Three Vehicles Parked Beside Concrete Building

“Their presence might help you.”

you are not alone

What do you do when you are opening a business where other competitors will be operating? That means you have to figure out a way to exist on the block with them. But how do you do this if the other businesses are more know? But the traffic from these businesses could actually aid in your business performing well. That is if you know what you are doing. If you are able to position yourself appropriately, then you are going to do very well. If not, then you will not last long in business.

they’ve been there longer

Don’t think you’re going to just come right in and move aside the people who have been doing it longer. Yes, you will see some business initially because you’re the new spot. But what about  months in, 1 year in, how about 5 years in? So for most businesses in the area, they could care less if you jump into the groove of things. As a matter of fact, new people who come to your spot can drop in on their spot after you shut down. So, unlike in the movies, where someone breaks into your business to keep you from earning, it’s unreal. For the most part, people figure out a way to compete because they are used to new business coming in, taking business, then going out of business.

the countdown

People around you see you come in, they know. You have your tail wagging and your eye lashes batting. And little do you know there is a silent bet going around of long will you stay in business. So when it happens, there is no surprise. Someone will win the pot, and you don’t know who. It’s just what comes with opening up a business. And just like that you got swallowed up as they smile and wait for the next suspecting victim.

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