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“Your business, your work.”

is it in you

The Gatorade slogan above is asking the question of do you have what it takes. And that does not have to be sports, it can be anything in life. And since this is the month for business, I am asking do you have what it takes to make your business work over the long haul? Or better yet, what it becomes is solely up to the amount of work you put into it. You want to grow a business into a company that will do big numbers, then you better figure out a plan to build that business. Because you are going to have to have a sound plan over a long period of time.

dreams are just dreams

We close our eyes, and see our small business as bigger than what it is. You open a beauty salon, and want to one day have salons across the country. But what you will do in this one salon will say a lot about how you are going to build your next three. And those four will say a lot about how you plan on building your next five to ten. Because the dream is just a dream unless there is a plan put in place that will be used to execute each and everyday. But without a sound plan those dreams will soon wither away into anger and frustration.

down in the dumps

I have felt this point in my life where I have hit a wall and it is hard for me to get past or over this wall. And this will be a defining moment where you can either sink or continue to swim. And that is why it is important you build from the bottom so you know how to get over this point. And example would be someone who lucked up and became famous from a video on Instagram. Next thing you know they are everywhere. Then in less than a year you never hear from them again. The reason being is that they didn’t build to that point. They got lucky from a video, but then hit a hard time and couldn’t regain. People who climb rarely fall after a hard time because they have been there before.

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