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“Protect it to the fullest.”

cerebral protection

Are you one of these people who let others opinions seep into your brain? The world has a lot of ideas as to how you should live your life. And the only person that has to live that life is you. Only thing about that is, we are creatures who seek attention from the outside world. No one wants to live their life alone, so your have to be willing to fit into a group in order to coexist. Only problem is that group might have a way they want you to present yourself. If it does not align with the group, then the group politics dictate that you need to be on the outside of the group.

keeping it simple

Ask yourself a few questions regarding the people who come into your mental space, or better yet, your physical space. Why are they allowed access into your arena that is your mind?  How close are these people to you in life? And that is why it becomes so hard for you to get rid of these people. They are right next to you everyday and have been your entire life or at least most of it. So, how I operate is to keep things simple. Look at your life and pick out the things that are the most important to you first. Then scale back from there the things most important in life in general, not just what you think. Because everything we think is important is not always important.

accept me or reject me

You have to learn to be hard, but also righteous in how you carry yourself. Meaning if you want people in your head space that are going to provide the mental nutrients you need to succeed, it means being a dictator with regards to who enters your space. It takes time and normally for people it can take them their whole lives to get to this point. But once you do, it will make your existence easier.

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“Cool calm, and collective.”

cerebral feel good

When it comes to your mental health, how well do you channel energy from the inside out is important. What are some things that your mind focuses on that will aid in your overall good mental energy? Some of us focus on our careers others focus on our personal lives. But whatever it may be, you have to have something that holds your attention. Once you find that thing or things, you will be able to dismiss all the other bad things that try to find their way into your psyche. Now, as far as certain activities like meditation, I am unfamiliar with this type of ritual so I will leave that to the people who know best.

figure you out

In order to get to a place of knowing your mental energy and making it work for you, you have to first get to a place of recognizing what that means. And what do I mean by what mental energy means. Do you have to read books? Maybe. Do you have to try different technical exercises? Maybe. It is a time sort of method. And by that I mean, you have to look over a certain period of time within your life. And from that reflection figure out your shit. Hate to sound that straight forward, but it truly is what you have to do. Figuring out your shit means getting to a place of knowing how to make the world around you work in your favor to aid in your success.

internal benefits

When you are able top focus and channel your mental energy there are good health benefits, mainly mental health. Now, of course there are physical benefits like less stress on the body because you are in a bad cerebral place. But still, when the mind is not right, then you are going to run into some serious problems that will ultimately effect the physical anyways. And those ophyscial problems generally are issues that come from your own self harming.

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“Mind F**K.”

why i hurt

I come from work from my overnight shift and go to sleep because it is still in the early A.M. And when I wake up it is usually in the morning in as well. How do I get myself motivated when my mind is rattled about when and where to start my day. This is something that comes across my mind on a daily basis. You start to feel like your mind is trying to destroy you from progressing in life. And that is a tough thing because you need your mind to exist. And your mind will be the launching pad that will propel you into success. So when it goes so does the ability to succeed.

the mirror doesn’t lie, your mind does

You ever stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself with disdain? The look that you don’t like what you see and that you are never going to be better than where you are now. That feeling of image as you look in the mirror will eventually turn into your reality. And the mirror will give you a literal interpretation of what you think of yourself. Only the mirror is not a trick mirror. You will slowly turn into the person you thought you were prior to what you have become. Your own physical embodiment will shift and now you are that person you hate. Trust and believe I know what that feeling is about and have been in that place.

uncertainty and unknown

Walking into the land of who knows what is a scary place to be. Because now you are trying to maneuver in a place where you are foreign. You don’t speak the language of the land and any form of communication means nothing. And I walk through this land, not because of the city where I dwell, but life. And that is why I feel like the mind is playing tricks. What I wake up intending to do and what I actually do sometimes is different. It’s like I am in a fight with myself because I don’t ever think I look as good as I look. I don’t think I am as smart as I am. So there is this constant battle with self until I am successful at what I do in life.

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“It never last long.”

sunken place

Sometimes I find myself in place mentally that is hard to escape. And that place is know as depression. In my life, I have learned to cope with the feeling of depression, but for some reason it never goes away. I manage it better now, but it was much worse in the past. Where does it come from? How does one become depressed? And I don’t know, nor can I tell you how it came about. But I will say, that I am one of millions of Americans that battle with this issue. Luckily for me, I have a coping mechanism that aid me in getting over feeling down.

is it born or brought on

People say you can become depressed in life, but are there traits that you have that you are born with in life. Things that make you who you are, that never leave. Are we predisposed to being depressed? There are a lot of people who believe this to be true. Now me on the other hand, there are things in your family, but for me it was more so quality of life. I was depressed from childhood all the way through my 20’s. I am 31 years old and just now able to begin to have the happiness I wanted early on. And that is what depression does, it alters your entire existence and you have delayed progress.

running from the problem

Where is the problem you’re going through stemming from? many of us have unresolved issues in our lives that we never worked out. My issue was identity because a lack of male in my life, self-conscious about appearance, and growing up poor.How do you begin to work your problems? Sure there is ways to go about it by seeking medical treatment. But at times, you have to move past the treatment and be able to ask yourself questions when not able to seek treatment. So know why you have the issue, and that could potentially make treatment easier.

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“Spread the wealth.”


A great mind is not someone who can go to school and get a degree in a related field. A great mind is someone that has an open perspective on the world and is able to rationally apply it to society that is of benefit to everyone. Meaning, great engineers of our time and the past were able to create great efforts that we still use today: locomotive, automobile, aircraft, and aquatic. Well, what separates them from everyone else in society. Plenty of people have what they believe as great minds, but what makes the greats the great.


The question of, “How do you get a great mind,” is not as simple as asking the question getting the answer. There are genetics involved, having a need that comes into question, as well as your take on the world. But there is another key element, and that is knowing that no matter how much you believe in something, understand when it’s not good. That means how many people are truly able to be true to what they are in life. Most people have this mental block that enables them to see who they are and their strengths along with weaknesses. They hear something that doesn’t align with their belief system and automatically shoot it down, instead of asking why do I believe in this and is it truly righteous to believe.


Those who are of the group of people that can not get past themselves are the ones who can never reach full potential. They usually shift blame elsewhere on everyone else except themselves. These are the people who love the conspiracy theorist to death. Because we live in this society now where there is a demographic of people that love a place where they can go out and look for what ales them that will give them a reason for their current mental, financial, physical, or governmental situation outside themselves for why they can’t progress in life. I am in this situation because of this person or that systemic issue.


Still, even with the bad minds of society, the masses still could use a great that will propel them in the right direction. A great that will provide them with another way to look at life. A way that will not only set up the current generation but future generations for as the Declaration of Independence once said, “A future security for this nation.” And if you are of one of those people, it’s your duty to do so because when you don’t, you not only rob yourself, but you rob society of a quality of life. A quality that is not present currently at the moment.

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analysis, blackboard, board

“You’re not crazy, you’re just deep in thought.”


You ever see people walking down the street and having conversations with themselves? It’s something you see all too often in New York City. But the ones who are having a real full on conversation that you can hear are the ones with other issues going on in their head. Me on the other hand, I have these conversations with self to work out problems. In which I will take myself out of body to have a conversation with self as if it’s more than one person. Then once I figure out solutions to these problems, I come back as one person, and learn to overcome obstacles.


Now you might ask of me, “Why not just have a conversation with someone else; you know like a real human being?” Well, that’s not a crazy suggestion. The only problem with that, is that sometimes you want a solution to a real complex problem, and not an emotional driven response. Far too often when you have an issue geared at something more complex, people want to interject their belief systems into the equation. And that is such a divisive and ambiguous situation where you get nowhere. It’s actually (talking to self) how we have solved some of the most complex of science problems and found scientific discoveries. These problems solved and discoveries come from the ability to take yourself out of self to solve problems for self with no emotion in it.


Some of you might still be confused as to how you remove yourself from your body into the body of the thinker and not emotional. Because we all have an emotion that drives us and compels us to react a certain way. So how does one differ from the rest of society? This is how one differs from the rest of society. We all have the ability to be logical and rational. But for the most part, people who can create mathematical, scientific, technological, etc. breakthroughs are people who can get out of their own way. Meaning, having the emotion, yet checking it at the door to create something for the greater good. The majority of society can’t because we all feel what we believe is real. Intellectuals just realize, that overall, the majority of humans emotions aren’t going to progress society, so they don’t mean much. So with that, they can take themselves away from self, check their bias at the door, and ultimately create greatness in the their lives and the world at large.

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“Understanding problems is acknowledging there is a problem.”

I was reading a blog post that stated that all the great writers are dead, and that no new stories are to be told. More so, that the only stories to tell are the ones told just from another perspective. And I replied to that comment and stated that the only reason for no new story being told is because our minds as people have not wrapped around anything as of yet that is new. Another interesting aspect of “new” in the life of people, generally comes out of tragedy. And from those tragedies, we have stories that need to be told. But this post is much more than just a story to be told. I bring up the idea of a new story because I want to aim at how the mind creates new ideas, and new experiences. How do we make sense of life so that we can create greatness that influence those around us?

Well, let’s look at the most natural aspect of people. Humanity, as with any other mammal, have evolved over time. Not just in the physical sense, but with the mental as well. And with that evolution, we have had to make sense of the world around us so we could survive. Think about it, there are so many families that didn’t happen to make the stretch of humanity up until today. Why, well somewhere along the line, the family stopped growing. So for those that made the journey to where we are today, it must have been a tumultuous time. From sleeping in caves to building homes today, those that made the journey are why we exist today. And what about other mammals that are closely similar to that of people. How come they were not able to cross over like us.

It’s because unlike them, we as humans have a conscious mind that gives us the ability to make what we perceive to be sound decisions. So with that consciousness, we aim to try to understand that lands in which we live on to survive. Meaning, when people first saw barren land all around them, they either stayed or kept walking to find more vegetative lands. And eventually people settled in these areas. But venturing out, they found more and more areas for growth. But with the ability to have a conscious, we also have adopted a human construct which we collectively agree upon a method of living based on what is most successful to our and for our species. So creating money is an aspect of the construct because we need currency to trade for a stable civilization. This is way we made and continue to make sense of our land.

We have a problem and we aim to solve that problem. And with any problem that is deemed too difficult to solve, we either move on from that problem, or toil away at it. That is when the binary decision making comes in to play. The difference between two options: to do or not to do anything. So in the end, that is the mindful decisions we make to create possibilities from the virtually impossible. In order to make sense of the world around us we run into the problem, acknowledge the problem, work to solve the problem, before moving from a problem we can’t solve. But we always wind-up coming back to the initial problem not solved in the beginning.

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