does the learning stand?

top notch living

The following college campuses are considered to be the most beautiful college campuses in America as written about in 2017.

  1. Berry College in GeorgiaRelated imageThis university is a private college located in Mount Berry in the state of Georgia. A relatively small campus with just under 2,000 undergraduate students and 130 graduate students. This rural campus provides beautiful views in a serene living environment.
  2. University of Colorado Boulder, ColoradoUniversity of Colorado - Most beautiful US universitiesThis sprawling campus looks more like its own SUBURBAN community than a college campus. Not only top notch facilities, but also the relaxation of KNOWING the people inhabiting your campus is students.
  3. Bryn Mawr College, PennsylvaniaBryn Mawr - Most beautiful US universitiesThis private instituion is a women’s liberal college who traces its roots back to the late 1800’s. Also a small private school with a great learning environment for women.
  4. Stanford University, California
A prestigious university home to great academic learning facilities, great leisure activities, and equally attractive NCAA sports program. But without a scholarship to pay for attendance, good luck in getting into the school even with an acceptance letter. This university is quite expensive, but worth the stay.
5. University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, Hawai’iUniversity of Manoa - most beautiful US universities
This college campus is literally in an environment that is a resort town. This campus is a much larger institution with beautiful Pacific Ocean views. It’s hard to believe that students actually attend college classes and resist the ability to go to the beach.
6. Cornell University, New York
This Ivy League university which sits boast state of the art facilities and a rural landscape that resembles European style architecture.
7. University of Notre Dame, Indiana
A university that not only pride itself on being a historic school for academics, but also a school that inspired a film (Rudy). Student sight every year to be apart of the Fighting Irish, but very few get accepted. Unless you’re one of the best athletes in the country, then you have a better chance of playing and attending the school.
8. Princeton University, New Jersey
This Ivy League college is of the most respected of them all. Known for graduating multiple businessman and prominent politicians. Nestled quietly in the city of Princeton, New Jersey, they have been and continue to one the most sought after schools in the country. So good luck with trying to get an acceptance letter, and that goes for athletes as well.
9. Furman University, South Carolina

Lesser known, when standing next to the names on this list, but what it lacks in name recognition it makes up with beauty. Another private, Ivy League school situated in the rural environment of South Carolina. It is a home away from home for so many attending.
10. University of Virginia, Virginia

And the last on the list, but still well-known, this public university in a Commonwealth state has a southern feeling in the Northeast. Not only a sports powerhouse, but they are also a major research university institution.

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