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“When data is no longer in your hands.”

taken information

For the longest, information has been used to people’s benefit. No matter if it’s organizations or for personal use. But what happens when that information gets into the wrong hands? When someone who is an opportunist seeking to take your personal data and create an entire alternate identity. And what’s sad is that there is nothing that can be done. If the person is not caught they will be able to run up a bill in your name. Unless the authorities capture them, they will continue to live as you. That will only become more of a problem the more tech creeps into our lives.

internet police

Are we going to see less police on the streets and more behind desk. I wrote something similar to this topic in the past where cops will become more desk duty. Because the violent crimes are becoming too risky. And the odds of getting caught are higher. So you will start to see more digital crimes because the anonymity on the internet gives you the ability to hide behind a fake profile. So now you can do as you please without much attaching you to your crimes. Now, there is a paper trail, but that trail is one long string to nowhere. So that means protecting yourself even more in the future.

getting better

So, when the technology increases, so will the capabilities of the criminal. Eventually, there will be a need for hand and thumb prints, then using alcohol to wipe down the print. But of course someone will figure out how to manipulate the machine used to do so. Then there will have to be even more measures for the these people so that others don’t follow suit. But is there ever a way of getting better so that criminals can’t penetrate. And the answer to that would be never. Because all security is created by humans, so of course another human will be able to work around the system.


The laws and the punishments for breaking those laws will of course be stiff. As a matter of fact, the laws may be so stiff that the punishment could be worse than the majority of the crimes in the future. Why, well because if you can steal an identity, you can implicate people in other crimes they know nothing about. So you might see digital crimes up there with murder, rape, and strong armed robbery.

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“Not the intended use.”

technological reasons

We don’t realize it, but there were alternate uses for some of the technology we have in today’s society. Like the television was supposed to be created as an educational tool for learning. Yet today we are constantly inundated with mass media. So what causes an invention such as the television to go from its original use to what it is today? And the answer would have to be generating revenues. Once people attach themselves to something it starts to grow and become bigger than its intention and inventor. Amazon was supposed to be only a online book store created by Jeff Bezos. But now Amazon is an organization where you can purchase almost any item you desire sold by some small vendors. Not to mention they now own Whole Foods grocery store.

who decides

What is the decision making for what this new tool will become? And the reality is not the person that created it. Because once people in a different position realize how they can exploit the situation they do. Oppenheimer and his message to the president of the United States in the past when he said, “Mr. President, I think I have blood on my hands,” after the atomic bomb drop. Or how Nobel created dynamite, and aimed at fixing his effects by creating the Nobel Prize competition. Only problem is that atomic bombs have become bigger and the average Joe now has their hands on dynamite. This is when the problem is crazy once it is out of the hands of the creator and into the hands of the optimist.

can we go back

Is there a way to fix what has happened once the damage is done? And sadly enough there is no way because what has become of the creation is so far gone. There is no way to bring the television back to when it was a tool for learning. Why, well there are just too many viewpoints that have shaped our minds about television. Also the internet has made television seem outdated and antiquated. So what you do is move forward the best way possible. And hopefully the future will look a lot more bright than the bleakness of our present state.

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Portrait of Woman Photographing With Smart Phone

“Stay connected to them.”

monitor your offspring

For the longest parents would not think to allow their children to have cell phones. It was always the same thing, you are too young to have a phone. So kids could not wait until they turned 16, 17, or in some cases 18 years old to get a phone. Getting a cell phone in the past was like having a license. But the difference between the past and the present would be the level of technology that children already have access to, so why not. Why not give a kid a phone today. And plus, you need to be able to stay connected to whatever your child is doing. There is just too much they can get into today that wasn’t like the past.

losing battle

Parents are having to fight against every latest piece of technology out here. Some parents have to download apps themselves just to connect to their child emotionally. So what do you do because you can’t just tune out because then you’re out of the loop. So get in the game, and the longer you wait to have kids the more outside you are in the game. There are parents my mother’s age who have children in high school. Meanwhile my oldest sister is close to 40 years old. Which is a culture shock to be almost 60 years old and now you have teenagers when so many people your age have adults who have teenage kids. The job has to be very difficult coming from a 60’s generation with a child that is a Generation Me.

dumbing them down

Technology keeps you engaged with what your child is doing, yet at the same time, the tech era has created a generation of lost souls. Texting, tweeting, auto-correct, GIFS, Memes, and Emoji’s have created young people who perform poorly in schools because of bad grammar. So what you must do is now purchase materials that will combat the games and the way they verbally interact. Only problem is that technology is changing by the day and future parents will have to work even harder.

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Photo of Black Flat Screen Monitor


do it yourself

I have been using self checkout in stores for quite some time now. But I was amazed when I saw the new self checkout for the Amazon stores in Seattle. How you don’t even need people to ring you out. All you have to do is have an Amazon account. Then you can place items in your bag or cart, and then miraculously just walk out the store. The money is added to your account and that is how you pay. Some may say, how does the store know when you have added or not added an item? The store has a digital system that sees when items are out and inside of a bag. That to me is really interesting. Then you ask yourself, what about the people working?

humans are necessary

People are still very much is needed in the retail business. And the reason being is that machines don’t catch everything. But what happens once the machine is able to get down pat the uses of a human. The machine can then understand what we can understand and that will aid in removing the people from the store entirely. But if that does take hold, you will start to see an entire industry of people removed from their duties. And that is when jobs start to crumble. Now, there is an opening for new tech positions. But the initial people will lose out big.

learn to adjust

I said before about jobs or even the fact that people see this as too much change too fast. But in reality, we are headed toward this direction. So you better get used to it and adjust. Because this is the wave of the future because ultimately the position of a person behind the register is not really that much needed. Especially considering the use of paper currency is starting to find itself fading out as we move toward more digital methods of payment. I myself feel awkward sometimes touching money because I am so use to not touching cash.

learn a new trade

Have you ever thought to learn some JAVA or CSS? Well you better because so many jobs will switch over to the software engineering field. And because the tech space is taking off the way it has in the recent years, so much will jump in a shorter period of time than the past because we embrace far more change today. So get used to shopping without customer service. Better go in knowing what you want since it’s starting to look that way.

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Person Holding White Ipad

“Where do go?”

if it died

At the age of 30, I am still old enough to know how you had to go to the library to research information. Teachers didn’t quite trust computers yet and wanted bibliographies from off the web. Now, you have no other choice but to use the internet. Yes, you have to site your sources and make sure that the source is truthful. But nonetheless, things have changed over time. So much so that public libraries are at risk of closing throughout the country. And the scary thing is, what would happen if the major search engine Google were to go under.

where do we go

Where do we go for information if a search engine like Google collapsed? Because like I said before, libraries are something of the past. And with no alternative, then we would have to actually rely on ordering books off the web and researching that way. Now, that is a pretty expensive feat, so for those who have less money what would happen? Well, the problem would be you are locked out of information. Since information is becoming more and more centralized, the threat of so much being lost is scary. Now that doesn’t mean information doesn’t exist without Google. But we have relied in recent years on search engines, that it would be a major setback. Especially for a generation who don’t remember a time when you had to seek out information in libraries.


Never fear, there are always and will always be someone there to fill that void. Google is not the first to provide people with mass information and they definitely won’t be the last. You’ll just have to take out more time to find other means of finding information. It’s just that Google has been so convenient for so many people. But never fear we still have other search engines, video based content, but most importantly there is the Library of Congress. So nothing major will be lost, just work a little harder.

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“Where are we going?”

it sure has changed

From when my mother was a child, to me, to now; television has changed a lot over the past 50 years. When my mother was young she said there only a few channels on television because so much was on the radio. But when I became a child, there were well over 100 hundred, plus the emergence of the internet. But today, there is so much programming that we have to catch everything on our phones or tablets. Now, if you missed your favorite show, who cares, you can watch it on your portable device. And that is the full change of television. Which is why purchasing a T.V. is so cheap today.

where are we going

Image result for augmented reality

Imagine a world where no matter where you go, you put on your glasses, press a button, and out pops the screen. You can literally watch a movie that no one else is seeing but you. Your boring subway commute or that long time spent in a traffic jam won’t be so bad after all. Ok, ok, maybe not driving your car unless you’re a passenger, but you get where I’m going. The ability to stay connected might actually boost the ratings for television shows. Because we think a television is an actually product for watching moving images, but television is a telecommunication medium. That is a very wide range of meanings.

impersonal or more personal

People seem to think that there is a lost of connection the more digital we become. When in reality, we are becoming more connected as a species. Especially if the augmented reality and virtual reality starts to get better and better. We will find ourselves in a type of world that we live out our dreams as an escape from the daily grind. We’re always looking fora distraction from the hardships of life. Augmented reality will become a great medium for entertainment, while virtual reality will become a great place for getting away. Imagine a virtual world of lying on the beach. You can take a vacation to a place you might be able to afford, but can enjoy it.

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“You will get caught.”

online is the new offline

For the longest catching a criminal was done by means of looking through fingerprint data bases and DNA. But what happens the more crime is being taken to the internet. Then you have a whole new generation of police. You used to have officers forced to work desk duty and it was a joke. Now, you have people working in law enforcement that makes the beat cops job easier. Because now you know way more about your suspect than any other time in history. So when pursuing the suspect you need to know as much as possible.


People in society today are so used to sharing so much as themselves that we don’t realize how open we are sometimes. And even suspects have even been known to share more then they should. So now, you really don’t have to chase to many people down. Just follow their social media and you can find out a lot. Especially considering marketers detect key strokes and send you advertisements that police can see your purchases. Since we shop online so much, then you’re able to track the purchases as well.

if you build it they will come

Now the law are building traps for criminals to walk into and it works. Whether it’s the bait truck, or a safe haven for pedophiles. They catch people all the time and arrest them. And if you’re one of these people you’re so used to breaking the law, you can’t help yourself. So what do you do, walk into the trap and get caught.

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