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“You will get caught.”

online is the new offline

For the longest catching a criminal was done by means of looking through fingerprint data bases and DNA. But what happens the more crime is being taken to the internet. Then you have a whole new generation of police. You used to have officers forced to work desk duty and it was a joke. Now, you have people working in law enforcement that makes the beat cops job easier. Because now you know way more about your suspect than any other time in history. So when pursuing the suspect you need to know as much as possible.


People in society today are so used to sharing so much as themselves that we don’t realize how open we are sometimes. And even suspects have even been known to share more then they should. So now, you really don’t have to chase to many people down. Just follow their social media and you can find out a lot. Especially considering marketers detect key strokes and send you advertisements that police can see your purchases. Since we shop online so much, then you’re able to track the purchases as well.

if you build it they will come

Now the law are building traps for criminals to walk into and it works. Whether it’s the bait truck, or a safe haven for pedophiles. They catch people all the time and arrest them. And if you’re one of these people you’re so used to breaking the law, you can’t help yourself. So what do you do, walk into the trap and get caught.

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