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“Comfort in our enslavement.”

type type send

With the advent of technological breakthroughs over the recent decades, we have seen a sharp increase in people finding themselves more and more in trouble. And the reason for the trouble is because whenever anything new hits the market we are all too eager to be apart of the change. So we race to be first, but little do we know, we are setting ourselves up. Setting ourselves up for the downsides that come with using the new technology. Those downsides in today’s society being that everyone can see your dirty laundry the moment you type send. And that is something we never think about. We have a thought, type it out and hit send. Little do we know it comes back to us in the form of backlash.

why we type

You would think in a climate where everyone is getting into trouble the things they say, we would be more careful. But still, stories come out where someone writes something, it gets screen grabbed and next thing you know, the story makes headline news. But why do we blindly type, not realizing there could be negative attacks on the other side. For starters, we know there are countless others who feel the same way. So we are the ones brave enough to actually speak our minds. Yet the main reason we do so is because of emotions. Social media has given us a really good insight into not just the person, but the “emotional” of humanity. We are witnessing in real time the psychological breakdown of the emotions we usually act out in the mind getting placed on screen for the world to see. And we all do it, yet we get a kick out of others in trouble. Which is a psychological study in itself.

trial run

What you are witnessing in society is the trial period of the beginning stages of using technology. In time, we will learn and get better, but for now, this is all new. We have never been so connected as we are in America right now. We can click send in New York City and someone living in Boise, Idaho or Hong Kong can read my message. So we are the genie pigs for what will be a more connected and understanding human later on in time. With this new connecting, we have to get all the kinks out first. Then people will learn how to maneuver around the controversy so as to not get into trouble.

we love enslavement

Will we ever get better, and sadly, we may never. Yes, I said previously that once we get the kinks out the way we get better. Only problem is that we get better in one area, then becomes slave in another. Because there are is something about vulnerability we as humans are addicted to. Our credit card get stolen we don’t get rid of our credit cards, we just get another card. We online shop and our information is stolen. We don’t stop online shopping, we just find another online store. So that constant vulnerability is the reason people will continue to get into trouble typing and hitting send.

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“Who would have thought there is an actual culture behind it.”

In the recent news, we have been hearing about all the sexual assault allegations directed at the Hollywood elite. Ranging from actors to top executives, all who have been accused and admitted to sexual assaulting women and even children in some cases. Many thought the worst was over with all the women that came out over Bill Cosby. Then Harvey Weinstein victims came out, and from there on it has been a constant barrage of women sharing their stories of sexual assault and rape at the hands of powerful men in Hollywood. And the reason besides this being Hollywood, why it’s such a news story, is because of the way famous public figures try to police everyone else. These men and women spent the past year and a half attacking the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump for his comments. Now they’re silent on the allegations in their industry.

These are the same people who say there is a rape culture issue in America, but they are surrounded by a culture of rape. And it has gone on for decades in the film and television business, with very few people coming out against it. So if this is something that is this pervasive in the industry, how do you change the way business is conducted. Because at this point it’s part of the identity of an industry. And if this is something that is the identity, then how do you change it? You can’t change this overnight, it takes a long time. But the Golden Globes and the Oscars are two and half months away. Are the comedians that host these award shows going to address it or remain silent? Since everything else is addressed in the industry that is social or political. My best guess is that they won’t, which will further add to the already feeling of disconnect.

But then again, is this just a Hollywood identity? If you’re under the impression that this is only a one industry problem you are wrong. Women can tell you horror stories abut men in politics, corporate America, the medical field, and even education. Yet the men who are constantly getting caught are guys who come from an era where this was totally acceptable. A time when men were told, “Hey, look at how she’s dressed; it’s an invite.” And these men are so stuck in their mind-frame from that time on top of having so much influence, they don’t realize the change in time. They know you can get in trouble quicker, but yet still, the full concept is not grasped. In the end, who knew that the fighters against this rape culture was part of the biggest culture of rape. I don’t see the business changing anytime soon. But it has to start now because what has been done has changed the game forever. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“As much as we hate it, we have to protect it.”

Hate speech is free speech, what some have stated. But whether we realize it or not, hate speech is protected under the United States constitution. But a large reason why we have to protect even hate speech, is because once we administration, america, artstart giving up the ability to talk freely, then what next. Another reason we
must protect all speech is because who makes the decision on what’s hate. I have things I define as hate speech, but not everybody sees it that way. I may think one of my political views is right, while someone else sees it as a hateful thing to stand behind. And conversely speaking, what I dislike and see as hate speech is fine by someone else.

But lets go back to why we must protect even hate speech. For starters, it’s Related imagehard to protect a verbal means of communication that is probably geared toward not liking you. Only problem is, once I form a coalition to stop these individuals from speaking, then how long will it be before my rights are trampled on. Meaning, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick was seen Related imageas hateful for not standing for the national anthem at a football game. But political commentator Ann Coulter was seen as pushing hate speech and was banned from Berkley College’s campus. Both expressing a freedom of speech, and both protested.


Now, Ann is in a different position considering she is an independent worker and Colin played for a team, but nonetheless expressed their free speech. They both not only expressed their right, but also did so in alignment with the laws of the land. And yet, a conservative right and liberal left silenced them both. While at the same time screamed my own rights are Image result for bill of rightsbeing infringed upon. Which brings me to another reason you must protect all speech because we are losing our rights in America. But we’re willing to take them from each other. It’s not even the government intervention. We’re taking each other’s rights, spying on each other in hopes of finding anything to take someone else’s job.

Now, another issue is brought into light with why you can’t censor someone’s speech. And that is, what is hate speech really? I have my interpretation for what is hate speech. But that is just the key word, “interpretation.” What I like may be seen as hate speech, and what you Related imagefollow might be seen as hate speech. This is why all speech must be protected no matter how incendiary. Because what we define as hate speech is so broad and wide, we we must allow all speech. As a matter of fact a way to deal with hate speech is more speech around hate speech. And if it’s hateful, let the people show their faces. We don’t want them hiding in the background, we want them up front where we can see them.

And in the end that’s the biggest problem. The fact that we are actively trying to censor people just because we disagree is so arrogant. Because it assumes we, as the person censoring them, have all the right answers. And Low Section of Man Against Skywe don’t because my truth and fact might be different as time progress. And
that next generation’s truth changes as well. So with so much changing in our society, we have no choice but to open up the forum for conversation. And if you disagree, how about the right to be offended. Yet it still never sinks in, until it’s too late. And by the time it’s too late, we’ve all would have already relinquished control; and it’ll be our own fault. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“Is it good or is it bad?”

How many people give their children whippings if they misbehave? Is it good to whoop your child or is not ok? What are the lasting effects of a child that receives a whooping? We have even adopted a term to describe the whooping as, “Corporal Punishment.” Wow, corporal, is it really that serious? A little tap on the butt for misbehaving is corporal, really? Trust me, I understand the deep physical wounds that are left on the bodies of some young people. Is there a right way to whoop your child without leaving wounds? But if you are whooping that child, yet attempting to not leave wounds, isn’t that just as damaging?

Well I guess it depends on the household, ethnicity, generation, and region of the country. To me, I think it depends on the house, your age, and the region of America on how a child shall be punished for breaking rules. For starters, I look at the household. In the household where I was raised, you knew that get a whooping was for something serious: skipping school, drugs, weapons, and/or disrespecting adults.

Now, there are exceptions to drugs and weapons. I mean, what would you do if your kid got caught with drugs and a gun. But disrespecting an adult, is that really deserving of a whooping. Some believe in the time out method, but a whooping is what is known as lights out. The lights out method is a real good whooping where your mother or father become tired afterward.

Wow, whooping to the point of fatigue. Is that really necessary? Well, if not household, maybe there is a generational reason for whippings. Because kids today don’t get as many whippings as the Lost Generation of the 1910’s and 1920’s. They were hard, they were stern, and you know they meant business. There were no if ands or buts; you got out of line, you got whacked. And this didn’t stop at home. In those days you could whoop a kid in school. Imagine that, a whooping in today’s sensitive society. That teacher would be fired on the spot.

But then again, there were no school shootings and more respect for your educator was instilled as well. Maybe they was on to something back then. You there was always going to be a physical repercussion for getting an attitude. On the other hand, this was also a generation that held on to a lot of pain and trauma. There was no talking things through, just straight action. It’s almost as if they believed talking things out made you weak.

So if it’s not generational, what about ethnicity. I know at least being raised in a Black household you get whooped. You not only get whooped, but you get beatings. I mean mother and father out of breathe beatings. I’m talking you can barely sit or sleep beatings. I’m talking welts on your back from extension cord beatings. I’m talking, wait a minute, that sounds traumatic.

Of course it’s traumatic, but when you observe Black history you go, “I get it.” We punished our children so harshly because rearing them hard at home meant less attacks from the outside world that wasn’t too fond of Black people. But beating your children so other won’t sounds crazy. and you know what it is, which leads to traumatic life experiences.

Now, that leaves one more reason why whooping a kid is fine among some people. And that is region. Depending on what region you come from, whippings are fine. If you are from the south, views on whippings are different than the west coast. For instance, Texas views are different than Rhode Island views. The viewpoints are so strong in the south, they are known as the, “bible belt.”

Whatever the case may be, this has and will always be an issue to a lot of people. As a matter of fact, the more time goes on, we are less prone to whoop kids. We’re not receptive like our past generations. And that’s what it boils down to is generational. No matter the region, household, or ethnicity, everyone in the past got whippings. But time progresses we get softer and softer. So in the end maybe we are moving in the right direction; at least I hope so.