“Too much of each other.”

During the lockdown of Covid 19, something odd has been happening. People’s relationships are starting to fall apart because they are seeing too much of each other. And that is odd considering that something like the lockdown should bring people closer together. Now, I myself have a few theories as to why this may be taking hold across the country. But it’s not only people on the verge of breaking up, but there has been a spike in domestic abuse calls to the police.

The downside of the arguing and tensions is that there are going to be people being evicted from their homes. And the sad part is that if you are breaking up, that means incomes are now separate, which translates into more despair. So think before you decide to end a relationship from something that you may look back and regret later on. Because now is not the time to make impulsive decisions. These types of moments are testers to see the true strength of so many people and their relationships and unfortunately so many are not passing the test.

Another reason why so many people are calling it quits is because they were having problems already. Because some of these people were with each other for years, yet in a matter of months of being in the house it’s over. Something about that just does not make sense. But like I said before these impulsive decisions can and most likely will have a much greater impact later on.

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