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in need of growth

America has had a lot of social strife over the recent years. But the question that must be asked is, where is the innovation or an invention. We are creating in this country, even when looking at education. So many young people are going to college for political science degrees. But very few engineers or people in the medical field. And I know it has a lot to do with the current administration in power in the White House. But if we as a society don’t innovate with the social tension, then we are going to spiral. Not today, but over time the country will economically degrade. This is a test site, America, for other nations in dealing with sociopolitical issues.

bye to competition

In the age of every kid gets a trophy, we are not forcing out greatness. We should put kids in a position to be vulnerable. That lose and that vulnerability will push out innovation. Because innovation has always come from places where the person or people have their back against the wall. We need to take this something for nothing mentality and switch it to something for something. And if that means making a few radical adjustments to the landscape of the country, then so be it. Because radical ideas are what need to be done to make this a prosperous country.

make things happen

In schools in the past, we used to have home economics and shop class. The equivalent to that today would have to be some form computer science or electrical work. We should mandate across the board. Make it mandatory for a kid in school to build a computer app to graduate high school. The idea doesn’t even have to ultimately work, but out of those across the country that do, something will transpired. A kid must create something innovative, even if it fails. You might also spark the mind of a young person who didn’t even know they had a skill to do what they are doing.

learn from the past

America is not the most powerful civilization in human history. The Romans and the British reigned supreme for centuries, not so much anymore. Great Britain has limited reach and Rome is now a city in Italy. They were the America of their time, not much anymore. Why, well because of political, social, and various wars that took them down. So many internal problems degraded countries. Living in real time we don’t see it, but it could happen in the year 2300, 2400, or 2500.

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