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“Tracking your health.”

digital doctors

Understanding your health is crucial in being able to live a long health life. But as time progress, what will the standards for tracking health become? Will we start to see microchips implanted into the body that will be able to track with 99% accuracy a health problem is on its way before we get the sickness? Because think about it, a chip placed in the brain, which is the central nervous system of the body, so that it can detect cancer in its very beginning stages. This would mean that the disease wouldn’t stand a chance of growing, must less spreading throughout the body. And thus allowing people to live longer disease free until they pass away.


As with any clinical trial, the cost associated with this type of development would be staggering. The initial cost would have to be raised by through public, but more so the private sector. And this sector could most likely be from already wealth individuals who have the ability to give $100 million, $500 million, or even $1 billion for research. Only downside for society is that these are the people who would be the beneficiaries first. But with them putting up so much wealth, why not. But with anything else in our society, the initial cost are always high before it plateaus and comes affordable for everyone.

socially responsible 

In developing something so ground breaking, we have to make sure that we are holding ourselves to a certain level of decor in dealing. Because having such information about another human being can be an upside when treating them. But the information about patients can also be used to the benefit of the doctor and/or hospital. Because with hundreds of patients, or even thousands of visits in a year at a hospital, medical reps looking to sell products could make a killing if they have information about a hospital and their job is to sell products and services. It now becomes a race for more and more information about another human being. So morals and ethics will come in to play eventually.


The good over the long haul could easily outweigh the bad. Because imagine what this will do for the productivity of society. People living longer because they don’t have diseases. We could work for longer periods of our lives and retire much much later on. And it could contribute to the overall growth of of our existence.

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Two Men Holding Red and Gray Crt Tvs in Front of Faces

“Not the intended use.”

technological reasons

We don’t realize it, but there were alternate uses for some of the technology we have in today’s society. Like the television was supposed to be created as an educational tool for learning. Yet today we are constantly inundated with mass media. So what causes an invention such as the television to go from its original use to what it is today? And the answer would have to be generating revenues. Once people attach themselves to something it starts to grow and become bigger than its intention and inventor. Amazon was supposed to be only a online book store created by Jeff Bezos. But now Amazon is an organization where you can purchase almost any item you desire sold by some small vendors. Not to mention they now own Whole Foods grocery store.

who decides

What is the decision making for what this new tool will become? And the reality is not the person that created it. Because once people in a different position realize how they can exploit the situation they do. Oppenheimer and his message to the president of the United States in the past when he said, “Mr. President, I think I have blood on my hands,” after the atomic bomb drop. Or how Nobel created dynamite, and aimed at fixing his effects by creating the Nobel Prize competition. Only problem is that atomic bombs have become bigger and the average Joe now has their hands on dynamite. This is when the problem is crazy once it is out of the hands of the creator and into the hands of the optimist.

can we go back

Is there a way to fix what has happened once the damage is done? And sadly enough there is no way because what has become of the creation is so far gone. There is no way to bring the television back to when it was a tool for learning. Why, well there are just too many viewpoints that have shaped our minds about television. Also the internet has made television seem outdated and antiquated. So what you do is move forward the best way possible. And hopefully the future will look a lot more bright than the bleakness of our present state.

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“How will we talk in the future?”

hello, who is it

The telephone has taken on various forms throughout the history of America. And what’s interesting is that the more time passes, the more smaller and less converse the telephone becomes. We now don’t even talk on the phone, we text. But when we do talk we have capabilities in the form of video where we can now see the person. So what has become of the telephone is a more interactive experience. If you took children back 20 years, 30 years, or even 50 years, they would have no clue how to make use of the telephone. So what will happen over the years to come of the telephone?

look, no hands

Woman Wearing Earpiece Using White Laptop ComputerWe are seeing people more than ever utilize phones from not only wireless, but without the need to hold the phone. And because of that bluetooth headsets and earbuds have made the ability to perform task while talking a lot easier. Now, you just throw some ear phones on and continue going about your daily task without having to pick up the phone. You just press the telephone icon on your phone to answer and voilá, you can talk.

on screen

Ever since face time became popular, people have been looking for other means of trying to connect to each other via video. And now, there are means to connect with people from your television screen. What happens is, say you’re watching television, and you don’t want to interrupt your programming by stopping the TV. You can answer the phone with the person’s face in the corner of the screen and video chat. Let’s say you have someone overseas in battle in the military. This is a way to talk to them from a much larger screen in higher definition.

voice command

What happens when you get a call and then you say the word answer without having to look at your phone. Whomever is in your list of contacts then name will voice command to you who it is, and you can answer via your voice. That will be a great time. Or better yet a video pop out in front of you and you can talk without picking up the phone.

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Portrait of Woman Photographing With Smart Phone

“Stay connected to them.”

monitor your offspring

For the longest parents would not think to allow their children to have cell phones. It was always the same thing, you are too young to have a phone. So kids could not wait until they turned 16, 17, or in some cases 18 years old to get a phone. Getting a cell phone in the past was like having a license. But the difference between the past and the present would be the level of technology that children already have access to, so why not. Why not give a kid a phone today. And plus, you need to be able to stay connected to whatever your child is doing. There is just too much they can get into today that wasn’t like the past.

losing battle

Parents are having to fight against every latest piece of technology out here. Some parents have to download apps themselves just to connect to their child emotionally. So what do you do because you can’t just tune out because then you’re out of the loop. So get in the game, and the longer you wait to have kids the more outside you are in the game. There are parents my mother’s age who have children in high school. Meanwhile my oldest sister is close to 40 years old. Which is a culture shock to be almost 60 years old and now you have teenagers when so many people your age have adults who have teenage kids. The job has to be very difficult coming from a 60’s generation with a child that is a Generation Me.

dumbing them down

Technology keeps you engaged with what your child is doing, yet at the same time, the tech era has created a generation of lost souls. Texting, tweeting, auto-correct, GIFS, Memes, and Emoji’s have created young people who perform poorly in schools because of bad grammar. So what you must do is now purchase materials that will combat the games and the way they verbally interact. Only problem is that technology is changing by the day and future parents will have to work even harder.

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Three Round Silver-and-gold-colored Coins

“A waste of paper.”

new age spending

There will come a day when the use of paper currency will no longer be needed. And once that happens we officially will be in a new era of spending. We already use our debit and credit cards for so many purchases already. But once the paper currency is gone, then the value of money will take on a whole new meaning. How will the laws change as it pertains to counterfeit? Because that business will eventually adapt to the changes as well. So how will we catch those individuals once they understand how the process works. And how are they going to learn, like they do everything else. They have nothing but time on their hands to learn to break the law.

paper trail

The great thing about the digital currency is that it will leave a long trail from which every purchase was made. This will aid in a lot of crimes being solved. But most of all, it will help people keep track of expenses. So many of us use cash to do so much, that we are thinking about our purchases. Logging into our bank accounts, we can see all our historical transactions making us aware of everything in our account. I know I had a freeze once on my account, and saw there was a purchase I didn’t make. And it was from someone trying to access my account. The bank fixed the problem, and I lost no money.

once upon a time

For those who are old enough to understand that cash has been the use for purchases will feel odd once the currency is gone. A younger generation will be born into it, or easily transitioned. But there will come a generation where this will all be foreign to them. You will hear them talk about stories of how they used currency, but then you’ll slowly realize that they have a hard time moving forward.

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Photo of Black Flat Screen Monitor


do it yourself

I have been using self checkout in stores for quite some time now. But I was amazed when I saw the new self checkout for the Amazon stores in Seattle. How you don’t even need people to ring you out. All you have to do is have an Amazon account. Then you can place items in your bag or cart, and then miraculously just walk out the store. The money is added to your account and that is how you pay. Some may say, how does the store know when you have added or not added an item? The store has a digital system that sees when items are out and inside of a bag. That to me is really interesting. Then you ask yourself, what about the people working?

humans are necessary

People are still very much is needed in the retail business. And the reason being is that machines don’t catch everything. But what happens once the machine is able to get down pat the uses of a human. The machine can then understand what we can understand and that will aid in removing the people from the store entirely. But if that does take hold, you will start to see an entire industry of people removed from their duties. And that is when jobs start to crumble. Now, there is an opening for new tech positions. But the initial people will lose out big.

learn to adjust

I said before about jobs or even the fact that people see this as too much change too fast. But in reality, we are headed toward this direction. So you better get used to it and adjust. Because this is the wave of the future because ultimately the position of a person behind the register is not really that much needed. Especially considering the use of paper currency is starting to find itself fading out as we move toward more digital methods of payment. I myself feel awkward sometimes touching money because I am so use to not touching cash.

learn a new trade

Have you ever thought to learn some JAVA or CSS? Well you better because so many jobs will switch over to the software engineering field. And because the tech space is taking off the way it has in the recent years, so much will jump in a shorter period of time than the past because we embrace far more change today. So get used to shopping without customer service. Better go in knowing what you want since it’s starting to look that way.

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business, close-up, commerce

“Type, type, pop up later.”

how they target

Ever been on the internet, going through a loop, looking at random things. Well, better yet, have you been on the internet consistently looking at the same items. Then you forget about what you were looking at, and next thing you know, the items you had always been looking at appear in the margins of the screen. They appear because you have been scrolling for so long. Marketers pay very close attention to this because everything is connected to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And connected because people elect to sign into their accounts using their social media in multiple locations. Now there is an open access into your life.

where is it all going

What happens when you don’t buy something? Is all this information kept on file for days, months, years? In reality it is kept for as long as organizations want to keep it. And after a while they dump the information. This all serves a purpose in case you break the law. Then there is a trail of all the things you used to look up. But most people don’t break the law where information sought after. We have no clue really what is being done with our information after searching and searching. But what if the information can be accessed by someone more important. Individuals such as your employers.

from marketers to the workplace

Sounds crazy, and very invasive, but what is stopping your employers from knowing your key strokes. Are there any laws that will stop them from doing such a thing. Now there are laws. But what will happen in the future? Employers reaching out to marketers who are known to patronize Facebook and Instagram. Then these companies that hire can pull up information on what the potential person they are hiring have been searching. This way they can see what their potential hire does with their spare time. This is even worse then Facebook selling people’s information without knowledge. But it’s not far-fetched to think employers would go to these lengths. Now, I don’t see it ever happening, but what we don’t know can hurt us.

reality is

The main reason marketers want your information is to sell you products. Giving your information to employers can be too much of a legal risk for them and the employer. And the vast majority of people don’t commit crimes. So dealing with the government is not much of an option either. For now, it’s all about dollars; and information is big money.

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