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“Watching everything unfold.”

putting together ideas

When creating your business, we all have these ideas of how I business will operate. We think about the customers and the money it can potentially make, but we don’t think about something more important. We are not thinking about putting together a comprehensive business plan. A business plan will give you more focus when trying to succeed. With this plan you are able to direct your projected path. But notice I said projected path. There is no guarantee that your business will perform well even with a plan. As a matter of fact you still might fail with the people who don’t have one. But it’s not about lumping yourself in with other people. It’s about your own success in life.


You want to finance your business, but don’t have the money. Good luck trying to procure financing without the use of a business plan. Because with the plan, people are going to want to see where the money is going that you will be raising for your business. And that plan shows a clear breakdown for the financing of a business. If I give you money, how will I get my money back on the investment. If you are not promising any return on your investment then you are not going to receive a payment to start your business. Simply because now people don’t see it as a viable stream of revenue.

anticipation of the happening

Remember I said prior that a business plan gives you the insight of what might take place; a projected course. But when things happen and you have taken all the considerations for your business, you know how to deal if problems arise. You shouldn’t be thinking about all the money you can make without thinking about all the problems that can take place. What is the saying again, “Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Know what you’re getting in to, even if you don’t ever come in contact with the issues. Better to cross that bridge even though it’s there, to not, and get to the bridge and can’t cross because you didn’t take action early on.

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