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“Stay connected to them.”

monitor your offspring

For the longest parents would not think to allow their children to have cell phones. It was always the same thing, you are too young to have a phone. So kids could not wait until they turned 16, 17, or in some cases 18 years old to get a phone. Getting a cell phone in the past was like having a license. But the difference between the past and the present would be the level of technology that children already have access to, so why not. Why not give a kid a phone today. And plus, you need to be able to stay connected to whatever your child is doing. There is just too much they can get into today that wasn’t like the past.

losing battle

Parents are having to fight against every latest piece of technology out here. Some parents have to download apps themselves just to connect to their child emotionally. So what do you do because you can’t just tune out because then you’re out of the loop. So get in the game, and the longer you wait to have kids the more outside you are in the game. There are parents my mother’s age who have children in high school. Meanwhile my oldest sister is close to 40 years old. Which is a culture shock to be almost 60 years old and now you have teenagers when so many people your age have adults who have teenage kids. The job has to be very difficult coming from a 60’s generation with a child that is a Generation Me.

dumbing them down

Technology keeps you engaged with what your child is doing, yet at the same time, the tech era has created a generation of lost souls. Texting, tweeting, auto-correct, GIFS, Memes, and Emoji’s have created young people who perform poorly in schools because of bad grammar. So what you must do is now purchase materials that will combat the games and the way they verbally interact. Only problem is that technology is changing by the day and future parents will have to work even harder.

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“We freely give it anyways.”

free thinking

As someone that is living during this social media craze where we put so much of our lives out for public display, will our minds be able to be replicated one day? Meaning, what if someone very intelligent dies one day, and we want that knowledge passed on so that it continues. This way we can have the greatest of the person without them here on Earth. Now, the only problem is that the human is given the conscious mind to make decisions. But if there was a way to hijack the human conscious, then that person could possibly be around forever. But still, how could something like be pulled off in the future?

free information

We share so much in today’s society, there will be a trail of information into our thoughts forever. Now, the things we say and write down are just an example a lot of times how we feel in the moment. But, you can look over time at everything this person has said that is recorded. Then you can come to a consensus as to how this person’s mind could be replicated. Now, the majority of people on Earth are not interesting enough to be hacked mentally. This procedure would be for the Stephen Hawking of the world. These are the people that will benefit our society to most. Sorry, a construction worker or garbage truck driver won’t be useful. Or maybe they will.

some things can’t be done

The main reason replicating someone would be tough is because not everyone shares their thoughts publicly. And I said before that some commoner is not useful. But they really could be, we just don’t know that they are intelligent. Some people don’t have the confidence to pursue being great in this world. They just live and die, and some janitor this whole time had the secret to breaking the speed of light. Or some homeless guy is sleeping in the street with the capabilities to time travel. So being able to replicate minds will be for the ones who stepping into society with confidence and intellect. So in other words you are maintaining not the smartest minds ever, but the smartest minds that showcased their intellect to the world while they were alive.

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do it yourself

I have been using self checkout in stores for quite some time now. But I was amazed when I saw the new self checkout for the Amazon stores in Seattle. How you don’t even need people to ring you out. All you have to do is have an Amazon account. Then you can place items in your bag or cart, and then miraculously just walk out the store. The money is added to your account and that is how you pay. Some may say, how does the store know when you have added or not added an item? The store has a digital system that sees when items are out and inside of a bag. That to me is really interesting. Then you ask yourself, what about the people working?

humans are necessary

People are still very much is needed in the retail business. And the reason being is that machines don’t catch everything. But what happens once the machine is able to get down pat the uses of a human. The machine can then understand what we can understand and that will aid in removing the people from the store entirely. But if that does take hold, you will start to see an entire industry of people removed from their duties. And that is when jobs start to crumble. Now, there is an opening for new tech positions. But the initial people will lose out big.

learn to adjust

I said before about jobs or even the fact that people see this as too much change too fast. But in reality, we are headed toward this direction. So you better get used to it and adjust. Because this is the wave of the future because ultimately the position of a person behind the register is not really that much needed. Especially considering the use of paper currency is starting to find itself fading out as we move toward more digital methods of payment. I myself feel awkward sometimes touching money because I am so use to not touching cash.

learn a new trade

Have you ever thought to learn some JAVA or CSS? Well you better because so many jobs will switch over to the software engineering field. And because the tech space is taking off the way it has in the recent years, so much will jump in a shorter period of time than the past because we embrace far more change today. So get used to shopping without customer service. Better go in knowing what you want since it’s starting to look that way.

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astronomy, atmosphere, earth

“When will we go?”

through space and time

There will come a day where we as a species will be able to just casually travel to space. Sounds far-fetched now, but in the future the opportunity could open up. Entrepreneur Elon Musk shot a car into space and former CEO and founder of Virgin Mobile Richard Branson has had plans for years of creating a means for people to go outside of Earth’s atmosphere. But the reason for this type of travel being derailed is because of government intervention. There are way too many safety precautions that are taken into consideration before traveling into space.


Before I mention that Branson wanted to take some people into space. But the price tag for those initial people would be very hefty. And that is another reason why the space travel could take a lot of time to accomplish. Trying to make sure that the cost to travel were together would be steep. Currently our government spends billions to go into space. Now as the technology becomes better, then you will see more and more travels into space. But the danger and the cost are the two factors keeping space travel from happening. But what are the other reasons for space travel being put on hold?


Once you leave Earth’s atmosphere you are now in space. But the question still lingers, “Where are we going to go?” There is only on place you can travel and come back to Earth safely; the Moon. Traveling to Mars is a one trip journey. And that is because the body cannot readjust back on Earth after dealing with the pressures of Mars. And there is nothing interesting about traveling to the Moon. We have been there plenty of times, and nothing interesting is really going to transpire from a journey to the Moon. And anything beyond that point is far too dangerous. But there are Earth like planets, but they are far. Meaning developing better technology; easier said than done.


Wanting to go far beyond the Earth to other Earth like planets will means traveling at the speed of light. Otherwise taking a ride a few hundred million, billion, or even trillions of miles. So in other words it’s not going to happen. But there was a mini satellite that took pictures of Saturn. But what happens when we are truly able to stretch our minds to reach certain speeds and travel greater distances. Then it won’t seem that crazy. And then there will eventually come a time where traveling to the Moon is almost comedic.

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“Type, type, pop up later.”

how they target

Ever been on the internet, going through a loop, looking at random things. Well, better yet, have you been on the internet consistently looking at the same items. Then you forget about what you were looking at, and next thing you know, the items you had always been looking at appear in the margins of the screen. They appear because you have been scrolling for so long. Marketers pay very close attention to this because everything is connected to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And connected because people elect to sign into their accounts using their social media in multiple locations. Now there is an open access into your life.

where is it all going

What happens when you don’t buy something? Is all this information kept on file for days, months, years? In reality it is kept for as long as organizations want to keep it. And after a while they dump the information. This all serves a purpose in case you break the law. Then there is a trail of all the things you used to look up. But most people don’t break the law where information sought after. We have no clue really what is being done with our information after searching and searching. But what if the information can be accessed by someone more important. Individuals such as your employers.

from marketers to the workplace

Sounds crazy, and very invasive, but what is stopping your employers from knowing your key strokes. Are there any laws that will stop them from doing such a thing. Now there are laws. But what will happen in the future? Employers reaching out to marketers who are known to patronize Facebook and Instagram. Then these companies that hire can pull up information on what the potential person they are hiring have been searching. This way they can see what their potential hire does with their spare time. This is even worse then Facebook selling people’s information without knowledge. But it’s not far-fetched to think employers would go to these lengths. Now, I don’t see it ever happening, but what we don’t know can hurt us.

reality is

The main reason marketers want your information is to sell you products. Giving your information to employers can be too much of a legal risk for them and the employer. And the vast majority of people don’t commit crimes. So dealing with the government is not much of an option either. For now, it’s all about dollars; and information is big money.

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“Are you ready?”

trust the machine

We are not gung ho about the idea of driving in a car that we don’t control. But at much as we don’t like it, it’s one of those things that eventually will come to market. But who will be the first people willing to get into the car of a self driver. We are already on edge when someone we know is driving the car. But what about a machine that does not have the cognitive ability to make the decisions we make in certain stations. Now, I will admit, drinking and driving will surely decrease over time with this usage. Hey, we might even have this for people who want to go out but not drive. So there is an upside to the tech change.

laws to be passed

Now let’s observe the laws that must be put into place before this hits the market. What will be the new changes when going for your license? Because before, you had to be at least 15 years old to receive a learners permit in the majority of America. Then you had to be 16 years old to receive your license. But then, what happens when you are using a self driving car. What are the new laws associated? You’re not actually driving this car, so technically, you shouldn’t have to be any age to buy a car. But of course, politicians will find a way to sneak some type of age, if not additional fees to trying to buy a vehicle that is self driving.

petroleum or electric

We have so many trade deals with countries from around the world. What would happen these are electric and they seem to quickly catch on. We depend so much on oil, especially in the automotive industry. How does effect the profits of the business? Do we see countries fighting back against the new electric form. Or, will there become an even greater demand for oil in these new cars? These new cars may run on gasoline, but aid in making the business even more money. No matter what the decision, there will be many debates and meetings on this matter.

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Photography of Human Holding Gun

“More expensive, less lives lost.”

serving our country

Over time, our military has changed both socially and technologically. But what will happen in the future the more technology advances? Because the more it (technology) advances the less need there is for people themselves to join. And if they do, we may need more tech guys than actual fighters. Who is going to serve in the military when war is you as a person is up against a missile that can be fired with precision to a specific area. You can’t take on that type of fight. So what may happen is less use for people. But in that, you could end up with a more volatile society.

future wear

Maybe our military won’t be missile fights, but more uniform suited. Thing is, whatever country steps up first, everyone else will have to follow suit. Meaning, once a nation figures out how to outfit a troop that is cost effective and lowers the death toll, they will be the new power structure. And when I say uniform modifications, I am talking not just night vision, more bullet resistant. Censor tracking for enemies that are within a certain range. And looking deeper into the future projected targeted capabilities. Meaning, a missile is headed your way, and you have a censor reading on your uniform that allows you to know where it’s coming from and how far away.

shots fired

Guns have come a long way since the Revolutionary War to the Civil War to even both the first and the second World Wars. But what about 50 to 100 years from now. I remember there was a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger called Eraser. There were guns on there that could see through anything and fire with lazer precision and hit a target. This means no more bullets, but an ammunition, brass, bulletsenergy pack that holds more power and last longer. Or better yet, let’s say bullets are used, but they are guided. Meaning a target is locked on and you shoot. So even if people are around, the bullet only is going to hit the designated target. This way you lower the risk of civilian causalities in battle.

international policy

There is a chance you will not see this type of warfare as describe above. And the reason being is that countries from around the world would have so many disagreements. Like with nuclear programs, countries would have to come in a observe each others weapons because you’re talking weapons on a high level. It would give the country with the capabilities too much of an advantage. And that’s fine when you’re talking about business in the tech space, not warfare.

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