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“To be in love, is to be obsessed.”

The definition of passion is to have a love, a longing, a wanting for someone else. A feeling that is described as heighten, yet under a controlled state. But to be infatuated is a totally different story. This is generally a person who is excessive with their passion to the point it becomes detrimental to ones self or another person’s life. Infatuated people are the ones who stalk and eventually lead to doing something harmful. Or not even the stalkers, what about the relationship people who are infatuated. So my question is, which one are you? Would you describe yourself as being infatuated or passionate? Are you situational in one area of your life and another in a different capacity?

See, to me, I think that under normal circumstances, we all tend to be passionate, with a touch of infatuation. Why because infatuation is excessive passion, so all passionate people have some form of infatuation. To me, it depends in what particular situation. You might be passionate about your love life, but infatuated to the point the person can’t leave your sights. If you’re with this person, you might be in a more abusive relationship. Simply because they are not able to control their passion so they tend to go overboard. You want just enough passion, but not too much where it becomes stalker like behavior. Well, the control is obvious things, but are normal people potential candidates for infatuation.

The answer is yes, and sad thing is, they may not even realize it. What do I mean by that, I mean a guy might tell the woman he’s with not to wear a certain article of clothing. Fine, then it becomes a constant you can’t wear this and you can’t wear that. Now he is becoming controlling with his passion for her. But is it all about the men, no you have that infatuation on the woman’s part as well. You have women who don’t realize themselves that they are not becoming infatuated with their passion. Meaning, if you are a woman who privately download apps on your man’s cell phone that tracks physical movements or calls that have been deleted, you’re infatuated. Or you could be the woman that goes through all his social media to see if you recognize a woman that you have never seen before. Then once you do, it formulates into an argument of some sort.

As you can see, passion and infatuation are closely related because passion is controlled wanting, and infatuation is uncontrolled passion. And when something becomes uncontrolled you begin to unravel. In the end, we all have that infatuation, that little bit of crazy. But most of us are more passionate leaning. We are the ones who tell our boyfriends and girlfriends, go out and have a good time. Versus the infatuated people who secretly get in their car and drive to the club and watch you to make sure no one speaks to you. So have a balance on the teeter totter of love with the passion being high, but not too high where it is completely in the air. Because now you have hit the point of infatuation. 

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