Girl Playing Golf

“Is it for them or you?”

overbearing parents

Growing up for me playing sports, my mother was involved, but for the most part it was up to me to play. She wasn’t to into me playing unless I wanted to play. But there were the parents growing up that you could clearly tell it was all for them. They might have been good when they were younger and never made it. Or they see the potential in their child that they didn’t have and want them to play. So now, they invest all their time into the kid to try to live vicariously through the child. It gives them an excuse to never have to move on in life past their time in sports.

way too pushy

Screaming at the kid and cursing, but for what? It seems to be kind of crazy when you think about it. And what’s even more unfortunate the kid might have been into the sport had the parent not have been so overbearing. Now, it seems like more of a job than having fun. And when the fun is gone, that is when you don’t want to play anymore. And how is it that a parent can take the fun out of the sport for the child. It’s because somewhere along the parent saw the kid had some sort of skill and over the top. That is how they ruined it.

i’m all in

When I played sports my mother bought the cleats for football and that was it. But you have parents who buy the cleats, gloves, sunglasses, visors, sneakers and socks, hats, and coats. They go all out like the kid is already in the pros. And it becomes and entire family affair. Even some parents go as far to dress their daughters up when the son is playing football in cheerleading outfits. It’s fine if it’s all in fun. But there are some parents where it means business. And even as a child when I played it seemed odd to see all this transpire. parents dipping deep into their banks accounts hoping it pays them back in the form of the kid going into the pros.

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Toddler Playing Soccer

“Best time to start.”

when it’s time

As a parent, you can hardly wait for the time to come when you are able to put your small child in sports. Especially if you were active yourself when you were young. Seeing them suit up in that uniform for the very first time is so precious. I was 11 years old the first time I actively started to compete in sports. I went to try out for football and my mother wondered where I managed to know so much about sports given I grew up with her and my two sisters. I stood out quite well that day for tryouts. And managed to play on a team and continued to do so all through high school.

group think

We all in society have this thing where we know what the other person is going to do when they are going to do it because it is so typical. We know there is this appropriate time to do something or say something. It’s like when you have to talk to your child about where babies come from, there really is no time you want to talk to your kid. But we all know that around a certain age we have to have that talk. The same exist for sports; there are ages where people say when, but we all have come to this agreement about when. Once they start school initially, we allow them to go to school, make some friends, and then we place them into sports. This way they have some type of social skills outside of the sport.

always easy when you have an example

Whenever your child has a sibling, or better a cousin that is in sports, then you can observe from up close. You are able to see an example of around the age you can start to place your child in sports. And you can start to see when your child will become interested in sports. So the culmination of options makes the decision easier. Otherwise you will be lost. And then there are the parents who never had a sibling, parent, cousin, aunt, or uncle interested in sports. That is when the choices are really limited. You are lost, don’t know what to buy or bow to go about buying anything. But in today’s society, there are so many resources that will aid you in your decision making process.

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Pair of White-and-yellow Nike Cleats

“Know when to say when.”

hard to say good-bye

When I officially stopped playing sports I was a senior in high school. It was track and field season and that is when I hung it up. I tried to get myself in the mode of running again, but the passion was gone. Luckily for me, I was on to something else in life. And that is when you realize there is more to life. But some people have a hard time moving on. And I am not just referring to professional athletes. I am talking about the people who were once upon a time good at their thing. Now they must go into society and be like everyone else. And for some reason they hold on to the past.

holding on

I won the state championship back in 1995. You should have saw how popular I was in school. Everyone knows this guy, the one who still owns his letterman jacket at age 35 or 40. This is where you don’t want to be in life because high school or college was the highlight of your existence. You have to realize there is more and that was an after thought. But when that was such a high time in life it’s hard to let go. Well, why was it such a high time? The reason being is that life tends to be mundane on a daily basis, so you have to resort back to a time when it was good. And for men, we tend to hold on to high school a lot, then college. This is because it’s our sports years when we were popular jocks.

no one gives a shit

Enough time has gone by where no know one will care. And that is the realization of you playing sports. No one cares how good you were in the past, there is a new batch of kids and their peers who look to them. You will just be seen as the creepy old guy that keeps talking shit about how good you were and how you could have made it pro. Real talk, drop it, no cares. And what’s worst is trying to get through to your children how good you were; they don’t care either. Focus on your new goal and purpose in life. Raising your children, being a good spouse, building your business, growing with a company; that’s you now. Stopping living off the past of what you were and to the future. Don’t let life past you by with no end goal.

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Image result for TAKE A KNEE

“The right to do it.”

taking a knee

Over the past couple of years there has been the controversy over the former Quarterback Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem to protest against police brutality. And since then there has been protest similar throughout sports across the country and even outside the United States. So, my question is, is the protest relevant in the NFL anymore? Because since the beginning of the season, a few protest have taken place. But not much has been spoken about the matter. Maybe the protest has ran its course and they are over. Because when it happened initially, you would think it was never going to end. It was a situation that put the NFL in a very precarious position.

freedom vs feeling

In America we have the right to do a lot, but that does not mean we will all like when something is done. And that is where the idea of being able to and not wanting someone to do so clashes. Colin has the right to do so, and did so in alignment with the first amendment. But with the freedom comes the emotions of people who feel otherwise. And that is a tough position to be in because  Flag of the USAyou can’t keep someone from expressing their freedom so long as they don’t break any laws. But you cannot also expect people to like what you are doing. Yet Colin is out of a job, so what is that about? Which brings me to the next position.

right to hire or fire

Having the right to do something and an employer pushing back can put the employer in a bind. But when you have proven to force the employer to lose revenue, then it’s a different story. So once the people refused to watch causing the NFL to lose money, that’s when the right to do so stops. On the other hand, the problems that the NFL ran into was a counter-protest where they will still lose money. So it becomes a choice of lose a little or lose a lot. And they stood a chance to lose more by keeping Colin. Now the argument is, he was fighting for something he felt was a just cause, followed the law, and didn’t insight violence. True, but the people have a choice not to include themselves.

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Grayscale Photography of Person Holding Basketball

“Whose on deck?”

where are they at the moment

Currently, we are enamored by the likes of Lebron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Kyrie Irving. In the NFL we love Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Odell Beckham Jr., and JJ Watt. And what about the MLB and NHL, not to mention the Serena Sisters in tennis. But who, who will be the next group, or better yet the next great athlete to change sports. Because Lebron James is the biggest name right now. But he has been in the league for a while now and could be retiring in the next few years. So who will come along from college, or better yet, are they in high school or middle school now.

can we project the talent

In the past it was difficult to tell. But today, there are trackers who watch out for names already ranked in high school. They are individuals like that of the high school basketball phenom Zion Williamson who is a freshman at Duke University. So to a degree, we can project, but there is no real way to tell who will break out and be great. Because the tracking report is contingent on who stays healthy when they break out. If the big names get injured or don’t perform as well, we call them a bust.


Does the name Steve Largent ring a bell? Well, a lot of people don’t know this name, but should because he is known for the grind in sports history. He came into the NFL unknown, but went on to become one the of greatest NFL players in history breaking numerous records. His bust is enshrined in Canton, Ohio, but you would have never known him, had he not have pushed past all the critics. He even beat out some names on the list that year for future Hall of Fame that were top draft picks. So here is yet another reason to not know the next best athletes because we constantly see the sleepers in the league.

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Man Playing Game on Personal Computer

“Play to win, literally.”

power on and play

Parents for years have told their children that life is not all about playing games. Then you see over the years how gaming has become so lucrative. No one would have ever imagined that gamers would be making six figure, some seven figure salaries. And what are they really doing, playing video games, testing video games. But this month is about sports and from a Real Sports with Bryant Gumble, episode a question was asked. And that was, “Should gamers be rewarded scholarships like athletes?” Because gaming has gotten so big that it is now considered sport. My only criticism is, is it really? I define athletics a little differently, some don’t.

who is an athlete

To me, I look at the athletes who compete in sports as a physical task in whatever it is they are doing. It’s their own human skill, not their ability to work around a computer system. Because if we are going to add gamers as athletes, why not chess players. Because to me, chess is more impressive than gaming. Another reason gaming is not athletics to me is because let’s say we are playing a sports video game. No one is buying a video game playing with gamers. You buy Madden to play with NFL players or a baseball came to play with MLB players. So if gamers are athletes, then traditional athletes are superstars. Because there will never be a game where gamers take the profile of gamers to play other gamers. There is no real objective to the game. It would be like playing the Playstation so we can play this guy with a high score against this guy with a high score in a game. So it becomes a game in a game that no one wants to play.

we play, just a different kind of sport

They may not be athletes in the traditional sense. But let’s for a second assume that they are athletes. They would fall under the category of amateur sport. Now, the big gamers don’t play sporting games, they play well known fantasy or first person shooter games. Still some people are not convinced, but we have to look at it as competition. That doesn’t mean sport because of competition, since physical activity is involved. But, also remember, there is a entertainment for spectator aspect to the competition that could make it a sport. What makes gamers upset that they are not seen as athletes is that what they do: skills, competition, tournaments resulting in championships, cooperation, are integral to sports. Yet, still, the real objective of sports is your human skill against mine. What would make gamers athletes is if they turned their favorite games real. So that it was their physical ability versus the other person. So let’s turn Call of Duty into a sport, but on second let’s not. Because that’s not sport, that’s war, making it more violent than any sport out here.

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Coins Inside Jar

“Why they lose it all.”

new money

When you are a young male coming from an impoverished environment or even coming from the middle class, you have all these dreams in regards to money. Buying this lavish home and living a life that you never thought you would be living. but then it happens, and all of a sudden you can afford that house. You can now go out and buy that lavish car and those clothes you looked at through windows. But there is a catch to all this money, and that is it does not last forever. So you have to spend wisely and also pay your bills on top of that as well. Red and Brown Floral Stair Carpet

when the game is over

As the game passes you by and it’s time to move on to the next thing, now what? You have been spending so much money that you forgot about the end nearing. So here you are, broke with nothing to your name. A place where so many athletes have found themselves once they retire from the league. You are destitute and scrambling for answers as to what you will do to generate an income. And this is where you notice athletes make even more vital mistakes. They start dumping money into ideas that fall apart even quicker than spending. But see, there has to be more that meets the eye. All of them can’t be spending excessively.

reality versus fiction

When you see guys going pro, it means that they are overnight millionaires, wrong. Most of them are name you will never know who make around $500,000 per year before taxes. And their careers are on average 3 years long. So when you hear that someone made $1.5 million over 3 years, that is a lot relative to the average American. But when you factor in the fact that you have to make that money stretch after the league and taken into consideration the money you lived off of while playing, it’s not much. $1.5 million minus taxes equals about $800,000 with the average home around $250,000. $550,000 after 3 years is way less, and you’re talking working a regular nine to five. Because you’re retired, but you can’t retire fully off the money you have made.

big money go broke as well

Here is a level that is difficult to comprehend when athletes go broke. It is the level where guys are making over their career $50 million, $100 million, or even $200 million. How in the world do they go broke? And the reason is taking care of others, bad investments, and not watching their finances. They live a lifestyle that billionaires don’t even live. Taking care of multiple people who are not bringing in incomes can run up a bill as well. So it all falls apart eventually.

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