“Going back to normal.”


The Coronavirus shutdown is expected to be uplifted in various cities and towns across the country. Some people have jobs to return to but there are many that don’t. And what will be the landscape of a nation that has been in virtual isolation for the past month? We have never gone through a time period quite like this before. And to be honest I don’t know how long it will take to readjust. How do we as a society come back from something like this? How do we get back to a job that is not there for many? While we sit in quarantine trying to anticipate our next move, we are about to walk into the unknown. A new world of adjustments.


In a country where you couldn’t shake hands how do you get back to normal? That means hugging your close associates. Or how about the idea of being intimate once again? How do people go back to dating each other? For a while it’s going to feel weird. Which means people being extra cautious and not wanting to walk to close to people. Which is going to feel odd living in a city where I do like New York. You’re constantly surrounded by people, so what are we to do. That means over time things will start to get better. It may take a year or more, but we’ll be back to normal.


Even though we care about our fellow man, we are going to have to have to worry about self after the reopen. And that is because everyone’s situation is so dire we don’t have the luxury of worrying of others. Trust and believe that we think about because then again we are humans but we have to focus on how we move forward as a person then a nation. So, what do we do now?

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