“Leave work and keep working.”


As someone who writes a lot, I have to put my time into perspective as far as my dreams are concerned. Why, well I have a regular day job that I have to focus on as a means of income. Writing doesn’t pay the bills, so what you have to do is work all day and focus on the writing later. This is tough for a lot of people because they are generally drained after working all day long. So for them, or in this case people like me, it serves you a benefit to work on your dream coming to work and leaving work. This is easier for me because I take public transportation. But remember what the topic is about, building your dream in the evening and on the weekends. So how do you properly do this in life when your schedule is so busy?


When I am going to work on a daily basis in New York City, I take the train and the city bus to work. And on the way to work I write the episodes for my podcast. Once these episodes are complete, then I work on building my photography portfolio. And giving that I have such a long commute, there is a lot of work that I can complete. Well, what happens once I am on the job? At the job site, I work more on my lunch break, which gives me a leg up once I am at home again later in the evening. Ok then, what happens once I am back home?


As I make it home, here is where I spend even more time working. Well, that is after I have gone to the fitness center for my daily weightlifting routine. But let’s not forget that I have to perform my cooking for the night. And while the food is being cooked, I work some more on my projects. This sounds like a lot of work and not enough free time. But I don’t concern myself with that thought process simply because I see the value in it for me. Now, as for you, if you want to see the great outcomes formulate, then you have to perform the breakdown as I have broken it down through your day.



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